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How to Decorate or Remodel Your Bathroom Space

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The bathroom is one of the few rooms in a house that still offers you some privacy. It is one of the rooms where you can be able to have some ‘you’ time and forget about the hustle and bustle of the day. It’s for this reason you have to make your bathroom a sanctuary of sort, just to simply relax or process your thoughts. Give your bathroom space the upgrade it deserves by incorporating some simple decor fixes. Bold rugs, smart storage swaps and fresh houseplants, will refresh bathroom in minutes, or better still you could do a total remodel.

Add more life to your morning routine with a freestanding bathtub, lay down colourful tiles, add wallpaper, or simply replace the hardware to create a big visual change in your bathroom.

When you are designing your bathroom, you should consider how to make it function more effectively. For example, how do you prefer hiding clutter? Do you store it in storage baskets or showcasing neatly folded linens and favourite products on open shelves? Bright white walls often look clean and fresh but do not overlook incorporating vibrant towels, carpets or tiles for pops of colour. They will warm up your bathroom, turning it into a soothing retreat. Even a saturated hue paint on the trim will generate a more inviting feel.

If you are searching for bathroom design inspiration, you can check out these shelving, paint colour and organizing ideas for updating your bathroom. Whether you are working with a simple teeny-tiny room or refurbishing the whole master bath, the ideas and tips below will help you make the most out of your bathroom space.


Designs and preferences in Your Bathroom.

A whirlpool bathtub is an obvious selection for the ultimate relaxation experience. Those air jets blowing some cool soothing bubbles in your bath can make even the busiest of minds wind down. For the best experience, you should just add scented candles in the room, use bubble bath foam while playing a string of soft-toned music. It does magic to the soul and mind. A guaranteed drift to paradise.

A luxury shower is a good option for space discerning homeowners. These showers come equipped with 4-way water jets, foot massage, steam function, and a built in radio. These top-range showers require very little space yet they offer modern-day luxuries that come with a modern bath. They are a tool of convenience for homeowners with small home space.

Unique Lighting Fixtures in Your Bathroom.

Outdated lighting fixtures can dull any room. You should replace outdated bathroom lighting fixtures in order to change your bathroom decor. There is a wide variety of inexpensive lighting fixtures that can suit any budget that you are working with. Remember, complex electrical projects should be best left to the relevant professionals. Do not be afraid to try out new trends when changing the décor of your bathroom room lighting. Try incorporating modern light bars and hanging pendants that will diffuse the light in your bathroom. It is smart to also pick LED lighting fixtures since they are energy-efficient and do not therefore add extra costs.


Storage Space in Your Bathroom.

Another important thing is to create storage space in the bathroom for sanitary and bathroom products. Nobody likes clutter in the bathroom. Wall-hung WCs can now be bought and are incredibly fissionable. As they are not fixed to your floor, it allows for proper cleaning of the floor leaving your bathroom clean and crisp. To complete them you can add washbasins that have wall pedestals, the result again is a perfectly clean and crisp bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Art.

There is no excitement in staring at a blank wall in your powder room. Try adding treated canvas prints to your bathroom walls. Treated canvas prints are both cheap and water-resistant making them best suited for bathroom walls where water tends to splash. Pick oversized proportions for a better visual impact. To get a unique look, you can head to your local printer and have them blow up any of your favorite pictures into customized wall art. These days custom printers can produce canvas prints that are laminated for water resistance.


Convenience in Your Bathroom.

Often, we tend to share bathrooms with partners, or spouses, yet we fail to account for them. Most bathrooms are not user friendly for two people. Whenever space permits, your bathrooms should have two sinks. With two sinks, you and your partner or spouse can walk in at the same time and avoid small arguments like who usually takes the longest time to be ready.

Faucet and Hardware Upgrades in Your Bathroom.

Here is an easy and quick bathroom remodeling idea, try changing your powder room’s hardware. New towel bars, drawer pulls, faucets and toilet paper holders will completely alter your bathrooms look. Changing your bathroom fittings can even offer a fresh look to your countertop. Replacement of your bathroom fixtures is just as simple as popping off or unscrewing the old fittings and replacing them with new ones. For convenience, be sure you replace old fixtures with similarly-sized replacements so that you do not have to create new drillings into your wall, especially on fittings that require screwing.


Add a Touch of Greenery in Your Bathroom.

A lush plant, unexpected window treatments, and a colorful rug can offer a decorative look to your bathroom that matches the rest of your house. Try placing an asparagus fern or a small potted orchid in of the corners in your bathroom to bring some life.

Example of plants you can grow in your bathroom.

If you decide to add some greenery in your bathroom, here are some few plants that require low humidity to prosper and can add some spa vibes.

1. Orchids.

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Orchids require minimal moisture to prosper and can do well in bathrooms that have little to enough sunlight reach. Under these conditions, they are able to grow and re-bloom under minimal supervision.


2. Fiddle-Leaf Fig.

These plants are originally found in the tropical rainforests and are very much at home in your bathroom as long as there is enough sunlight. You should shower often because the also love that humidity.


3. The ZZ plant.

The ZZ plant is a survivor, you can grow it under any condition and it will virtually blossom. It only requires water when the soil is really dry and can grow even in low light conditions. It also has a warning system when it needs water, its leaves tend to turn yellow and curl. You can put the ZZ plant in a windowless bathroom and it will just do fine.


4. Begonia.

The bathroom offers the perfect conditions to grow a Begonia plant. This plant loves the humidity found in bathrooms and can blossom under indirect light conditions.


5. Dieffenbachia.

The Dieffenbachia is a low maintenance plant only requiring regular watering which is not a time-consuming endeavour since water is readily available in any bathroom. When it comes to light, this plant will do just fine with indirect light.


6. The Chinese evergreen.

The Chinese evergreen can virtually grow under any indoor conditions. Its leaves can grow in a variety of patterns offering great eye-catching visuals.


Bathroom Mirrors.

Changing your bathroom looking glass can also change its look and feel. Do not just settle for a plain mirror, incorporate a little glam to your looking glass. Select a mirror that lets you see yourself under the best light.

High-end mirrors will often cost a fortune, but you can always find a quality mirror that will not break the bank. Low on bathroom storage space? Don’t worry. You can also find a low budget all-in-one cabinet-mirror. This mirror will offer both glam to your bathroom and storage space for your bathroom clutter.

How to Pick the Perfect Bathroom Mirror.

Your bathroom has a simple yet crucial purpose. It lets you see yourself under the best light while you are doing your normal hygiene routine and applying cosmetics. This has been its main function ever since 1835 when Justus von Liebig applied a layer of reflective metal on glass.

Below are some simple factors you should consider while picking the best mirror for your bathroom.

  1. Mirror type.

I. A Decorative Mirror – Offer a stylish look to your bathroom while also serving as a looking glass for your daily routine

II. A Full-length Mirror – This is a tall mirror that allows you to see yourself from head to toe. It is a great mirror that comes in handy when you are sampling out a new outfit.

III. A Wall Mirror – This is any bathroom mirror that is mounted on a wall. It is the most common type found in most bathrooms. While picking a wall mirror you should consider the size of your wall and what effect you want that mirror to bring to the bathroom space.

IV. Floor Mirrors – These a freestanding mirrors that can be moved anytime and to any section in the bathroom. They are suitable for bathrooms that have a small space.

V. Cabinet Mirrors – This is a mirror that is mounted on cabinet doors. They are a good way of conserving space. Since they are mounted on cabinets, they tend to conceal the cabinets offering a great tidy vibe.

VI. The Lighted Mirrors – These are mirrors that have integrated light in them. They are very useful for people applying cosmetics and want to look their absolute best. They will illuminate even the dullest bathroom.


2. Mirror Shapes.

I. Oval and Circular Mirrors – These mirrors offer a great visual complement to the aesthetics of a curved bathroom. They also offer a dynamic contrast to the angular structures of a bathroom like a bathtub or a shower cabin. If you want to add a luxury touch to your bathroom this is your go-to mirror.

II. Rectangular and Square Mirrors – These are the most common mirror shapes in most bathrooms and can easily fit above wash sinks. It is always advisable to match your mirror dimensions to vanity units that are installed either above that mirror or below.

III. Unique Mirrors – These are mirrors that come in any shape apart from the traditional two above. They offer an artistic design to your bathroom.


Dramatic Bathroom Lighting.

Dining rooms should not have all the fun when it comes to chandeliers. Glamorous overhead bathroom lighting can set a great relaxing mood when you come back home after a long day at work.

Fresh Bathroom Paint.

A great coat in a new shade can make your bathroom feel brand new. When picking the right paint try using your current decor as a colour guide so that the new coat can easily blend in with them. It is always good to stick with a white paint job, but the sky is the limit on these, try experimenting with any colour that you wish. Always pick a mildew-resistant and mould-resistant paint that will withstand the humid conditions that are found in bathrooms.


Polished Bathroom Fixtures.

Offer your vanity units character by dressing up your sinks with new faucets. Elegant options include copper and polished chrome, brushed bronze or nickel, and even matte black and brass. If you do not intend to replace your sinks or countertops, ensure that the new fittings and fixtures have the same measurements and size to match the existing holes. You do not want ugly holes popping from your bathroom walls.


Colourful Bathroom Rugs.

Colourful bathroom rugs are a cheap way of bringing warmth into your bathroom. It is also a great way to add print, texture and colour to your bathroom space.


Where should you start from when remodelling your bathroom space?

But with so many fresh ideas to pick from, where should you begin? It’s best to start from the ground up. Start by selecting the best bathroom tiles and carpet, giving your bathroom a remodelling with spa-inspired fixtures, repurposed items made from antique bathroom cabinets, colour-coordinated artwork, new linen draperies and more. Do not forget to try out a new bathroom paint while you are at it.

Perhaps you are looking for a subtle remodelling instead. If that is the case, you should pursue a simple rustic bathroom that has a shabby-chic interior. You do not need to wait for your saving to accumulate before you have enough funds to embark on renovating your bathroom space.



Who said that a bathroom cannot be the most amazing room in your house? A bathroom might be small in size but what it lacks in space can be compensated by the ability to be reimagined and dressed up in more than one way. Above are some modern and out of the box bathroom décor ideas that will motivate you to reinvigorate, renovate, and redecorate your washrooms and bathrooms. These creative ideas, fit any budget and style. They will have you motivated to incorporate new trims, chandeliers, finishes, exposed bulbs, runners, and other fresh ideas to your bathroom space.

Often, people forget the small things when designing their bathrooms. Always remember to accessorize as it brings extra life to this space. To add some character to your bathroom use things like bathmats towels, air fresheners, candles, brushes, bathrobes, loofahs, toothbrush holders, soap dishes, and other bathroom essentials. For a finishing touch, you can add a gorgeous picture print to your bathroom which will add a dash of cheerful colour.

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