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Motherhood Chronicles: How to Care for Your High-Pressure Shower Head

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Showers are a moms’ essential beauty spa treatment because most times that is all we have time for. Their dad can be sitting right in front of my kids and they will still pound on the bathroom door like a freaking SWAT team yelling, ‘Mom I’m hungry!’. But what do I expect really when I say stuff like, ‘Mom needs to go to the toilet.’ and my kids legit hear, ‘Family meeting...’?

I mean because who would not want to hear, from my tween son, that the best monster is a cross between the siren head and cartoon cat while I pee. Or do I really think that 9months is too early to create a birthday list, from my teen daughter, while making poo? ‘Mom needs space’ Boundaries is a lesson that has not seemed to stick in my house, but I live in hope and take my indulgences where I can.

One of those indulgences is a good shower which I relish because I wash my hair and picture all the stress of the day run with the soap suds down the drain. Then I soap up my body with my favorite body wash and imagine myself wrapped in a seaweed wrap then as I scab my face with my grainy suds, I feel pampered by my mini facial. I close my shower doors feeling exhausted and drab then I open my frameless shower doors and TA-DA I am a new me! Hey, I know it is silly but that is how I feel so do not kill my dreams. Here are some important ways that you can consider when taking care of your shower head:


Check cleaning instructions carefully.

In some of the best shower heads for hard water, it is easier to remove the showerhead disc. More often than not these heads are dishwasher safe, and this method will make shower head cleaning a minor task that will be tackled with confidence. However, do not panic if you cannot use this method because there is another way to clean your showerhead which I will discuss below. Also do not forget to refer to the product care manual simply to find out about any special tip or certain instructions needed to apply on the head shower to keep it well-maintained.

When Using a cleaning agent:

  • Use a mild cleaning agent to clean your showerheads.
  • Choose to Go with the citric acid-based cleaning agents.
  • Do not spray cleaning agents on your shower head directly because the cleaning agent mist may get into the showerhead and cause damage.
  • Choose to Spray a cleaning agent onto a soft cloth and then wipe the surface.
  • When done with cleaning the showerhead with a cleaning agent, remember to flush the head thoroughly with water.
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When Soaking shower head in vinegar.

  • Fill a plastic bag halfway full of white vinegar.
  • You may remove your showerhead from your shower, or you may leave it on for this method.
  • Let your removed shower head for hard water be fully submerged in this bag of vinegar to soak or if it not removed, place this bag over the showerhead and attach the bag securely to the shower-neck (let go of the bag and check it is still attached then fix it tighter if it slips).
  • Depending on the finish of the showerhead, you may then judge the length of time it will remain submerged in the bag of vinegar. Gold, nickel, and brass coated showerheads need only 30 minutes because any longer will strip the metal finish. If it is a normal finish showerhead the several hours should get rid of all dirt and grime, for extra icky cleanups then leave in the bag overnight.
  • When chosen time is done, remove the head from the bag or untie the bag from the shower neck and pour the vinegar in the bag down the shower cubicle drain then flush the drain with warm to hot water to dissolve mineral deposits.
  • If the showerhead is still not quite clean, then use an old toothbrush (not your husband's lol) and just brush it out a bit.
  • Run hot water through your showerheads to properly clear vinegar and mineral deposits.
  • Finish off the cleaning process by giving your shower head a swift polish with a supple cloth to rid it of water spots and give your head a gleam.


High- pressure Showerheads are a sheer indulgence for a mother’s bathroom. Therefore, it is incredibly important to clean your shower head properly and do not let limescale ruin your fun. The above-mentioned cleaning recommendations and maintenance tips will help you make your shower head function flawlessly so that you can indulge decadently then get back to being a super-mom.


Charlene Gallant (author) from Cape Town, South Africa on March 15, 2021:

Yes Elaine, they are a treat:)

Elaine Byers on March 15, 2021:

I want one of these !

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