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How to build a ceiling mounted shower curtain hanger rod

finished shower rod and curtain


simple and cheap solutions for homeowners

The hanging shower rod is a neat and cheap alternative for a different look to your bath. The rod also eliminates the need for two walls for support. This system works great on freestanding tubs and areas where privacy is needed, indoors or out. You don't need a lot of mechanical skills to build this kit, just a little patience.

The following will provide the average home owner or professional installer the necessary materials and steps needed to complete the shower rod project.

The materials

1. 2 - 1/2" x 12" eye bolts

2. 2 - 1/2" -13 x 1-3/4" rod coupling nut

3. 2 - 1/2" -13 x 12" uss/coarse zinc plated Threaded Rod

4. 4 - 1/2" hex nuts uss

5. 4 - 1/2" round cut washers

6. 2 - 5/8" round cut washers

7. 6' foot of 1” cpvc water line

8. 1 can spray paint.

Step 1

Prepare material for installation

First thing you will need to do is measure the distance from your ceiling to your shower floor. (if over 8" you need to buy a longer threaded rod).

Once you have determined the amount of rod you will need then you need to pre assemble them (2 compete eye bolts and threaded rods) simply combine the eye bolts to the threaded rod using the rod coupling nut. On the other end of the threaded rod that will go thru ceiling protect the threads by installing 2 – ½” nuts and one cut washer on each rod end. You will need someplace to spray paint the completed units, plus the 1” cpvc water line. In my picture you can see that I mounted mine in a piece of scrap drywall. I set the depth I needed for the rods, run the nuts and washer down and installed a nut underneath to simulate a test mount.

Paint the cpvc water line separately-paint entire water line to match eye bolt color.

Step 2

This is the most difficult part of the assembly. Once the paint has dried on the 1” cpvc, measure the distance between the top of loop (where it meets the rod) and the washer used for the ceiling installation. Once you have determined how long a piece you will need, double the measure and mark the pipe,(this should be enough to do both sides). Now, find the halfway measurement and mark the pipe again. Place the pipe on a stable surface and secure in order to drill a hole. You will need a ½”drill bit. Drill a ½” hole completely thru the center of the pipe. Uses a saw to cut pipe in half thru the center of the hole you drilled, then cut the two pieces to length, remove any burs and touch up paint. This will give you two pieces of pipe with a “U” shape on the end to sit down over the eye bolts once installed, it is a more professional look when finished.

Allow all pieces to dry for at least 12hrs prior to assembly.

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Step 3

Determined the mounting location

The shower I am using above is an open two wall shower, I will measure to the center of the floor curb from the tile wall. I will transfer that measurement on to the ceiling using a pencil. The eyebolt location from the end wall should be at least three inches to allow for clearance of the rubber rod bumper on the shower rod.

Step 4

Install the assembly

Using a drill with a ½” drill bit, drill the holes in the ceiling where you marked.

Remove the temporary nut from the end of the eyebolt. You will need help for part of the installation, unless you can find a toggle nut to fit a ½” rod. Place one piece of the cpvc pipe over the threaded rod assembly with the notches toward the loop. Screw on nut enough to allow for 1 ½” washer and 1 5/8” washer plus enough threads showing to penetrate ceiling and install upper ½” washer. Have someone push the rod thru the drywall and hold until you can place the washer and nut to the top side of the drywall. (This is best done early in the day before you attic temperatures begin to rise, be careful attic temperatures can reach 140 degrees on a summer day). Hold the eye bolt and securely tighten the upper nuts with washers and that's it.

Once installed it should look like this.See picture of installed rod.

Now, just install the shower curtain rod thru the holes, it may be necessary to remove the rubber bumper end to clear eyebolt hole. Start on one end and slide completely thru, reinstall rubber bumper. Then you’re ready to install the shower hooks and curtain, completed it should look like the picture below.

It’s a completely different look than a wall to wall unit, and will work in just about any shower, and looks really great on a claw foot tub and shower.

Good luck with this project, if you need help with any other ideas let me know.

Install eyebolts and pipe


pre assemble

assemble and paint

assemble and paint

measure pipe/cut

measure rod

measure rod

measure pipe

measure pipe

cut pipe to fit eyebolt length

cut pipe to fit eyebolt length

locate installation


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lucille12 on April 13, 2015:

They are an economical yet essential item needed for hanging clothes and keeping them in a suspended position.

RoxiM from West Virginia on June 06, 2012:

What a great solution. This ought to work in my trailer, right? We need to replace the bathroom ceiling, anyway, as we've had water leaks. The previous owners definitely weren't meticulous about their repairs and maintenance!

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