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How to Be More Productive at The Kitchen

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Running a kitchen is no easy job. You have to cook up to your family's expectation and that too, within the time boundaries. And doing this for 365 days of a year can make you dead tired.

Hakuna Matata! You have just arrived at the right spot to turn your kitchen into a productive station. Wondering how you could make this idea of turning the space within four walls into a fruitful center an actuality? Come, I will guide you through the secret ingredients of happiness from your kitchen!

Authors Experience Which Changed Her Life at Cookhouse

Personally, I have faced a lot of frustration with the very thought of being unproductive. I kept myself busy all day with my home duties and work duties. But still, I was not having the pleasure of a bright mind. I used to take care of my kids and family, but I never found time for self-care. To have the ring of truth, I didn't secure any time to pamper myself after prioritizing my obligations.

It was then that I realized, being a wife and a mom of three, I used to spend a whole lot of my time in the kitchen. For the very reason, I wanted to make my kitchen experience more special.

So, in this article, I am sharing the things that I did to turn my life up from the comfort of my cookhouse.

  1. Decide the dishes to cook in advance.
  2. Catch with the morning headlines.
  3. Burn the calorie.
  4. Listen to audio-books.
  5. Plan my day.
  6. Select my outfit for work.

1. Decide The Dishes to Cook in Advance

The first thing is first! I figure out my menu for the coming day in advance. While preparing my dinner, I look upon the things available in my kitchen so that I can decide the dishes for the next day. This task has become a time saver for me in the morning.

Every mom must try doing this, as "What do I cook for the day?" is the most common and difficult question that we have to face. Furthermore, this allows us to do the preparations like soaking of pluses and rice beforehand as per the procedure requirement.

2. Catch With The Morning Headlines

The first task that I do when I enter my kitchen is to turn on my radio. I don't have separate time to spare for news reading, so I listen to the news readings from the radio. This helps me to keep myself informed about the things that are happening in my surrounding without investing a period wholly for news reading. And, it is okay if you don't have a radio, you can listen to the news directly from YouTube or the Internet.

3. Burn The Calorie

When your dish is just cooking, you can burn your calories. Yes, you are heard it right! You can do some sit-up, walk-on spot, do neck exercise, or any of the simple room exercises that you love. You can also try doing easy steps from Zumba. Just dance to your cooking!

One can also do their facial for burning the extra fat in your cheeks while at the kitchen. You can even practice breathing exercises and eye exercises from the comfort of your kitchen. So why wait for the perfect time to look after your health when it is within your hands?

4. Listen to Audio-Books

Listening to audio-books is one of the things that I love to do while preparing food. You can play an audio-book of your choice from YouTube or any other apps. This is one of the best ways to improve your reading if you are not a bookworm.

You can also try listening to TED talks if you love them. Or you can even listen to podcasts, which are becoming the trend.

5. Plan My Day

Planning has helped me to organize my task and duties. It also aids me to know how my day would be. I don't like to sit and write everything in detail, but I love to jot down the things-to-do to make my day much easier. Therefore, I choose to plan my day while in the kitchen.

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Moreover, planning my day has helped me a lot to do all the things which I was supposed to do without forgetting. I also keep a to-do list on my refrigerator so that I am well aware of my accomplishments.

6. Select My Outfit For Work

As the saying goes, one has to dress like a queen; you also wish to do the same. But selecting an outfit can be tiresome and time consuming for a lady. So I try to save my time by deciding on the outfits for work while preparing food. Then I go to my wardrobe and place them ready for the next day. I usually do this task during dinner arrangement so that I am all set in advance for my coming day.

Thank-You Note

Thank you for reading the full article. I hope you have got some ideas on how to be more efficient and productive at the kitchen. Feel free to post comments on how you like to make your time productive during cooking.

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Eesha N (author) from India on June 12, 2020:

I am really excited about the remarkably promise of action. I hope that these practices help you lead a postive life @Ram.



Ram on June 12, 2020:

Hi Mrs Eesha,

Thanks alot for the help..

Even am a mom of 2,I struggle alot in the morning to meet their expectations..will try out ur points and c..

Eesha N (author) from India on June 11, 2020:

Thank you so much for commenting @Liz_Westwood . It is pleasant to hear that someone wished to knew this earlier.

Liz Westwood from UK on June 11, 2020:

You make some very useful suggestions in this article. I wish I had practised some of them when my kids were at home.

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