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How to Stop Losing Those Darn Keys

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Do you have difficulty keeping your home and workplace keys organized? Do you have a strategy in place to find them whenever you need them without having to lose time hunting them everywhere? LOL! I have a procedure that you can follow.

How to Organize Your Home Keys

Let’s say you have to carry your home keys for your bedroom especially your wardrobe- both outside and inside, laptop table drawers, dressing table shelves, and drawers, etc. Put them in a good looking keyring. And place it inside a decorative zipped pocket pouch so that when you hang it around the neck with a chain or ribbon, they will not only be safe but also won't dangle and make noise.

You wear this chain or ribbon while you are at home. Slip it inside your handbag when you set off for work.

Bunch of Keys Held in a Key Ring

Bunch of Keys Held in a Key Ring

A Simple Good Looking Pocket Pouch to Carry the Key Ring and Hang It from Around Your Neck

A Simple Good Looking Pocket Pouch to Carry the Key Ring and Hang It from Around Your Neck

How to Organize Your Workplace Keys

Let’s say for work, you have keys for office entrance, your office door, table drawers, cabinet drawers and so on. Tie them all around a beautiful key ring and place it inside another decorative zipped pocket pouch and wear it around your neck with a ribbon or chain hooked on to the pouch.

What Should Be the Length of the Ribbon or Chain?

The ribbon or chain can go all the way up to the navel of your body, and it can hang loosely like that from around your neck.

A Bit About Myself

When I stay at home, I carry my bunch of bedroom keys from my bedroom to the kitchen, to the restroom and my Ma's bedroom. And somewhere I will leave the keyring and have to go hunting for it. I haven’t got a pocket pouch for the keyring yet nor have I hung it from around my neck but I intend to soon.

Unfriendly Ghosts at Play

It is a big four-bedroom apartment we live in, and we are not using all the rooms yet. I have a creepy feeling that unfriendly ghosts follow me everywhere and further play with me in the hunt for my freaking keys. If I leave them in the kitchen, I will find them in the living room. If I leave them in the restroom glassy holder, they will play further and place them in the kitchen. I get so annoyed with them.

That is why I have come up with a solution for the problem: put the key ring carrying the bunch of keys inside a pocket pouch and hang it with a ribbon or chain from around the neck.

Are You Laughing By Now?

Losing sweat over my lost lousy keyring will make anyone laugh. But it happens to me all the time. Plus the unfriendly ghosts at home will do everything to lose my temper even further. Are you on the brink of laughing? Let’s laugh together. Haha! Haha! Haha! Enough? Ok. Haha! Haha! Haha! I guess now it’s enough.

I am fully rejuvenated, now that I have shared my problem. Get yourself that keyring for your keys and the beautiful zipped pocket pouch to carry the keyring and hang the pouch from around your neck. And I will do the same for myself and prevent myself from losing those darn keys every time and also finally beat the unfriendly ghosts. LOL!

Where Do You Buy Keyrings and Pocket Pouches?

For instance, in Wall Mart or any other shopping center, look for the section “Clothes, Shoes & Accessories”. Under this section look for the subsection “Luggage & Backpacks”. Under the latter category, find out the "Travel Bags & Accessories" category where you can locate your desired items- keyrings and pocket pouches.

You can also find attractive pocket pouches by following the section and subsections in Wall Mart or any other shopping center as shown: Sports & Outdoors› Sports & Fitness› Hunting & Fishing› Tactical & Personal Defense› Tactical Bags & Packs: pocket pouches. Best of Luck!


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Rosina S Khan (author) on October 11, 2020:

Thank you, Denise, for your lovely comment describing your side of the story about losing keys. Yes, it can be really frustrating. The process can never come to full perfection. Haha.

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Denise McGill from Fresno CA on October 11, 2020:

My husband has always had a problem losing his keys. We have tried many things. The best solution for us has been a hook near the door that holds the keys. He often walks into the room with them and puts them down on the nearest surface but if I retrieve them and hang them on the hook, we can be sure to find them again. It goes bad for us when he slips them into his pocket and then hangs the shirt or jacket up.



Rosina S Khan (author) on November 29, 2019:

I am glad, Brenda you found my article especially amusing. I do lose my keys every now and then. So I have to blame someone. Blaming ghosts is an easy way. So glad you liked my piece.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on November 29, 2019:

Your article kills me with laughter...I enjoy your story about the ghosts.

I too have had items misplaced only to show up where I have already looked...not keys though.

It does seem like someone is doing glad I am not alone.

Nice write.

Rosina S Khan (author) on October 09, 2019:

Nice to hear from you, Nikki. I am glad you loved the humor of my article. Thank you!

Nikki Khan from London on October 08, 2019:

I always keep my keys in my bag, so no point to lose them.

But I laughed on the idea of freaky ghosts following you everywhere to get your keys. Ha ha.

Good one, enjoyed reading it.

Rosina S Khan (author) on October 08, 2019:

I am delighted to know, Lorna that my article amused you. Additionally, I am happy that you found a solution that works for you.

Rosina S Khan (author) on October 08, 2019:

I know how frustrating it is to lose keys when you want them badly. To feel better, blaming the surrounding ghosts doesn't hurt. I am glad, John you enjoyed the article.

Lorna Lamon on October 08, 2019:

Your article did make me laugh Rosina and I'm glad there is a perfectly ghostly solution as to why I lose my keys. I now have a couple of sets which I leave in different areas in a case. So far this is working. Thank you for sharing your experience.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on October 08, 2019:

I am always losing my keys. I have one set that I hang on a lanyard around my neck but they are very bulky and noisy. A case or purse is a good idea and can still be hung around your neck, or attached to a belt etc. Now I know there are sneaky ghosts at play when I can't find them Thank you for sharing.

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