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How to Safely Remove Wax From a Scentsy Warmer

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Wax Warmers Are a Wonderful Way to Add Scent to Your Home

Scentsy Warmers are a great way to make your home smell awesome. These decorative, ceramic warmers melt pieces of scented wax with the gentle heat of a light bulb, and most people find that just a piece or two of wax will provide fragrance for their entire home. The warmer will give off scent for many hours, but eventually all of the fragrance oils contained in the wax will be used up, and it will be time to add more wax to the warmer dish to refresh the fragrance.

But how do you get the old wax out of the warmer safely and without making a mess? As a Scentsy consultant since 2013, I’ve heard of many different methods of wax removal from other consultants on my team, and have had a chance to try them out myself. Here are all the different ways I’ve found to remove old wax from a Scentsy warmer, along with the pros and cons of each method.

Wax warmers, like the one seen here, give off fragrance without any smoke or open flames.

Wax warmers, like the one seen here, give off fragrance without any smoke or open flames.

Pour The Wax Out

This is the simplest method of wax removal, and probably my favorite. While the wax is liquid, simply pick up the warmer dish, pour the hot wax into a plastic container or lined waste basket, then wipe out the dish with a paper towel and place it back on your warmer. I find that the empty plastic case from an old Scentsy Bar is the perfect container to pour my used wax into. This method is quick and easy, but it does involve handling a dish which is fairly warm, which some people may find uncomfortable. Also, not every Scentsy warmer has a separate, removable dish—for warmers with a “built-in” wax bowl (like the mini wall plug-in warmers), this might not be the best removal option.

Soak It Up

Another great method for removing leftover wax from a warmer is to soak it up using cotton balls or cotton pads. While the wax is hot and liquid, just drop a few pieces of absorbent cotton into the dish and wait a few seconds for the cotton to fully soak up all of the liquid. Then, you can simply throw away the cotton and you are ready to add your new wax cubes to your warmer. This method works very well, but it is also the least eco-friendly as it generates additional waste during the clean-up process. Besides for generating waste, cotton costs money, making this more expensive than other clean-up options as well. Still, I find that this is my go-to method for warmers with those built-in wax bowls, or when I want to change out a fragrance very quickly.

Cotton balls or cotton rounds make for quick and easy clean up of old wax.

Cotton balls or cotton rounds make for quick and easy clean up of old wax.

Use Your Freezer

If your Scentsy Warmer has a removable dish, here is a unique way to remove the leftover wax once the scent is gone. For this technique, you will want to let the wax cool completely in the dish. Be careful, because if the dish is still warm it could crack when you put it in the freezer. That’s why you must wait until everything comes to room temperature.

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Once the wax has hardened and the dish has completely cooled down, place the dish upside down in your home freezer for 15-30 minutes. When wax freezes, it naturally shrinks, which will cause it to pull away from the sides of the dish. Usually the wax will fall out on it’s own, but if it does not, usually just applying some light pressure to the wax with your thumbs will cause it to pop out of the dish once you take it out of the freezer. Then, just throw away the solid wax puck.

It is also important to wait for the dish to warm back up before placing it back on your warmer and heating it up, because again, rapid temperature changes could cause it to crack. Because of the amount of waiting involved, along with the fact that not every warmer has an easily removable dish, this is not my favorite method of removing wax.

Put a Tab In It

Other Scentsy consultants have said they have been able to lay a plastic pull tab in the warm wax pool when it is liquid. When they are ready to remove the wax, they turn off the warmer, let the wax cool and harden around the plastic tab, then the just use the plastic tab to pull the wax out of the dish. I tried this method once on my own, but when I went to pull the wax out, instead of releasing the wax from the dish, the plastic pull tab broke in half and I ended up having to melt the wax to get it out anyway. Other people may have better luck with this method, but it didn’t seem to work out the best for me.

Try multiple wax removal methods until you find the one that works best for you. There’s no right or wrong time to change the wax—the longer you warm pieces of a Scentsy bar, the more the fragrance oils are used up. Whenever you can no longer smell your fragrance at the level you desire, you can refresh your scent by disposing of the old wax and adding new wax. You can also change to a brand new scent whenever you want using these same easy steps.

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