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How to Prevent a Slippery Bathtub

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Are You Tired of Being Afraid to Shower?


No Mats or Stickers, it's a Treatment Applied Directly to Your Tub

Though I am not elderly, I do have bad knees. This makes me a bit unsteady on my feet while taking a shower in a slippery bathtub. It is really frightening because when my tub got wet, it was like trying to stand on ice. It was even worse when I had to turn to rinse and wash my hair. By the time the shower was done, my calves were trembling and my toes were cramping from trying to grip that wet, slick surface.
Getting out of the tub was even worse! Trying to balance on one foot without it sliding while stepping was really scary.

It got to the point that I dreaded taking a shower. I would take sponge baths every day, and wash my hair in the sink, so I did not have to brave that slippery shower. I kept wondering what would happen if I fell and broke my leg or worse. I would be like the elderly people in those TV commercials "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!" It made me feel very old indeed.

I tried all kinds of solutions. Several different types of bath mats, all of which did not make me feel any more steady and were so hard to keep clean! I was always wondering if there was mold and mildew under them at any given time and washing them was so hard to do with bad knees. I even tried those stick on flowers that you put on your bathtub floor to keep from slipping. Not only did they look like a throwback to the 70's, they kept peeling up because my husband likes to take scalding hot showers every day.

I reached a point that I felt I would never feel safe in the shower again.

Amazon to the Rescue!

One day I was shopping in Amazon and I ran across a product called Non Slip Bathtub Safety Treatment Kit. I perked up when I saw the "non slip" part. I read the product info and it sounded good, but then so do all product descriptions. I scrolled down to check out the customer reviews. Amazon customer reviews have saved me many times from buying something that sounded great, but in truth, was not.

I was amazed at the reviews.....they were positively glowing! I am not sure I have ever read so many positive reviews on one product. Everyone from the handicapped to regular people said the same thing: it works!

I was still a bit hesitant, the product was almost $28, no small amount, but as I kept reading the great reviews, I decided I had to give it a try. I ordered it that very afternoon. What was $28 if I would be able to comfortably take a shower again?

Non Slip Bathtub Safety Treatment Kit

How to Apply the Treatment

  1. Clean your bathtub thoroughly and wipe it dry with a towel.
  2. Let dry for an hour
  3. Put the glove on your dominant hand
  4. Pour a bit of the liquid on the tub and spread with the green scrubbie. Don't get the liquid on your skin and don't let it touch your metal drain.
  5. Cover the entire bathtub, don't let the liquid dry, if it looks like it is drying pour more liquid on that area.
  6. Let liquid sit on the bathtub for 4 to 8 minutes. I let it sit 8 minutes.
  7. Rinse the liquid off with warm water.
  8. Let air dry.

The Product Arrived Promptly

The product arrived promptly, as most do from Amazon. It was one blue rubber glove, a green scrubbie like you use to scrub dishes, and two small bottles of the treatment. I was pleased to see the directions were simple.

Unfortunately, my knees are too bad for me to kneel down and apply the solution, so I had to wait till my husband got home. He finished the treatment in a very short time and left it to dry. It really was amazing because the tub looked exactly the same. Just as shiny as before the treatment. I was feeling some trepidation at that. How could it look exactly the shiny same, and not be slippery?

The directions said the tub was usable after it dried, but I wanted to give it some more time, so I waited till the following morning to try it.

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After the Treatment

No visible difference in the appearance of the tub

No visible difference in the appearance of the tub

This Is What Happened

I turned on the water and watched it cascade over the bottom of the tub. It looked the same as always. I stepped in and my feet stayed put. The tub was not sticky, and I could still move my feet, I just had to pick them up to do it, they just did not slide.

I was amazed! The treatment worked better than I ever dreamed it could. It made the bathtub totally non-slip but did not change the appearance of the tub at all.

To make it even more win/win we only used one bottle of the solution, so we have the other one to treat again, if the treatment wears off. Some of the reviews said that it never wore off, and some said they did need to re-treat.

I cannot recommend this product highly enough. If you have a problem with a slippery bathtub, or you feel unsteady in your tub or shower, then this is the answer.

Slippery Bathtub Poll


RoadMonkey on August 02, 2019:

That sounds like a great product. I have a rule that if something has 20% or more bad reviews on Amazon, I will not buy it. It's great to see something with a load of good reviews and that basically does what it says on the tin (or the bottle).

Rose Jones on March 22, 2019:

Who would have thought there would be a product to address this. Makes sense though, as many people are hurt with bathroom falls.

Virginia Allain from Central Florida on April 02, 2018:

My husband had a bad fall in our guest bathtub some years back. That contributed to the back pain that gives him problems now. Crushed disks.

I'm going to get this stuff and put it in that bathroom. We've added a grab bar and use a bath mat with suction cups but I'm still worried about our guests.

Thelma Alberts from Germany on March 27, 2018:

I have not heard about this product. Thanks for the review.

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