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How to Make a Solar Panel from Scratch


Solar panels we see them all the time as we travel down the road and look out our windows. We wonder how easy it to actually build one is. Well let me try to give you a detailed yet brief overview of how to build the perfect solar panel and what tools you will need to use to build it. Now you do not need to be a master carpenter for this just basic handy man skills is all you need.



Required Items:

These items that you see in the list below are required to build them. Most people have these tools in a tool box or if not most likely can borrow one from a neighbor if you only plan on using it once.

1.       Screw Driver

2.       Saw A power saw is recommended above a hand saw since it is faster.

3.       Solder & Gun

4.       Drill or Drill press

5.       Copper Wiring

6.       Wire Cutters

7.       Sheet of Plexiglas

8.       Rosin Flex gun

9.       Silicon

There are a couple of additional items that may come in handy while you are building them

1.       Plywood

2.       Tin Wires

However, there are two things that you will need to purchase wither at a hardware store or on Ebay

1.       Solar Cells

2.       UV protection Varnish

Now that you have located and acquired all of your materials it is time to build the solar panel. So let’s go through the procedure.

1.       Place the solar cells on the ground and together and measure. Then cut the plywood you purchased to the exact dimensions and paint it with the UV protection paint.

2.       Using the soldering gun to connect the solar cells to each other and also use the flux pen on all the connector strips first.

3.       After the plywood has had time to dry attach the solar cells to it using the silicone

4.       After placing all the cells in place make sure the last two wires come out the bottom hole then seal around them using the silicone to make a tight seal.

5.       Drill holes in the Plexiglas prior to attaching them so that it will not crack

6.       Build a frame to support the Plexiglas.

7.       Using the silicon and the screw holes in the Plexiglas attach it to the frame you built carefully.

8.       Time to get some help and lift it up to the roof for placement. your solar panel is ready

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