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How to Make a Scrunchie Holder: DIY Project


Things You Will Need

For this project, here are a couple of supplies you will need:

  • A kitchen paper towel roll
  • An old wooden block for the base
  • Any contact paper/decorative paper
  • A glue gun
  • Black Marker

Instructions for Making Scrunchie Holder

Step 1.

Start by taking a tube from the paper towel roll and measuring the size of the tube on the contact paper or printed paper.

Step 2.

Cut the sheet and using a glue gun adhere the sheet on the tube.

Step 3.

On the wooden block, paste the contact paper or printed paper on the top.

Step 4.

Using glue gun, attach the tube to the wooden block.

Step 5.

At the edges of the wooden block, you can either paint, or use a black marker to cover the edges.

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And that is pretty much it, now you can arrange your favorite scrunchies on this scrunchie holder.

Video Instructions

Hope you liked this home decor idea. This would a great gift for your loved ones too.

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