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How to Keep the Kitchen in Perfect Order

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Kitchen is a very important place in our houses. In big families there is always some activities going on in the kitchen. Whether one does the kitchen work oneself or with the help of servants, it has to be kept neat, tidy, and in order. But that is not an easy task because it requires a lot of planning, pondering, and measures to keep the kitchen in good shape.

Traditionally, women were supposed to take care of the kitchen and other household things but in modern times this is not true because when husband and wife both are going out for jobs and are earning then they both have to take care and share the household work or deploy some servants to do that. In some countries servants are not available and even if they are available their charges are very high which many people cannot afford. So ultimately in many cases people have to take care of the household maintenance and kitchen related work themselves and this article is here to help such people to effectively use their time in kitchen activities so that the work is completed in time and there is sufficient time in hand for cleaning and maintenance so that kitchen remains neat and clean and there is no mess around.

Why kitchen should be in order

Kitchen is a common place where morning to evening some work will be going on undertaken by a member or some members of the family. It is obvious that there would be so many activities going on in the kitchen. It is also obvious that if kitchen is not in order then by the evening or late night it will be in a mess and then it will take a lot of time to bring it back to normal and family members will irritate to do it because by the late evening everyone gets tired and want to have their dinner and go to bed.

In order to keep the kitchen clean it is necessary that cleaning and maintenance work should go hand in hand with the cooking activities. It means that for bringing order in the kitchen there are two basic things required that are cleaning while the cooking activities are going on and keeping things back in their places. These two basic elements are necessary for keeping the kitchen in order.

Size of a kitchen

The size of the kitchen is also an important factor. If it is too small then it will be a big problem to accommodate the items in it. In such cases some items have to go to the store room or some other room or even to the shelves or racks in the balcony or backyard. If the kitchen is too big then it would be ideal to accomodate all the gadgets, food items, and other things but maintaining and keeping it clean would be a big job and would be strenuous. So a medium sized kitchen would be an ideal solution.

This size of the kitchen is also determined from the size of the family. A small family can manage with a small kitchen while a big family will definitely require a moderate to big sized kitchen.

There are other limitations also to the kitchen size. In cities, in high rising buildings, in the apartments, the kitchen size is small while in the independent houses, especially country side, the kitchen size is generally bigger.

Location of kitchen

As far as possible the kitchen should be located in a central place so that it is accessible to all rooms without disturbing other members of the family. Every kitchen will have a sink in it which is used for cleaning the utensils or other cleaning jobs like washing the vegetables etc. Generally, people have a wash basin also near the kitchen where a mirror is also fitted and guests or family members can wash their hands. Sink is mainly meant for kitchen work and it is advisable to avoid it for washing hands or things like that.

Many people prefer to have the kitchen on the front side of the house so that while working in the kitchen one is able to attend to the visitors or postman or courier person or the delivery boy. It becomes convenient for that matter if the kitchen is in the front side.

In some rich independent houses, family members prefer to have the kitchen on the back side of the house where servants will be working away from the guests and visitors.

Every member should learn basic cooking and associate in cleaning work

Using kitchen for cooking and other purposes is alright as many people do it but keeping the kitchen clean while working or after the work is the most important and all the family members have to learn it and make it a practice so that kitchen is always in a good condition.

Many family members are interested in learning cooking and we have to encourage them but they are also to be taught the ways of keeping the kitchen clean. If they are able to manage that then kitchen would remain in good condition.

Some family members in every family are well aware of cooking but they may not be very much comfortable with cleaning and keeping the kitchen in order. They have to learn many tricks and tips for working in kitchen which are helpful in maintaining and keeping the place clean.

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Actually a clean and maintained kitchen is a positive source of energy for all the family members and it is imperative that the cleaning and maintaining of kitchen should be done on a priority basis. Food particles, leftover food items, cooked and uncooked materials lying here and there become stale very quickly and give out bad smell and to avoid that cleaning and maintaining the kitchen becomes a primary factor from the hygiene point of view also.

Every person in the family must understand this fact that once his or her cooking job is complete in the kitchen then he or she has to clean the kitchen and keep the things back to their assigned places so when the next person comes to the kitchen he can start his work in a clean and spacious environment.

How to keep kitchen in order

There are many things which we can consider for keeping the kitchen neat, clean and in order.

One of the most important thing in keeping the kitchen in order is storing the daily use items in the kitchen. There are a large number of items which we use in the kitchen and if we store everything in the kitchen then it becomes a crowded place so it is advisable to keep some of the regular use items in small containers in the kitchen in cupboards and bigger quantities of the same items can be kept in the store or a designated place in the adjacent room. Only the items of fast consumption can be kept in kitchen in big containers.

Kitchen is the place where all source of smell of spices and aroma is created and it is very much necessary that while using the kitchen the chimney or exhaust fans should be invariably turn on so that all these smells are driver out of the kitchen and do not propagate to the rooms adjacent to the kitchen.

Kitchen is a place where oily or greasy material like oil, butter, cheese, jam, jellies, creams etc are used frequently and they spot the utensils and kitchen slabs and it becomes sticky at places. If one keeps tissue paper or old clean cotton cloth pieces handy then wiping these oily or greasy stains time to time is a great way to keep the kitchen neat and tidy. A stack of tissue paper or small pieces of clean cotton clothes kept in kitchen are very useful.

Water is the most useful item in the kitchen but at the same time it is the main source of nuisance in the kitchen and wherever it falls it creates mess and other things coming in its contact also get wet and add to the mess. It is required to keep some big cotton cloth piece or big mop cloth on the floor which can be used time to time to absorb any water that has sprinkled on the floor. Keeping the floor dry during the cooking session is itself a great way to avoid mess in the kitchen.

Most of the people keep fridge in the kitchen itself on one side of it. Many items are to be kept in the fridge time to time and taken out from it. To avoid mixing of aroma and flavours of these items every item is to be kept in covered container. There is limited space inside a fridge. The only way to accommodate more items is to keep the thing in an orderly fashion. Stacking small containers over the big ones, arranging the items as per their shape and size, removing almost emptied big containers and keeping the remaining materal in small container etc are some of the ways to use the fridge inside space effectively. Keeping the things in an ordered way inside the fridge is a part of the kitchen management only.

We are using many gadgets in the kitchen. These gadgets are to be wiped with a damp cloth after using. That is the best time to wipe them clean when moisture and heat are present there to help the wipe for effective cleaning.

We are doing many small jobs in the kitchen which can create a mess if not done in a proper way. For example if we are shifting some material from one container to other then it can spill off and scatter on the working slab. Cleaning and collecting it is an inconvenient activity. One has to do such activities over a big sheet of paper or plastic sheet or big piece of cloth so that whatever is spilling outside the container can be easily retrieved.

Many people do multitasking while working in the kitchen. They use different cooking modes like gas stove, electric hot plate, microwave etc and prepare a few dishes simultaneously. They want to cook many items in minimum time but they create a mess in the kitchen. They should keep cleaning also an element inside the multitasking session.

Observing safety in the kitchen is a very important aspect and whoever is working in the kitchen should turn off the gadgets after using them and close their lids or doors etc. Children can enter the kitchen anytime and if the gadgets are not properly turned off then they can play with it and some accident might happen. We should be careful with gadgets like microwave, OTG, mixer grinder, chopper etc.


Kitchen is the place in our houses which is used on a continuous basis and it is imperative that we should keep it neat and clean so that we can work there in a clean environment. Working in clean and well arranged kitchen is a matter of great enjoyment.

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