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How to Grow the Dwarf Pomegranate Tree

Growing Dwarf Pomegranate Trees

The dwarf pomegranate is a wonderful fruit-bearing tree that matures between two and four feet tall however, occasionally a six feet tall tree can be found. If you happen to be really skilled at pruning, you will even find that you can keep this tree under one foot tall. Of course, its flowers and fruit will be miniature as well.

The dwarf pomegranate is a subtropical plant but will survive in many other locations if your winters stay above 20 degrees. If you reside in a zone that rarely drops below 40 degrees year round, you will find that your tree will offer fruit all 12 months. You should also know that sometimes, these trees will not bare any fruit at all so don't be too disappointed if you're never gifted any, you will still probably enjoy the reddish, orange flowers that arrive in late summer.

Dwarf Pomegranate Tree


General Care

Although the dwarf pomegranate tree can be unpredictable, it is still a charming tree to grow. Even during the winter, it looks like a big bonsai tree when it loses its leaves which is still pretty appealing. These trees can be grown both indoors and outdoors so if you do live in a cold location, you can still grow one. Just make sure to provide it with a sunny location and the warmth of your home may cause it to provide you with a consistent supply of fruit.

When growing the dwarf pomegranate outside, plant it near your home where it can still absorb a bit of warmth from it during the cooler months. Also, you should know these trees hate to be transplanted so choose your location thoughtfully.

The dwarf pomegranate is not two fussy about soil and really only needs fertilizer once a year. These trees do not need to be bothered with so you can let yours grow wild but as already mentioned, they are happy to be pruned as well. If you decide to prune your tree, do so in either the spring or really late in the fall after you are sure it won't bloom again. You can even shape these treees into an interesting shape to accent any landscaping.

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