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How to Get Chocolate Stains Out of Clothing


A Mom's Laundry Nightmare

It never fails. Put your child in a white, yellow, or other pastel shirt and what happens? They get chocolate smeared all over it. All it takes is one small chocolate spot to set Mom's teeth to gnashing.

"Now look what you've done. I just bought that for you! Grrrr." Mom runs off to the laundry room, runs it under hot or cold water, puts on stain remover and rubs the bejeebers out of it, then tosses it into the washing machine. She may even try bleach. Like always, it comes out of the wash still stained. The T-shirt gets tossed or used for rags. Insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result, right? Well, let me put your mind at rest. There is a fail-safe way to get out chocolate stains and it works perfectly every time - I promise.

This works for any form of chocolate, whether it be from spilled mocha from the espresso stand, a chocolate bar, or chocolate ice cream, or any other form of chocolate.

A mother's laundry nightmare.

A mother's laundry nightmare.

The Milk Solution

The problem with stain removers, running the fabric under hot water (or cold before treatment), and rubbing or scrubbing the stains, is that it sets the stain further into the fabric. Milk is the answer. You see, there is something in milk that separates the stain from the fabric. Lifts it to the surface, so to speak.

The milk solution is cheap and easy. Most people have milk on hand in their refrigerators, especially with children in the home. And virtually everyone has cold running water and a washing machine. So try these very easy steps and save yourself a lot of grief. This is one time when you won't cry over spilled milk.

Toss 'em


Step 1 - Milk

Pour milk over the stain. Saturate it well. Only rub a wee bit. You don't want the stain to set in. Let it sit for five minutes.

Milk lifts the stain to the surface rather than grounding it in.

Pour milk onto stain and wait five minutes.

Pour milk onto stain and wait five minutes.

Step 2 - Rinse

After the five minutes are up, run it under cold water, but again, just a wee bit of rubbing. At this point, the chocolate can still be seen but faded. If you use hot water this will NOT work, as hot water only grounds the stain in further.

Rinse in cold water.

Rinse in cold water.

Step 3 - Washing machine

Toss it in the washing machine at a cold water setting along with your other clothes.

When the cycle is done, take it out of the washer. I dare you to find the stain.

Step 4 - The Dryer

Put the clothing in the dryer on any standard setting. By this time the stain is out and heat will be safe.

Wash and dry as usual.

Wash and dry as usual.

Step 5 - Wear it

Wear it with stain free pride.

Step 6 - Celebrate

Now that peace and harmony, and clothing have been restored, take the kids out for chocolate ice cream to celebrate.

It's that simple.

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Celebrate with chocolate ice cream.

Celebrate with chocolate ice cream.

© 2016 Lori Colbo


Dianna Mendez on July 01, 2016:

I'll remember this solution next time I need it. Looks like it does the job. Now, do you know how to take out auto oil stains? Have a great day!

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on June 30, 2016:

What an easy, practical solution! Thanks you for sharing your stain-free wisdom. I'm sure there be opportunity and need to share this.

Gloria Siess from Wrightwood, California on June 26, 2016:

Very practical hub/I will have to try this.

Lori Colbo (author) from United States on June 25, 2016:

Blond, you are funny.

William Kovacic from Pleasant Gap, PA on June 25, 2016:

I'll have to bookmark this one. I'm sure I'll use it often. My wife says she can't take me anywhere in public if there's food around.

Mary Wickison from USA on June 25, 2016:

I have such a problem with stains. Chocolate however isn't one of them because chocolate NEVER misses my mouth. LOL

We do get fat stains and dirt stains and everything else. I will definitely try this milk treatment.

Thanks for that, I am always looking for life hacks.

Cindy from United States on June 25, 2016:

I'm usually able to remove most stains, but not all of them. I'm probably doing the baking soda method incorrectly.

Lori Colbo (author) from United States on June 25, 2016:

I'm curious, Chatty Chat, how baking soda has worked? There is usually more than one way to skin a cat.

Cindy from United States on June 24, 2016:

I will definitely try this the next time I get chocolate on my clothes. I usually use baking soda.

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