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How to Decorate a Living Room With a Fireplace in the Center

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A nice fireplace can make any home cozy. It adds appeal to the living room while keeping everyone warm. But what if the fireplace is located at the center of the living room? Decorating it can be challenging for some people. We have gathered different ways to decorate your fireplace to give you ideas on how it should be done.

Decorating a fireplace located in the center of your living room is not that hard to do. Since it's at the center, it makes the fireplace become the focal point of that area. Decorate by using colors and furniture that will compliment it. Here are the best ways to decorate a living room with a fireplace at the center.

  1. Frame the fireplace.
  2. Blend light colors.
  3. Use color contrast.
  4. Add some artwork.
  5. Install shelves.
  6. Place the chairs.
  7. Add a couch set.
  8. Fit furniture.
  9. Decorate corner.
  10. Do it your way.

The placement of the furniture around the fireplace is crucial. It can make or break your living room interior. Don't just try to make the space look good but it also has to be functional. Provide enough space for you to walk around. Highlight your fireplace but also make it comfortable.


Decorating a Living Room With a Fireplace in the Center

Even if you have a living room with a fireplace in the middle, it's not enough to grab everyone's attention. You can make it the best part of the living room by adding furniture around. Place them in front of the fireplace like an arc. It allows anyone to look at the fireplace while sitting.

1. Frame the Fireplace

Framing the fireplace in the middle of the living room will provide a better impact. Try to create a contrasting color palette to make it stand out. You can also add decorative elements to your fireplace design to make it stand out from the crowd. Continue reading to get decorating ideas for sprucing up your fireplace wall.

2. Blend Colors

This living room layout is well-balanced on all sides. The white walls and furniture create a crisp, clean appearance. The fireplace wall, including the bricks, has been painted white to blend in. In contrast, the black firebox matches the black window frames and furniture legs. The splashes of greenery around the mantel bring life to the space. The furniture is arranged in a row facing each other, a little away from the fireplace, with an area rug the same length as the fireplace.

3. Use Color Contrast

One of the best ways to draw attention to your fireplace design is to paint it in a contrasting color. The black accent wall stands out in this home while providing a subdued backdrop to the white fireplace. A large piece of light-colored artwork sits atop the mantel, and identical mirrors are placed on each side for decoration. The furniture is a mix of black and white, making this an ideal monochrome space.

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4. Add Some Artwork

Another way to improve the look of your fireplace is to hang artwork on both sides. The fireplace wall has a ledge on one side to break up the symmetry and add some style, and the decorative pieces on the floor are of varying heights. When entering the living room in this home, the furniture is set back on the other end, revealing a sleek floorspace.

5. Install Shelves

Frame the fireplace with shelves to highlight that area. Don't try to hide the beauty of having a fireplace in the middle of your living room. The shelves will function as a frame for the fireplace. You can display some of your collections on the shelves. It will make a great conversation piece when you have guests around the house.

6. Place the Chairs

Because the fireplace is in the center, you can have two different layouts, as seen in this living room. If you want to be close to the fireplace, place your armchair on one side, preferably near the wall. Make your seating area more comfortable by installing a lamp fixture. The couch is positioned against the opposite wall, facing the fireplace. This living room layout is ideal for any mood, whether you prefer to sit beside or in front of the fireplace.

7. Add the Couches

A couch set is one of the quickest ways to decorate a large living room. If you have a traditional set that includes a couch and two armchairs, place your largest piece of furniture opposite the fireplace. To maintain the balance and create an enclosed space, place the two armchairs on opposite sides of the fireplace. The coffee table in the center of this room complements the wooden furniture and floor. Place an area rug large enough to float your furniture arrangement to complete the look.

8. Fit the Furniture

You can't move the fireplace so you will have to choose your living room furniture carefully. To make the room more livable, arrange the furniture in a way that encourages natural mobility throughout. Arrange your living room so that moving to and from the fireplace is as simple as possible.

9. Decorate the Corners

Because your living room fireplace is in the center, your furniture arrangement does not have to be as well. The couches in this living room design are arranged in an L-shape in the corner of the room, with one sofa facing the fireplace. The area rug connects the living room furniture and the front of the fireplace to create a cohesive space. The center fireplace appears to be a corner design in this room layout.

10. Do It Your Way

Sometimes you just put your favorite pieces together and it works perfectly. The living room fireplace is in the center of this modern home, and all other design elements around it are accent pieces on their own. The irregular-shaped rug placed in front of the fireplace connects the sofa, coffee table, and armchair. Since the firebox frame blends into the floor, the other pieces stand out.


How to Decorate a Small Living Area with a Fireplace in the Center

With limited space and a fireplace in the center, decorating a small living room without making it appear too cramped can be difficult. Because the fireplace is already a focal point, your best bet is to visually shrink it so that it doesn't consume the rest of the space while still standing out.

A fireplace is an excellent addition to any living room. Since it's in the middle, it takes center stage and creates an instant wow factor no matter how you decorate it. The best way to style it is to incorporate personal touches that allow your visitors to get to know you better. After all, nothing beats small talk and short stories exchanged in the warmth of a fireplace.

  • The neutral color scheme is soothing and keeps the space from feeling crowded.

  • To maximize room capacity, use as few chairs, tables, lamps, and other fixtures as possible.

  • Instead of a large sofa, consider grouping a few chairs that you can move closer to or away from the fireplace for more space.

  • Choose your items carefully and go for a minimalist aesthetic, making sure that everything serves a purpose.

Where to Put the TV If the Fireplace is in the Middle

When trying to figure out their room layout, many people get stuck on one issue: how do you arrange your TV when you have a fireplace? Yes, you want to be able to curl up next to the fireplace, but you also want to be able to relax and see your screen. So, what are your options?

  • Above the Fireplace

Placing your fireplace over your television is a simple solution to the problem. This way, you can enjoy the cozy display of your flames while still being able to watch TV. It also saves you floor space and prevents you from awkwardly cramming your TV unit into a corner, while also making your room feel more open.

  • Beside the Fireplace

If you don't want to mount your TV over your fireplace for whatever reason, it can be placed on the same wall as your fireplace. With this layout, your furniture is positioned opposite your fireplace, which helps to keep it as the main focal point of the room – just be careful not to hang anything decorative above the fire, as the wall may become too cluttered.

  • Make an L-Shape

Place the television and fireplace against perpendicular walls. Depending on the shape of your room or your preferences, you can then place your sofa opposite the fireplace or the TV – or both, if you have enough space to create two seating areas. If you want to keep the fireplace as the main focal point of the room, draw attention to it by hanging a mirror or piece of art over it. A striking fireplace surround, ambient lighting, or even a few plants and vases can help draw your attention back to the fireplace.

  • Opposite to the Fireplace

If you are fortunate enough to have a lot of space, you have a lot of options for your living room layout for your fireplace and TV. Pulling furniture away from the walls so it 'floats' in the center of the room is a good interior design technique for large square rooms. This configuration allows you to have two seating areas facing each other, with the fireplace and TV unit on either end.


A living room with a fireplace in the center will look great with the right decorations and designs. Don't waste this opportunity to make your living room stand out. Having a fireplace in the center already gives an appeal to the interior. All you have to do is to add the right furniture to keep it nice and cozy.

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