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How to Decorate a Batman Themed Bedroom for Kids

I was always crazy about comic books when I was a kid, and one thing I really wanted was to decorate my bedroom in the style of all of my favorite comic book heroes! And the villains. Can't forget the villains! Well, sadly I changed my mind about what theme I wanted far too often, so my parents weren't willing to do a million decorating sprees, but more than a decade and a half later, I can still dream! That's why I thought I would make this article, after shopping about the net for bedroom decor ideas in the style of my favorite comic book hero - Batman. I'm sure kids of all ages would love these! Let's take a look...

A Batman Bedroom Begins with Some Bedding...


The centerpiece of any themed bedroom is of course the bedding, so to start us off we are going to need some bedding decorated with bold and beautiful Batman style art. Most of the Batman bedding out there is in a comic book art style, and the comforter set featured above is one of my personal favorites.

There is also a fair amount of Batman bedding available on Etsy, especially blankets. This is a great place to go if you need something unique - many of the pieces on Etsy are one of a kind and handmade, and some you can even get customized and personalized with your name on it. Pretty cool!


Here's a neat trick for those of you shopping on a budget: Batman pillows and blankets! You see, you don't have to fork out for a full bedding set as long as you already have some appropriately colored sheets and a comforter ready (navy blue and black work best). Just add some pillows or a colorful blanket throw with comic book art on them, such as the great Batman logo cushion above, and you will get an amazing effect.

Decorate Your Walls with the Dark Knight


Going on a complete decorating spree, paint and all? When painting a Batman bedroom, I would advise avoiding very dark colors, such as black or certain shades of navy blue. While these are the archetypal Batman colors, they may make the room look very small and dark, which can be depressing! Go for the lightest shade of navy blue. Other colors can work too - yellow is a particularly good one if you are decorating for a girl.

Meanwhile, blank walls can also make a room seem claustrophobic, so let's spruce them up! There are lots of fun ways to decorate walls, but one of my favorite methods is to use wall decals. You can get some seriously unique looking art out there, and they are very easy to apply. The best thing is, if you want to move them or get bored of them, they don't leave any sticky marks on your wall, since they don't use any glue. Pretty cool! Above I've featured a Gotham City skyline decal which I think would look amazing!


If you're a big fan of DIY projects and are up for some arts and crafts, here's a fun project for you that will help you decorate your bedroom! Above is a fantastic tutorial for creating a cardboard or foam batarang that looks very realistic. With a bit of white-tack, sticky tape or string and a hook, you can turn the batarang into a piece of art for your bedroom wall! Pretty cool.


Here is another very sweet DIY decor project which works especially well if you have young children who love art! All you need to do is find some printable coloring pages of Batman characters, and you and your child can work to color and paint them in to look fantastic! There are a number of sites out there where you can find printables completely free - I've included a link to one of my favorite sites on the right.

Once that is done, I recommend cutting out and laminating the picture in order to keep it safe from wear and tear, at which point you can stick it up on your wall. Voila! Cheap and easy decorating.

Etsy has thousands of amazing Batman prints, posters, paintings and drawings available, many of them completely one of a kind and truly special. There are all styles available, from comic style, grungy movie style, cartoony meme style - whatever your thing is, Etsy has something for you.

Your Bedroom will Rise with Some Final Accessories...


Last but not least, every bedroom need a few accessories, figurines, posters, plush toys and action figures to add a personal touch to the environment and make the room look fun and lived in. I particularly like buying lots of figurines and using them to decorate my windows, shelves, mantelpieces and bedside cabinets - they're really versatile and there are plenty of fun styles out there. For example, if you are big fan of the kitsch, pop art style look, check out the very cool Funko Pop Batman figurine featured above.


Here's another piece of bedroom decor you can add to personalize your bedroom: Batman furniture! There's quite a lot of it out there, in various different styles, from the sort of dark and grungy style of Christopher Nolan's Batman series, to the more funky and brightly colored style of the Golden Age comics. This chair is an example of the latter, and would work especially well in the bedrooms of younger children. It even has a built in drinks holster!

Before You Go, Test Your Batman-Fever...

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Which Batman villain is fighting to find a cure for his terminally ill wife?
    • Two Face
    • The Riddler
    • The Joker
    • Mr Freeze
  2. What is the name of the Joker's primary female sidekick?
    • Harley Quinn
    • Poison Ivy
  3. Which Robin died in 1988?
    • Dick Grayson
    • Jason Todd
    • Tim Drake
    • Damien Wayne
  4. Who was the artist on the comic 'The Killing Joke'?
    • Jim Aparo
    • Neil Gaiman
    • Brian Bolland
    • Frank Miller
  5. Which of these characters has never been Batgirl?
    • Barbara Gordon
    • Betty Kane
    • Helena Bertinelli
    • Cassandra Cain
    • Stephanie Brown
    • Carrie Kelley
  6. Who wrote Batman: Year One?
    • Frank Miller
    • Alan Grant
    • Grant Morrison
    • Neal Adams
  7. Who was the original Red Hood?
    • Jason Todd
    • The Joker
    • Lian Harper
    • Thomas Grayson
    • Professor Overbeck
  8. Who voices Batman in the video game 'Batman: Arkham Asylum'?
    • Mark Hamill
    • Danny Jacobs
    • Kevin Conroy
    • Steven Blum
  9. Who directed the 1995 Batman movie 'Batman Forever'?
    • Joel Schumacher
    • Tim Burton
    • Christopher Nolan
    • Zack Snyder

Answer Key

  1. Mr Freeze
  2. Harley Quinn
  3. Jason Todd
  4. Brian Bolland
  5. Carrie Kelley
  6. Frank Miller
  7. The Joker
  8. Kevin Conroy
  9. Joel Schumacher


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I think any kid who is a fan of Batman would love the bat bed.

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My grandson would love this. Thanks for sharing!! ;-)

DesignSpace (author) on August 18, 2014:

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