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How to Create a Hammock Oasis

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I created a backyard leisure area using my own hammock, outdoor furniture, and a fire pit so a she shed can be added as well.


Creating a hammock backyard

You only have so many minutes in the day and after a long day at work or an entire week at your career that is completely draining wouldn’t it be nice to have an area where you could escape?

Our careers or lifestyle will not allow us to vacation all the time but you can take a mini-vacation every day if you create a hammock oasis where you can relax.

We are going to journey into your backyard or patio area and create that hammock oasis where you can unwind and prepare for the next day.

The first step of the journey is to start visualizing the outcome.

Hammock comes from Spanish hamaca, borrowed from Taino and Arawak hamaka

How to buy a hammock.

Before we can create our ideal space we need a hammock if you already have one well good for you and you can skip forward.

Well, buying hammocks seems pretty straight forward visit your local big box store or go online and find a hammock there.

Not so fast!

Before you put down that plastic it would be a good idea to consider a few factors before making your hammock purchase so you don’t end up regretting it.

The first item on the list is how many people will be using the hammock?

If it is a hammock for one then all you need is a single person hammock and if necessary hammock stands that fit a single hammock.

This is where some due diligence will pay off because in many cases if you require a hammock stand your best option is getting a hammock and stand combo more than likely you will get a much better price than purchasing them separately.

Second item if there is going to be more than one person using the hammock you will need to be sure about the weight capacity.

Not all hammocks have the same weight capacity so if the combined weight of the two people is approximately 300 pounds then you need a hammock with that weight capacity or more.

There are family size hammocks that will be able to take your entire tribe just check the weight limits.

Finally, you will need to decide which fabric you want next to your skin, the color of the hammock, and of course the size.

If you are a health-conscious individual you may want to consider investing in an organic cotton hammock because cotton is soft against the skin and organic means it is safe against your skin.

There are also specialty hammock fabrics that will not fade or rot if exposed to rain or the sun.

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The hammock stands.

Okay so the idea of creating a backyard hammock retreat is interesting but what if you don’t have any trees or structures strong enough to support a hammock?

No worries!

This is where the hammock stand comes into play, regardless of what type of backyard or patio area you have you can always hang a hammock with a hammock stand.

In fact, if you have a tiny footprint with very little room the hammock stand is the ideal solution because more than likely you won’t have any trees or patio structure.

There are very few hammocks that are too large to accommodate a hammock so you will have a plethora of choices.

There are wooden hammock stands to choose from or metal hammock stands, ideally, you want a metal stand that is powder-coated so it will stand up to the outdoor elements.

Another huge advantage of the hammock stand is you can move your hammock wherever you want which includes indoors if you want.

Hammocks are thought to give you a deeper sleep.

How to properly setup a hammock.

This is where your wonderful weekend oasis could turn ugly; if you do not know how to properly set up a hammock you are more than likely going to be miserable.

If the hammock is too taut you are more than likely going to roll right off when you attempt to roll to one side or the other.

If the hammock is set up too loose to the point it is dragging on the ground you are going to kill your back, so much for the hammock mini vacation.

The ideal way to set up a hammock is visual a banana it has a curve like a smile that is nice and gradual with no radical slopes.

From that position, you can make subtle adjustments looser or taut, which brings up another point when selecting your hammock the ideal scenario would be a hammock with an adjustable suspension system (see hammock accessories below).

This type of system will allow you to make adjustments quickly because if there are other people using the hammock they may want a different setup.

Hammock accessories to help you enjoy your hammock more

This may be a boring subject but we need to address the possibility of you needing to purchase some hammock accessories to properly set up your hammock.

What may be your first thought is…

Don’t all the hammocks come with the necessary equipment to set it up properly?

In many cases your hammock will not have the suspension hardware to set it up the reason for this is because to cover every possible scenario you would be buying a lot of unnecessary hardware.

The manufacture of the hammock will have no idea how it will be set up whether you have trees evenly spaced apart or sturdy pergola to hang it from.

So the best solution is to offer just the hammock and you get the necessary hardware that is for your situation.

The best solution is to get an adjustable suspension system that will work whether you are hanging your hammock between two trees or using a hammock stand.


Believe it or not, there are hammock bathtubs!

Design a backyard space around your hammock.

So now you understand about buying a hammock and how to set up the hammock properly but now we need to design our happy space.

After you have decided which hammock system is best for you it is time to design a relaxing space with the hammock as the centerpiece.

After all, that is the entire reason for this backyard oasis right?

The first order of business would be selecting the ideal location of the hammock in your backyard or patio area.

You want to have a good visual that way you are already starting to relax before even getting into your hammock. This may be accomplished by placing the hammock near your flower beds or shrubs if you have any.

If your backyard area is boring then you may want to consider adding some potted plants with color that you can rotor as the season changes.

Another excellent choice is to place a small outdoor table next to your hammock so you have a place for your reading material or your favorite beverage of choice.

If you are a sun worshipper then you will want to make sure you have the hammock oriented to the right position to maximize the sun rays as it goes east to west.


The indoor hammocks.

If you are enjoying your outdoor hammock and are using a hammock stand then you can also move that relaxing experience indoors.

Most hammock stands can be easily taken apart in the middle of the stand and this makes it really easy to take your enjoyment indoors.

Another advantage of being able to take a hammock indoors is it can serve as an emergency guest bed for that unannounced overnight guest.

Most overnight guests would gladly take a comfortable hammock over a lumpy couch any day of the week.

A great location for an indoor hammock is a sunroom or an all-season room.

Christopher Columbus was one of the first individuals to journal about hammocks.

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