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How to Clean Your Kitchen From Top to Bottom

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Using the correct and appropriate disinfectants and disinfectants will help reduce bacteria to safe levels and prevent unwanted outbreaks of gastroenteritis, which often result from consuming contaminated water or consuming contaminated food. As cases of foodborne illness are reported on a daily basis, good food hygiene practices are also considered when considering kitchen cleanliness.

How to clean your kitchen in 16 simple steps

The following 16 cleaning and sanitizing steps will help keep your kitchen spotless and tidy. We've also added some helpful tips so you have everything you need to get started!

  1. First wash your hands and put on gloves.
  2. Clean the countertops, put dirty dishes in the dishwasher or sink, and store other items that belong in cabinets or drawers.
  3. Put all unwanted items / junk in the trash.
  4. Leave your small appliances and other small items where they are.
  5. Free up space in and around the sink by washing dirty dishes with dish soap and using a good quality cloth or sponge to remove dirt from dishes and cutlery.
  6. Dry all light fixtures, cabinet surfaces, and all kitchen appliances.
  7. Spray cabinet doors, appliances, and anything on the countertop with a kitchen degreaser like Flash and scrub well with a clean, damp cloth or paper towel.

8. Remove the round glass plate and plastic holder from your microwave and place them in a bowl of warm, soapy water (we recommend a product like Elbow Grease Deshwashing Liquid). Scrub and let dry while you clean the rest of the unit. Spray the inside surfaces of your microwave with a kitchen degreaser, such as B. Cillit Bang Power Cleaner Kitchen Degreaser and leave plenty of exposure time. If the microwave is very dirty, it will have to soak in the solution longer. Then wipe off unwanted dirt with a cloth or paper towel until the inside is perfectly clean. Finally, replace the clean glass lid and plastic holder before closing the door.

9. Remove all accessories from the hob for easy cleaning. Put the accessories in the bowl with warm soapy water (if the grill plate and microwave stand are very dirty in the water, refill the bowl!) Scrub and let dry on your way back to the dining table. Apply degreaser on the cooking surface and on the outside of the oven. Give enough time, the more grease and dirt you have to remove, the longer the solution will have to rest. Rub with an abrasive sponge and then rub with a damp cloth. Replace the fixtures on top of the countertop to complete the job.

10. If your oven has a self-cleaning function, laugh, but if not, fear not. We are here to help you. The dirt you are trying to remove is usually:

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  • charcoal burned
  • Fat
  • leftovers

Traditional corrosive products can be dangerous, but they are very effective in helping you remove dirt to clean your oven. Greaselift is a powerful, non-caustic and safe to use alternative that will help you clean your oven effectively. Spray the product inside the oven after removing the racks. After allowing enough exposure time, simply continue to remove dirt and debris from the surface until the oven is perfectly clean. We also have


We also stock Astonish oven cleaning paste and vegan cookware.

11. Kettles and coffee machines need to be cleaned and descaled from time to time. Depending on the item you own, do the following:

  • Kettle: Add about 1 part Evans Kettle Descaler per 250ml of water to a full water kettle or a single sachet of Oust All Purpose Descaler to a medium kettle. Leave Evans for 5 minutes or Oust for 10 minutes, then drain and rinse well. Finally, boil the kettle three more times and rinse with fresh water before using it to make your favorite beverage.
  • Coffee maker: Pour two cans of Evans Kettle Descaler into the container and add 500ml of cold water or a single sachet of Oust All Purpose Descaler in half a tank of water. Turn the machine on and run out half of the solution before turning it off. Leave Magic for 30 minutes or Oust for 10 minutes. Rinse the tank well and repeat at least twice with clean water.

12. Throw away any items in the refrigerator that are obsolete or unnecessary. Remove all other contents and place them on a nearby kitchen counter. Remove the drawers and shelves, place them in a sink filled with warm soapy water and scrub. Let these items air dry. Be careful inside the refrigerator. Spray with a kitchen degreaser and leave for the recommended time before wiping with a clean cloth. Then, sanitize the refrigerator by applying a kitchen disinfectant before changing drawers and shelves. Then replace the contents of the refrigerator, making sure to store raw or undercooked meat separately to avoid cross-contamination.

13. Once you've determined what materials your kitchen countertops will be made of, spray them with a suitable degreaser, such as Elbow Grease. This removes unwanted dirt, leaving the surface visibly clean to the naked eye. Follow with a disinfectant such as B. Zoflora Disinfectant Concentrate to disinfect countertop surfaces. This reduces bacteria to safe levels and gives you peace of mind knowing your kitchen is perfectly clean!
14. After so much cleaning, your sink needs attention. Dusting with an abrasive powder like Trident Disinfecting Powder easily removes tannin and stubborn stains while sanitizing sink surfaces in a single pass.
15. Sweep the floor and collect all the debris in one spot before throwing it away with a dustpan and brush. Then scrub the entire floor, making sure you choose your chemical solution so you don't damage your floor type.
16. The trash can is often forgotten, but food debris and tannin stains from tea bags can often remain at the bottom and create unwanted odors. It is always advisable to take the garbage outside and throw it with a handy garden hose, otherwise you end up using the tub or shower. After rinsing the tank, apply a degreasing cleaner such as Orange Squirt, wait enough time before scrubbing with a brush, then clean. Replace it with a clean liner.

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