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How to Clean Burn Marks From Your Baking Sheets

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How to Clean Burn Marks off Your Baking Sheets

Clean burn marks off your baking sheets

Clean burn marks off your baking sheets

Get Your Baking Sheets Sparkling Clean

Do you spend hours trying to scrub the burn marks off your baking sheets? I have spent countless hours in the kitchen scrubbing with baking powder and various other remedies to get the pesky burn marks off my baking sheets/trays. Most of the time, you just end up covering it with foil and forgetting about the marks however, they are always there and it’s extremely annoying.

A few weeks ago, I spent two hours scrubbing with a baking soda and vinegar mixture however, I only got halfway and got fed up. I searched for something better and a friend of mine told me about a specific product that helped me to get rid of the burn marks. I will tell you about it in a second.

First, here are some natural ways of getting burn marks off your baking sheets. I must admit, it takes much longer to go down the natural route but if you don’t want to purchase actual cleaning products from the store and you would much prefer to use homemade stuff, then try this out. You might be happy with the result!

Baking Soda and Vinegar Method

Baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar

Here are the Steps to Clean Your Baking Sheets with Baking Soda

What You Need

2 cups of baking soda

1 cup white vinegar

Fill your sink with boiling water, add your baking soda and then your vinegar. Soak your baking sheets in the mixture for about 30 to 40 minutes. Then go in with a scrubbing brush or wire sponge. Scrub until it’s all gone, this method does work but it takes time and sometimes I just simply can’t be bothered. Try it though, it’s an effective way of getting rid of burn marks from your baking sheets.

Bake Your Baking Sheets

Yes, you read that right! Bake your baking sheets! Pour warm water and dishwashing soap onto the baking sheet. Place in a hot oven for about 30 minutes, take it out and scrub using a wire scouring brush. This method does work too, and I have found that when I add baking soda it works even better.

Give it a try!

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This Product Gets Rid of Burn Marks From Your Baking Sheets


Cleaning Product to Remove Burn Marks from Baking Sheets

Here is the cleaning product that I mentioned earlier. It is called, Bar Keeper’s Friend Soft Cleanser and it works wonders to get rid of burn marks from your baking sheets. It also works well to clean pots and pans that are stained with burn marks.

More about Bar Keeper’s Friend Soft Cleanser:

The soft cleanser comes with a non-scratch scrubbing cloth which is handy and really effective for cleaning stains from metal surfaces. I used it on my stovetop too and it worked really well for the burn marks and stains that don’t seem to come off no matter what I do!

This is how I used Bar Keeper’s Friend Soft Cleanser to get rid of my burn marks on my baking sheets:

  1. Start off by shaking the bottle
  2. Pour the liquid onto the pan, try pouring a little first and add more as you go along

3. Leave the liquid to sit for about 15 minutes or more if the stains are really stubborn

4. Wet the provided sponge and clean using circular motions, you need to put in a bit of effort here but it works wonders!

5. Rinse with warm water and you are done!

I like Bar Keeper’s Friend Soft Cleanser because it doesn’t require long soaking times, it also doesn’t smell extremely strong like some cleansers too. I always wear a nose mask anyway to avoid any toxic fumes getting into my nose.

I recommend this cleanser for stovetops, baking sheets and pots and pans. It is really effective. If the stains are really stubborn, let the liquid sit for about 30 minutes or more before scrubbing and rinsing.


intriguewriter (author) from worldwide on September 04, 2021:

Yes, they sure do work! I use natural methods when I am in a bad mood! LOL

Abby Slutsky from America on September 02, 2021:

I have used these methods, and you are right. They both work, but the homemade method requires more elbow grease. Thanks for sharing.

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