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How to Build a Wine Rack

When you are an avid wine drinker there is nothing more annoying that not having a place to display your prized collection of vintage wine. With a wine rack you can proudly display and keep track of those vintages easier and expertly.

There are many types of wine racks on the market from wooden to iron. Each of these have their places to be put but everyone’s house is different and ordering a custom wine rack can go into the hundreds and thousands of dollars. Making your own wine rack is easily completed and you can be proud of your collection since you are contributing two unique designs that will fit your location and taste perfectly.


The materials that you will need to make a sturdy wine rack you are going to need wood stock, some tack nails, glue, some screws, and some 1 x 2 strapping stock for the finial put together.


There are certain tools that you are going to require while building your wine rack. Non are specialty tools they are all very common and you should be able to find them at any local hardware store if you don’t have them. You’re going to need a saw, a drill with drill bits, a tape measure, hammer and a pen.



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The first step in building a wine rack is to decide exactly where you are going to place it. When deciding on a location within your home you want to be aware of a couple of different things. Wine racks should not be placed near doors or windows, or an area of high humidity or direct sunlight. One solution is if you do not have an available location for that type of wall rack you can also make a table rack. They will fit into many smaller alcove locations and on top of cabinets away from these elements that can ruin wine.

If you decide to go with a table top wine rack you are going to need to use a thin wood stock. Size will differ for this particular model but, I do recommend that you use one inch deep to two inches wide wood stock when creating it. Then check your height measurements and create two pairs of legs. Using the stock that you have, decide the length and width of the stock setup. Create the proper braces and holders that will hold the wine.

To make a larger wine rack 6 or more you will need to create enough braces to hold the wine. Usually in the number if sixteen braces will make a 6 wine bottle rack. Twelve of the initial braces will be used for the wine bottles and the other four will be used as additional end support for them. You can install the braces in three different ways depending on how you are creating the rack. Using nails and a drill, fully connect each part and make sure to place a cross brace for additional strength.

If you have dedicated a portion of your cellar for a wine rack there are two things you need to consider. You want to build the rack near a power outlet in case you need to hook up a de humidifier. Also you want to make sure it has enough room off the ground to ensure it does not pick up any additional moisture. The main difference between a kitchen rack and a wine cellar rack is that in the cellar the wall will help do a lot of the supporting of the rack.

To create a good reference point create one two by four stock with the appropriate cutouts for the wine bottles. Make the claps so they are seated properly in the cabinet. Then copy this procedure for the others making it a reference on how many wine bottles that you are planning to make it for.


Wooden Wine Racks on January 31, 2010:

This what i was looking for so long time, this will save my money. Thanks for sharing your great knowledge.

sarovai on September 08, 2009:

Even though I do not take wine, still I like wine racks. I am going to suggest my friends about the simple and best wine rack. thank u.

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