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How to Avoid Laundromats & Save Time With This One Thing

I'm a single mom that is always looking for an easier and a cheaper way to live.


No Hookups for a Washer? No problem...

I live in a 1960s apartment with no hookups for a washer or dryer. And I also have a toddler, so all the mothers out there know what it's like to chase your child throughout the laundromat. Plus, laundromats are starting to get really expensive in Texas. Gone are the days of cheap washing machines at laundromats, now it's nearly $3 to wash a very small load at my laundromat and probably higher in other laundromats. And my apartment laundromats always have thieves waiting around to steal clothes. After having countless clothes going missing, and my extreme dislike of the expensive laundromat across the street, I've finally discovered portable washers. My portable washer was a God send. It was one of those discoveries that made me wish I knew about portable washers a lot sooner.

Cheaper than the Laundromat

The cost of a portable washer might seem like a lot of money at first but when you calculate how many times you visit the laundromat and how much money you spend each time, you quickly realize that the cost of buying a portable washer pays for itself in the first six months of having it. After that, you just save money that could go towards a portable dryer if you want. I often wonder if portable dryers take up too much electricity, but I wouldn't know because I use a clothes rack to dry my clothes. Portable washers typically cost around $150 or so for one that both washes and spins your clothes. At this moment, Amazon is having a sale on the portable washer I bought. Or Amazon was having a sale on my portable washer... Having a portable washer that both washes and spins out your clothes is a great idea to invest in because a spinner will help your clothes drying time speed up considerably and plus, you won't have a huge pool of water left on the ground after having your clothes on a clothes rack.

My Portable Washer and Spinner

Have More Time for Yourself

Besides saving money, you also don't have to waste any time at any laundromat. I use to have to sit for hours at a laundromat -- waiting for my clothes to wash and dry. That wasted time could have been spent doing other chores around the home or just spent relaxing instead of chasing my toddler around the place. All I have to do now is just put the clothes, detergent, and water inside my portable washer and do whatever I want. I can even leave my clothes inside the portable washer and go somewhere else. It really is freeing to have my portable washer.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying

Not everyone is as lucky as I am. I don't have a landlord that won't allow portable washing machines. So, check with your landlord and/or go over your lease to see if you are allowed to have a portable washer. I'm also lucky that I have a fixed amount to pay for water every month. Some people have to pay for their water usage and are watched and charged for the exact amount of water that they use. If that is the case for you, then look to see if your water bill will be too much to justify having a portable washer. Other than those two things, I wouldn't see why anyone wouldn't get a portable washer.

The Ultimate Conclusion

So where have portable washers been while I was dragging my clothes to the expensive laundromat and/or having my clothes get stolen by thieves? I swear that portable washers are a goldmine just waiting to get discovered from all the frustrated laundromat goers. Portable washers will save you money and your time. So, go out and get yourself a portable washer. Trust me, you won't look back and wonder why you never got a portable washer sooner.

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