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How To Plant Spring and fall Bulbs

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Fall Bulbs


planting bulbs

Remember right plant right place will help you grow beautiful flowers. Most spring flowering bulbs will need a high organic, well drained, slightly acidic (pH 6-7) soil in a sunny location(6 to 8 hours of sunlight.)

When it comes to planting bulbs there is a second rule in addition to the right plant, right place rule and that is to plant bulbs root side down. If you do not you will be wondering where the bulbs are.

You plant spring bulbs two to three times as deep as the bulbs are tall. For example, two of the most popular plants tulips and daffodils will be planted approximately eight inches deep. Smaller bulbs, such as crocus and snowdrops (Galanthus) will be planted three to four inches deep.

You measure the planting depth from the bottom of the bulb; this applies to spring bulbs.

To plant you will dig and loosen the entire bed (where the bulbs will go) to the proper depth.

Next you plant the bulbs into the soil in the bed and press them down and cover with soil. Do not press to hard you do not want to compact the soil.

This process is faster means of getting your bulbs planted than using a bulb planter to do them one by one. Although, the one at a time method can be useful if you are only adding a few bulbs to an already existing bed or other spot where you need a bit of early colour.

Once the bulbs are planted, water them. This will provide the moisture that the bulbs need to start the rooting process and will assist the soil to settle.

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If you are planting bulbs in the fall, they will need to root before the weather gets too cold. It is vital that you do not over water in the fall as the bulbs may rot and once again you will be wondering where the bulbs are come spring.

When you first see the flower buds appear it is time to water as long as the soil is dry.

You must water, when it is time, deeply. The bulbs can be planted six to eight inches below the ground and you want the water to reach them.

A soaker hose is an efficient way to make sure that your bulbs get the water they need so that they can produce the brilliant colours that you are eager too see at winter’s end and as spring blossoms.



Bob Ewing (author) from New Brunswick on March 10, 2010:

Look forward to dropping by, my daffodils are peeking out about three inches. Happy Gardening

Sage Williams on March 10, 2010:

A very interesting and informative hub. Your information regarding planting spring bulbs is a great resource.

I love your rules to follow, very easy and very helpful. You did a great job on this hub.

My last hub was about a spring bulb botanic garden at a college that I recently visited. If you love spring bulbs stop by, check out my pictures and cast your vote for your favorite one.


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