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How To Make Towels Soft and Fluffy

If you've ever been to a hotel and been amazed at how fluffy their luxury towels are only to come home and wish your own bath towels could also be as soft and fluffy. Did you go home not sure how to make towels fluffy and add extra fabric softener trying to get the same effect only to be sadly disappointed that you could not recreate the softness with your own towels?

The problem many of us have is that we think more fabric softener in the wash will make our towels fluffy. Unfortunately the fabric softener is actually the cause of your towels to lose their fluffy feel. It's the build up of the fabric softeners wash after wash that cause towels to seem flat and rough.

how to get fluffy towels

how to get fluffy towels

Fabric softeners leave build up of silicones. In order to remove some of that build up the best thing to do is to stop using fabric softener when washing your towels. Heres how to make towels fluffy and soft.

Add detergent as normal with 1/2 cup of baking soda and use a cup of white vinegar in the rinse cycle to help remove the fabric softener build up. After washing either hang dry or stick in the dryer.

Fabric softening sheets in the dryer can help reduce static cling that you usually remove in the wash with the liquid fabric softeners but these will also leave the silicone build up.

Do not use white vinegar in all your washings though. Vinegar can set in stains and should be used carefully with other types of washing.

Other Towel Washing Tips

  • Use color safe bleach to help elimate germs and bacteria left on towels that sit in the hamper for too long
  • Wash towels in warm water
  • If you are using a dryer, set the dryer to a medium tumble setting instead of the highest heat
  • If you hang your towels to dry, shake them out before hanging, this will help fluff up the towel fabrics.
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Maybe Start Over and Buy New Towels?

If these how to make towels fluffy tips did not work for you and your towels did not regain their original fluffy softness, consider the quality of your towels. It may be time to invest in more expensive higher quality luxury towels. If you buy luxury towels now, you can use these tips to keep them clean, fresh, soft, and fluffy from day one. You can make the lifespan of new luxury towels last much longer then the ones you are currently using.

Look for sales at high end department stores. You can often get deals of over 50% if you time it right.

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