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How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean, Kitchen Deep Cleaning Ideas


Kitchen is the very busiest place in every home. With all the daily meal prep, dirty dishes and spills and splatters, maintaining a sparkling kitchen often feels impossible. kitchen cleaning can seem never-ending, especially with us all spending more time at home at the moment. Here some ideas how to keep your kitchen clean.

1. Kitchen Walls Corners And Ceiling With Microfiber Duster


let's get started first spread a newspaper or old bedsheet on the counter top to protect items kept on it from falling dust start

with a dusting of walls and ceiling first clean the kitchen walls corners and ceiling with microfiber duster also dust and clean the top of the cupboards if the area is really dirty then just spray the all-purpose cleaner and leave it for five to ten minutes and then drop the area with scrubber and wipe it off with a cleaning towel.

2. Clean The Grills And Glass Window


I would suggest you to always place dining mats or newspaper here to protect it from the dust first does the window grill with a microfiber duster now take a dishwashing liquid in a bowl and with the help of old scrubber clean the grills and wipe it with the clock all the grease will come out easily now spray the all-purpose cleaner on the window glass and with the help of this kind of microfiber duster clean it properly this duster is very helpful especially if you have grills installed inside this is also useful to clean the glass window from outside if you have blinds installed on your window then first dust them properly then spray the all-purpose cleaner and wipe.

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3. Keep Your Cupboard Neat And Clean


Now let's start cleaning the cupboards if you have been following an organizing system then just start cleaning the cupboards one by one remove all the items first clean the surface and then place a dining mat to protect the surface from dust grease and spills it will always keep your cupboard neat and clean now wash and dry the organizers if you use clean the containers with damp cloth and place them back nicely clean and wipe the cupboard.

Doors and handles also don't forget to disinfect the handles with disinfectant wipes or liquid to kill all the germs which may have occurred with a frequent touch now cleaner and damp towel or with this kind of cleaning brush which makes your cleaning easy by reaching into deep corners.

4. Purge All The Expired Items


While cleaning do not forget to purge all the expired items and food packets which have been open for long and are not fresh anymore after emptying and cleaning the cupboards now it's time to organize them so that life becomes easy in the kitchen segregate the items ask for the meat like regular occasionally used never used and broken remove the broken items first check never used items one by one and see if they are of any use or not now make the system and designate the place for specific type of items like food separately regular needed utensils and occasionally used utensils separately this way you will have things segregated and finding in accessing things will be easy also use different organizers and baskets to organize your kitchen which will make your kitchen beautiful.

5. How To Clean A Microwave


Now let's start cleaning the appliances

microwave is one kitchen equipment that split cross-contamination if not cleaned frequently so please do not wait for the volley to clean it most of you already know.

How to clean a microwave just take half a bowl of vinegar and heat it for 2 minutes or until the solution boils and the window is steamy let it cool for few minutes and then remove the pole and the glass plate start wiping inside with a clean cloth you may require a snubber to remove stubborn and dry spills wash and place back the glass plate also clean the exterior nicely for deepening of hot chimney freight an exhaust clean backsplash the best and easy way is to clean it with this liquid and green scuff pad it will remove all the food stains and grease without much effort after scrubbing wipe it with a damp towel to clean switchboards effortlessly use nail paint remover all the black marks and stains will come out easily a word of caution nail paint removal liquids are highly ammable so always switch off the switches before cleaning remove everything from here and then spray a cleaner disinfectant to kill germs nicely give it a good wipe especially the corners.

6. Clean All The Brushes Sponges And Cleaning Cloths


After cleaning it is very important to clean and disinfect all the brushes sponges and cleaning cloths fill up the sink or bucket with the hot water pour some cleaner come listen fake taint and soak all cleaning tools for 15-20 minutes after 20 minutes rub them nicely and leave them to dry to clean dirty.

7. Clean The Rugs


Rugs just put them in the washing machine pour a cup of detergent in detergent container and set the water temperature on 60 degrees in regular washing cycle they will come out clean also hot water will kill the germs and disinfect them do not forget to clean all your dust beans and leave them to dry under the Sun sunlight is a natural disinfectant and we kill.

8. Clean The Sink


All the germs present in the dustbin to clean and disinfect this thing spread the baking powder on the sink nicely and leave it for 10 minutes after 10 minutes cup the sink with the wet scrub and then wash it with the clean water.

Lastly spray of vinegar and water mix all over the sink and tap and leave it for a minute then wipe with the dry cloth vinegar will bring back their shine and sing in tap will look sparkling clean at last clean the floor with the disinfectant and please do not switch on the fam disinfectant must get dry by itself for better results.

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