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How To Install A Toilet


How To Install A Toilet

One important thing every homeowner should learn about is how to install a toilet. DIY toilet installation can help save money on having to call in a professional. But for complex problems encountered along the way, call a professional El Cerrito plumbing expert for their service.

If you are building a new home or in need to replace the existing toilet in your bathroom, you must know where you are going to place the toilet in the bathroom.

  • The best type of toilet to purchase is one of the newer models on the market that comes in one piece. This is because this toilet is easier to clean, and has a smaller water tank making it efficient.
  • When you begin to install the toilet in a new home, you first need to cut the hole in the floor. The hole must be cut to meet the size of the toilet and the floor flange.
  • A floor flange is what the toilet holds onto together with the drainpipe leading to the septic tank. Ensure that the flange is placed solidly to the floor. Don’t forget the two brass bolts that fasten right into the flange to keep the toilet in place.
  • After you have accomplished this one, carefully place a wax seal on the bottom of the toilet. Some wax seals come with a little plastic seal because they fit better into the floor flange and this helps to prevent any leaking from happening. Once the wax seal is firmly placed, you lower the toilet straight onto the two bolts making sure they fit and come through the holes in the sides of the toilet.
  • Next, place the nuts and washers on the bolts and screw them properly and tightly down to the floor. Make sure that you screw them tightly otherwise, you could crack the toilet rendering it unusable. Some toilets have a separate flush box. This needs to be installed first, hook up the water, and test for leaks.
  • To help keep the toilet in place, you will have to tighten the nuts and bolts a few times after you use the toilet because the wax seal tends to settle.

A Fully Operational Toilet Can Be Done In Simple Ways

The importance of a fully operational toilet that works well usually leaves homeowners with the thought that it must be installed by a professional. The truth is that the more complex plumbing components of a toilet are placed inside of the premade unit.

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The actual process of purchasing and installing a toilet is very simple and can be done in less than an hour in most homes. It does not need any complex plumbing know-how and only a few basic tools.

Install The Toilet When Needed

Installing a toilet without professional assistance means that the fixture can be put into place whenever it is convenient. During a larger remodelling project, the toilet can be installed in less than an hour, and can also be put into the bathroom as a placeholder and then hooked up gradually as time allows.

Customize Everything

If you decide to install a toilet by yourself , then nearly each aspect of the placement and plumbing can be customized. There are situations where contractors are only familiar with certain brands or will only install a unit in a particular way. To get the best out of your new toilet, reach out to a trusted El Cerrito plumbing specialist.

Someone with minimal knowledge of home improvement can even customize the toilet itself with water-saving handles or internal components that better fit the decor of the room.

Save Money

Many homeowners, in fact, have installed their toilet without the expert assistance, thus saving them more money. But, should things go wrong, contact a professional El Cerrito plumbing company to avoid any more damage.

A huge benefit that comes from a DIY toilet installation is that every part of the toilet that connects to the main plumbing of the home will be seen and understood, making it easy to determine for future renovations and repairs.

Useful basics that are gained from the installation will also make it much easier to assess any problems that might happen in the future.

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