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How To Get a Snake Plant to Flower Fast

I love gardening and plants. There is nothing I like better than to share my advice on gardening and plants, apart from growing them.

How to get your snake plant to flower fast.

How to get your snake plant to flower fast.

How To Get Your Snake Plant To Flower

Snake plants are one of the best house plants that you can have in your home. They are cheap to buy, and out of all the house plants, snake plants don't need a lot of care. Snake plants are the perfect house plant for the modern home.

Do snake plants produce flowers? Snake plants flower, but unfortunately, it can take a long time to get them to flower. I set myself a challenge to see if I could get my snake plant to flower fast.

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  • How to get your snake plant to flower fast.
  • Tips for getting your snake plant to flower fast.
  • How long do snake plant flowers last?
  • How do snake plants flower?
  • A summary of easy to follow tips for making your snake plants flower fast.
  • Why is my snake plant flowering?

How To Get Your Snake Plant to Flower Fast

When you work hard to try to get your snake plant to flower, it is less likely to flower. When I lived in the UK, my snake plant would flower every year. Since moving to Spain, my new snake plants had not produced any flowers. Snake plants flowers are beautiful, and I missed the flowers.

It took me a while, but I realized that I had been spoiling my snake plants. I had been propagating them regularly and giving them the best feed. When I lived in the UK, I had more or less ignored my snake plant. Around the same time every year, it rewarded me with tall spikes of beautiful white flowers.

I was beginning to think that my old snake had been " special." When I moved to Spain, I had given it away. For some reason or another, I could not get my new snake plants to produce flowers. It was then I realized that I had more or less neglected my old snake plant. Maybe that was the secret to regular flowering.

Tips For Getting Your Snake Plant To Flower Fast

I started by propagating my snake plant. Propagating your snake plant is easy. All you have to do is to divide your plant and place the dvided plants in a new pot.

What is the best kind of pot for a snake plant? In the past, I had always used plastic pots. On this occasion, I decided I would try a terracotta pot instead. I bought a 26 centimeter (10.2) terracotta pot. Terracotta pots are great as they allow drainage, and many gardeners say that they let the roots breathe.

I also changed the compost I used. Instead of going for regular indoor compost, I used cactus compost.

Most of the time, I would put a small amount of drainage material in, but on this occasion, I added extra material. The drainage material is available on Amazon and is listed further down on this page.

I placed the pot in full sun on my terrace and watered it. Usually, I would spoil my snake plants with a good quality plant food, but I did not add any. Instead, I started to water the plant about once a week with leftover water from boiled vegetables.

It did not take the plant long to get going. Before I knew it, it was sending up small plants all over the pot. I left the plant in a sunny corner and more or less neglected it apart from watering it with my vegetable-based leftover water once a week.

That was in January 2020, and to my surprise, by September the same year, the plant had taken over the pot and developed two flowering spikes. My only conclusion is that snake plants thrive on neglect.

How Long Do Snake Plant Flowers Last?

It is now November, and my snake plant flowers are still going strong. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, but they are highly scented as well.

My snake plant started to flower in early September. So far, it has flowered for eight weeks. I am going to wait and see if I get snake plant flower seeds. In that case, I am going to plant them. Maybe I can grow a plant from the seeds instead of dividing my snake plants.

According to my book on indoor gardening, snake plants flowers can last from a couple of weeks to a few months.

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Flowering Snake Plant

Flowering Snake Plant

How Do Snake Plants Flower?

Snake plants flower by sending up tall stems that small white flowers grow on. There are different species of snake plants, and they produce flowers in different colors.

I grow a dwarf version of Sansevieria Kirkii. It flowers with medium-sized spikes with lots of highly scented white small flowers.

Another name for the snake plant is Mother-in-Law's Tongue. That is the name of the plant in the UK and many other countries across the world.

A Summary of Easy To Follow Tips For Making Your Snake Plants Flower Fast

I think as far as growing tips for snake plants are concerned, it all depends on what you want to get out of the experience. If you only want to have a lot of leaves, you should feed and look after your plant. When you want your snake plant to flower, you may want to try to be a bit mean to it.

My top tips for getting a snake plant to flower are:

  • Cactus compost
  • Terracotta pot
  • Do not overfeed
  • Grow in full sun
  • Good drainage
  • Do not overwater

Why Is My Snake Plant Flowering?

What does all of this mean? I believe that it means one thing. Snake plants thrive on neglect. The more we interfere with them, the fewer flowers the will produce and they will also not grow so much.

If you have a snake plant that is not flowering, you may want to try my method. Your snake plant may surprise you with a flowering spike or two.

Three Things You Must Buy To Succeed With Snake Plants

When you want to grow snake plants and get them to flower fast, there are three things you have to buy.

  • Terracotta Pots
  • Cactus Compost
  • Good quality drainage - I use the one at the bottom of this page for all of my plants.

I have expanded my collection of snake plants. Whenever I bought a new plant, or divided one, I have used the three below items. Snake plants love it, grow super fast, and flower.

Terracotta Pot For Your Snake Plant

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