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How To Do House Cleaning Like A Professional

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House cleaning is an inevitable task that you have to do whether you like it or not. It is more like tax and death that happens to you no matter how far you go or how much you avoid! It finds your way and you ought to do it. People who have a busy routine often can’t take time out for it as whatever free time they find after their job, they like to spend it either with family or socializing with friends. But some are like me, who are procrastinators, and never feel like doing the cleaning chores! Since books at my table started piling up and there was so much dust happening around me, I tried to find out some tips that could be a real help! Here are things that helped me and I thought it would assist you too in decluttering the home. I did not dive into complex tricks, I rather opted for simple hacks that did the job and enhanced my productivity.

You don’t always feel like cleaning to begin the job

You hardly do the job you feel less motivated about therefore consider cleaning as an obligation and do it no matter if you don’t feel like doing it

You don’t need to feel inspired or motivated to begin the cleaning process, it is like a tax and death that will happen to you. Therefore, just skip whatever you are onto and get the supplies to kick-start the cleaning process.

Don’t forget to turn on the music

Do you find home cleaning chores tiring? Well, you are not exceptional! Most of us feel the same way. But have you ever listened to your favorite podcasts or music while cleaning? If not, you should because it makes cleaning less dull and music acts as a perfect catalyst to speed up the cleaning process and reduce the level of boredom. Next time you gear yourself up for cleaning, be sure to turn on the music so you can pleasingly declutter the home or office.

Break it down into smaller tasks

The latest study demonstrates that breaking a big task into small chunks can reduce procrastination. It is natural to feel exhausted when the mess is laying down from each nook and cranny! It gives horrifying vibes but you don’t need to be panic mate as we’ve got you covered and know how to get you out of this. When you happen to declutter the entire house, start it from a small room, or if you are to clean only one room, start it from the less cluttered corner and move towards the tough task gradually. Don’t let mess intimidate you, just get over the fear and start taking baby steps since doing small efforts is better than sitting idle and letting the mess create a bad impression about your services.

Set alarm to see how effectively you utilize it

Starting to set an alarm and seeing how much you can accomplish in that duration is another way to complete the task on time and lift your morale for doing more even after the timer goes off! You can’t be a pro at the start however you can gradually build the pace and start doing it more effectively and quickly. The 10 or 15-minute alarm keeps you motivated and gets you going after the timer goes off. Timothy, a procrastination expert says, ‘"Make a deal with yourself" that even though you don't like doing the task, you'll do it anyway for 10 minutes. Once you've already made some progress, it'll be less tempting to quit.

Know that it is O.K to outsource your task

you can’t be a jack of all trades and master of none, if you have a hectic routine and doing house cleaning is an extra burden, then you can take off the work your shoulder and hire a housekeeper who can professionally clean your house especially if you have a dirty apartment and you think you will never choose cleaning over socializing then there are many housekeeping services but be sure to pick the one that you feel suits your need and budget. We don’t feel you need to be inspired to engage yourself in the cleaning process, all you should do is get it done.


Quick Tips for building a happier household

Walk through the simple tips and advice that can make the house chore less pain especially when you live in a joint family.

  • Since everyone is working and everyone is tired and stressed, it is critical to understand and share domestic work with the people you live with, you need to do the fair share and accomplish the task assigned to you. Nobody will get the entire process as everyone is sharing their part and that ultimately eases the entire process.
  • When more people get busier, their home tends to get messier, which is natural! Designer homes only exist in magazines, we have to deal with a little degree of mess, if you are busy don't panic instead manage to live with some level of mess.
  • When you live with a partner, don’t dismiss or discount their work, appreciate everyone involved and respect the pet peeves of others. If you are a housewife then it does not mean you will throw the weight around for contributing more house chores and if you are a man be sure you are also pulling your weight.
  • Maximize your preference and divide the make arrangements in a way that plays to their strength. For instance, if your spouse is more into cooking, let him do it while you can wash the dishes or do any other task your spouse is not good at.

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