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How to Cure a Blocked Pump in Your Hotpoint Aquarius Washing Machine.

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Hotpoint Aquarius Washing Machines.

Is a modern washing machine built by Hotpoint and is generally a very efficient and economical washing machine. But, like all electrical appliances can develop problems later in life. Our machine is over 5 years old and the extended warranty is now expired so I get the job of repairing it as and when a problem occurs.

With few problems over the years other than a couple of call outs for minor problems during the warranty period, what I have noticed is that this particular machine needs detergent and clothes fluff cleaning out from the pump filter and also the washing machine trap end of the outlet pipe as it goes through the sink trap. Both filters need to be cleared of fluff and gunge regularly in order for the machine to work at it's optimum efficiency and so prevent water leaking onto your utility room or kitchen floor.

Hopefully the information in this article will not only help Hotpoint owners but aldso anyone with a modern appliance.

Locating the pump filter.

The pump and the filter of your Hotpoint Aquarius WML540 can be located to the right hand side of your machine at the bottom behind the long fascia panel / kick plate.

All you need do is remove the panel with a thin screwdriver between the gap in the panel and the machine. Be careful when prizing this off as the clips are only brittle and are likely to break if not careful. It is possible to remove the panel by pulling it at either side of the machine with hand force, again if you are careful. Once removed you will see a circular hole to the right hand side with a screw cover which should be undone carefully. Make sure you place a cloth under the cover as you loosen it, as there will be water still in the pump. Unscrew slowly and mop up the water as it runs out. Once clear you can remove the filter screw completely for cleaning.

Any gunge and fluff in there will almost certainly be responsible for any water which has been apparent, leaking from under your machine whilst washing.

Wash the filter trap.

It is advisable to wash the filter trap in warm soapy water then clean out the aperture before replacing the screw.

It is worth mentioning at this point, that some people have reported being unable to remove the screw from the pump housing and the whole unit turning. This would be rectified by turning the machine on it's side for you to get access to the pump housing from the underside. You would then be able to grip the pump whilst loosening the screw. Be careful not to cross thread the screw when tightening.

Once replaced you can then put the front cover back on and you are done!

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Can't find your manual?

If you are anything like me when you buy a new appliance you file the manual away in a safe place then after a few years you finally need it but can't find it as you put it somewhere so safe you no longer remember where it is.

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This does not need to be a problem as a quick search on Google these days will find you most manuals. Hotpoint manuals are readily available at zero cost.

If you need a manual for your Hotpoint just click on the link below

Maintenance Clean.

Have you ever ran a maintenance clean for your washing machine?

If your pump filter was blocked then I would suggest running a couple of cleans using cleaning detergent / descaler.

Another way to detect if you need a thorough maintenance clean is if you have detergent gunge round your door seal. Check this by gently pulling the seal away from the drum. Evidence of gunge there will mean that you first need to clear out the gunge using kitchen roll or wet cloth. It is likely that evidence of this will mean that other parts of your machine will have gunge present. This will have an effect on the freshness of your clothes as there will be a smell related to the gunge which could affect the freshness of the wash. As well as this there could be bacteria present which will also cause odour.

Perform maintenance cleans on a regular basis as well as using descaler tablets in your wash and your machine will last longer and cause less problems for you.

Click on the link to give yourself an idea on the type of detergent/descaler which would be suitable for maintenance cleaning your home appliances.


The information contained in this article is purely for information purposes and the author accepts no responsibility or liability for damage to your machine or property as a result of using the information contained here. The information is intended as a guide and you should remember when maintaining electrical appliances that a suitably qualified technician should be entrusted to carry out the work if you are not qualified or competent to do so. Always isolate from the mains electricity before removing covers form the appliance or removing parts. Also remember that water is present and should not come into contact with electricity.It would therefore be necessary to turn off water to the machine also before carrying out any work.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Steve Mitchell

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