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How to Create the Neon Bedroom Aesthetic: The Ultimate Guide

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Neon Rooms: A Rising Trend

Neon bedrooms have become the latest trend to grip the world, and they’re not going away any time soon. Becoming a rising trend on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instragram, neon bedrooms are a fantastic way to see your room in a new light and create magical, good vibes. With YouTubers across the world incorporating neon signs into their bedrooms, it’s sure to say that neon bedrooms will be around for quite some time.

This guide will take a look at the best ways to recreate this aesthetic in your own room, and will give you some extra tips and recommendations too!

An example of a neon bedroom; what a beautiful ambience!

An example of a neon bedroom; what a beautiful ambience!

1. Decide on Your Aesthetic

Firstly, you’ll need to decide which aesthetic you’d like to recreate. Do you want positive, motivational vibes? A pop of colour? Moody, subdued tones of blue and purple?

Whatever aesthetic or overall look you're going for, deciding on this before you go shopping will help massively. Make sure to think about which tones and shades you think would work well in your room. Would you like deep blue, or galactic purple, or just a pastel shade of pink? Deciding on this firstly, will help you select the right neon lights for your room.

2. Lights or a Neon Sign?

This is another key item to think about when recreating the neon bedroom aesthetic. Would you like a neon sign, that acts like a centrepiece, or would you like a variety of neon signs interspersed along the walls of your room? You could also forgo neon signs, and choose some lights instead which emit a certain color.

Such good vibes coming from this neon sign!

Such good vibes coming from this neon sign!

3. Time to Select Some Neon Lights or Signs!

Once you have a general idea of which aesthetic you’re going for, it’s time to select some neon lights and signs! You can find these in a variety of online shops, from Neon Beach to Amazon. In this guide, I’m going to focus on neon lights from Amazon, where they have a fantastic selection and are affordable too. Plus you can find some examples of neon signs below.

There are a full variety of neon lighting or LED lighting you can choose from, including color changing bulbs and strip LED lights. The type you choose depends on the overall look you're aiming for; for a more subdued, immersive glow, try light bulbs with a certain shade, and for adding neon strips along the edges of walls or along the ceiling, try LED strips instead. More information on this is provided below, along with some products.

Examples of Neon Lights

There are a variety of lights which we'll be taking a look at, including the following:

1. LED Lights: These special type of LED lights alternate between various shades and colors, creating a magical ambience in any room.

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You can add these LED lights to the edges of your room's walls, even around posters, or on the ceiling to create a stunning effect. An example of these lights is shown below.

Color Changing Light Bulbs

These light bulbs alternate between various colors and can add a beautiful touch to your room by immersing the walls in a neon glow.

You can choose which color you'd like, from pastel pinks to soft, subtle violets and everything-in-between. These look amazing when paired with your workspace, for example, you could place a light bulb near your desk so that it'll drench the surrounding walls in a purple glow. An example of this can be seen in an image below, which perfectly brings out the beautiful purple tones through neon lighting.

The purple glow is amazing here!

The purple glow is amazing here!

LED Rainbow Lights


Tips & Tricks

Some tips to bear in mind include:

1. If you can't find a neon sign with your preferred text on it, don't fear! Custom neon signs are available too, just in case you can't find a particular neon sign with the text you're looking for. These are freely available on Amazon, where you can request custom text.

2. Another alternative is to make your own; there are several kits available that allow you to shape or craft the neon sign of your dreams.

3. Subtlety is key. Remember that you don't want to overload your room with neon lights. Less is more, when it comes to lighting. You want a neon light here, another there, in order to create a gentle, subtle ambience.

4. Make sure to choose the neon sign that most reflects your personality. Bold signs often work wonders in any room, and will certainly bring the good vibes you're looking for!

Again, another cool neon sign here! Love the pink shade too.

Again, another cool neon sign here! Love the pink shade too.


Hopefully you've gained some tips and tricks from this article, and don't hesitate to share your thoughts or comments below! I'd love to read them or hear more about your story, thanks!

Such a fun neon sign!

Such a fun neon sign!

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