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How To Build A Mini Greenhouse

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Mini Greenhouse

Mini Greenhouse

Mini Greenhouse

If you have a tiny yard or only a few plants to grow then the Mini Greenhouse is perfect for you. Put the mini greenhouse on your porch or deck if you are short on yard space. You can even place this mini greenhouse inside your house next to a window that gets plenty of sunlight for winter. Grow a few plants or a few prized ornamentals. Use the mini greenhouse to start your seeds for your garden and extend your growing season. Make your own mini greenhouse and save money.

The mini greenhouse is relatively easy to build. Use the wood scraps lying around in your garage. There is not a lot of materials needed to construct the mini greenhouse.

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Mini Greenhouse Guy on August 13, 2010:

I have enough space for a conventional style greenhouse but still prefer to use a couple of mini greenhouses instead, as it gives me the option to split my vegetables down into seedlings and more mature plants. It works really well! Thanks for this great hub

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