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How To Be Frugal With Good Results

I practice many ways to improve my everyday learning experience. I want to share with anyone who likes to save time and money.

Saving Money


Many Ideas To Have Fun At Home And Save Money

1 One of my favor ways to add extra help to the skin and make it look better. Eggs shells have something good after we braked them in half. The white out that remains in the shell can be use under eyes and dry parts on the skin. It can be used each time the eggs are cook. For those who do not have time everyday. The white out can be safe later in eggs safety box inside the refrigerator for later use after the eggs are cracked. The two fingers are perfect to grab and apply. After applying the white out for 15 minutes rinse the skin with water and face foam or face soap. If you dry the skin the cream will allow better absorbance. A moisturizing cream is better for the skin.

Eggs Shells


After Wearing The Mask for long periods

If you wear the mask. The skin gets sweaty. It is important to dry the sweat to prevent skin problems. A hand towel is necessary to have in the car. Each time the mask is off. The towel will be handy. Do not forget to wear any moisture products to keep the lips moist. You need to wash the towel at least once a week. Each time you will remember the spot used. You keep folding your towel.

Clothes Mask


Nose Problems Because Of Small Mask

How to alleviate the pain inside the nose. If the nose gets irritated by wearing a small mask. Garlic is the solution for the pain. The nose gets better after two days. one cut garlic clove in half will do the job. The clove is grabbed with two fingers to smell it. Smell a light candle away from the skin to prevent burns. Also, warm a small wet towel in the microwave for 15 seconds. You need to press the towel on the nose for a minute. You can repeat it three times before bedtime or in the morning twice a day. if you smell alcohol be careful with the candle.

COVID 19 Painful Moments

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