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How Difficult Is It To Grow Your Own Food?

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It can be challenging at the beginning. However, you get used to it.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was panic when the food supply systems shut down. Many people could not get food because of shortages and inflation that followed. The scarcities were because some individuals bought a lot of foodstuffs to last them the duration of the pandemic. The panic brought by the pandemic indicated to people for the first time they had never thought about the food supply system. Numerous people panicked and did not know what to do. However, many smart individuals began thinking about growing their own crops and many already had small gardening projects that helped them.

Most of the shortages lasted for months before things started to get better for most people. However, by that time, many people did not have supplies and had to find help. Although it may not seem so, the growth of food to meet the demand of many people can be a challenging task. It requires complex systems and technologies to produce crops, transport, and distribute to consumers. It is ,therefore, crucial for people to know how to grow their own food to help them in various situations.

What Are The Reasons For People To Grow Their Own Food?

There are many reasons for people to cultivate their own food. One of the reasons is to save on costs. In most households, a lot of money goes into buying food items. If a person lives in the city, they have to buy every single item that they consume. Many people wish to cut the cost of buying groceries. One of the solutions is to grow their food. Although it might be costly and challenging in the beginning, the cost saving benefits of a personal garden are numerous because of the variety of foods to grow and it is cheaper in the end. They can also be a source of income especially in the city when the demand for fresh produce is always high.

The other reason that people might want to cultivate their own crops is health concerns. Most of the items consumed from the supermarket grow inorganically. Although organic alternatives exist, they are too expensive for the majority of people. Therefore, the other option left is to have a personal food supply system.

There has also been a huge push toward healthy eating and grow your food has become a popular thing to do because of the control that it gives people over their health and that of their loved ones.

Why Is It Difficult To Have A Personal Garden?

Starting a food project is not as easy as most people think. One of the challenges is a lack of knowledge. Many people do not know how crops grow. Although many individuals learned at school the growth of plants and reproduction, many folks have never had the experience in the process of crops growing from start to finish. Luckily, the Internet provides a lot of information on ways to produce food, which individuals can use when starting their farm projects.

The other difficulty is the lack of space. Most people in the city and other major towns do not have enough space to have gardens. It can be difficult for any individual in an urban center to start an agricultural project because of the limited spaces. However, several solutions exist to help people that want to produce food in the cities. They include using buckets and containers to grow small amounts of crops like herbs and vegetables. Nevertheless, they may not apply to all people because the living conditions differ. There are individuals with large spaces that they can use to grow crops while others struggle to find enough space for items in their homes.

Pests and diseases can be a pain in farming. When people begin to farm, it is usually their first time. They are unaware of the problems that pests and diseases may cause to their plants. Each year, many farmers lose large quantities of their crops to pests and diseases. Many pests like rodents, worms, and birds can destroy plants in the garden. Plants are also susceptible to diseases, which can affect an entire crop. It is essential to have an existing system to manage any organisms and infections that might affect the farming project. Individuals can also consult agricultural specialists and other people with the knowledge of producing food.

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There is also a need to have a balance between work and farming activities. In many cases, people are busy with work and do not have time to begin gardening. Individuals also face other issues like families, community activities, and other projects that they might undertake. Therefore, it is difficult for most persons to get the time to learn how to produce food and work. However, individuals can try to reserve time to learn about the process of growing crops. During the pandemic, people have had a lot of time at home, which, is an opportunity for them to start researching and experimenting with farming. It is also a great time to begin small-scale operations as a starting point in agriculture.

The convenience of fast food, supermarkets, and farmers' markets make people lazy. Most individuals do not like the hard work that comes with agriculture. In many cases, people have access to a lot of food and do not feel they need to know about farming. There are various alternatives and convenient ways of acquiring food. Individuals can go to the grocery stores and farmers' markets to buy organic products. The accessibility makes it difficult for people to learn new things. Many people also do not like getting their hands dirty which, is part of farm work. Therefore, they do not care much about where their food comes from and are happy with the modern conveniences that exist that allow them to just pickup their food and consume.

In Conclusion

Starting your own garden is not an easy thing. However, if a person can produce their food, it can save on costs, create independence, sustainability, and a healthy lifestyle. The ability to cultivate food is essential during challenging times. It is also a good life skill for an individual to possess. It can help them contribute to the community by encouraging others to do the same and creating a healthy environment. It also aids in ensuring that people are less reliant on the existing farming systems, which can be unreliable in times of uncertainty.

Farming has challenges in the beginning. Along the way, new challenges emerge all the time. When folks wish to start farming, they should carry out a lot of research on the products they want to grow and consult others. Individuals can also begin a small project then increase production as they become better at the craft. Many technological options are available to help people commence farming ventures. Individuals should try to select the best options for them to become successful in their projects.

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BENSON M5 (author) on October 01, 2021:

I agree with your opinion. Personally, i believe the most challenging part of farming is starting the project. It can be difficult for most people to get their heads around farming especially if they have never had the experience. The workloads that people have make them unmotivated to start farming. Starting a gardening project requires dedication even a small one. I appreciate your comment Imogen. Thank you!!

Imogen French from Southwest England on October 01, 2021:

There are a lot of factors involved in growing your own food, and you have summed them up well. However, it's not that hard to learn. If you start off with a few simple crops you will soon pick up the knowledge you need and the rewards are great. Even if space is limited, as you say you can grow in containers, on windowsills or back yards, or may even be a able to get an allotment or join a city garden scheme. Hubpages is a great place to pick up knowledge about growing crops, too - a quick search for, say, growing tomatoes, will yield all the information you need to succeed.

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