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Houseplants that Clean the Air you Breathe

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The Areca Palm Plant

The Areca Palm will filter the air you breathe during the day time.

The Areca Palm will filter the air you breathe during the day time.

Houseplants that Clean the Air You Breathe

Houseplants make a great addition to any household décor. It is now known that certain varieties of house plants actually filter the air you breathe so you now have an even better reason to include them in your home.

  • There are literally hundreds of varieties of houseplants you can purchase for your home. For the plants to live and thrive some will depend on what part of the world you live in.
  • There are actually a few common plants that stand out among the rest because of their ability to filter the air you breathe.
  • Knowing that wouldn’t you want to make sure you have some of these houseplants in your home?
  • Proper placement of these special plants in your home is crucial to receive the benefits of taking care of them as some filter air during the day and some at night so you can see that placement is very important with these particular plants.
  • The plants in this article are so great that even NASA recommends using them.

Delray Butterfly Palm (or Areca)

The Areca Palm

  • The Areca Palm is nick-named the Living Room Plant because it filters and cleans air during the daytime.
  • If you spend a lot of time in a different room of the house other than your living room you can place this life saver there instead.
  • The Areca Palm is a species of Palm that grows wild in Asia, Eastern Africa and in the tropical Pacific region.
  • The Areca Palm has beautiful long narrow leaves or Fronds. It grows very slowly which is great for a houseplant.
  • The Areca likes to be placed in indirect bright sunlight. Keep the soil wet at all times. If you let the soil dry out the leaves will wilt very quickly.
  • Make sure to keep the leaves wiped and clear of dust. You want the plant to be able to filter oxygen at optimal levels.

The Money Plant

The money plant has been nick-named the specialist plant because of it’s special filtering powers and it has also been nick-named the money tree because the plant is believed to bring the owner of the plant good luck, good fortune, good health and more.

  • It will definitely bring you good health because the Money Plant filters things in the air that most of us don’t really think of when we think of what you might be breathing in when at home.
  • The Money plant removes chemicals in the air such as formaldehyde which can really cause you problems if too much gets in your system.
  • Keep your Money tree in a brightly lit room just out of the way of a window and out of the way of a forced air furnace or air conditioner that will blow on it.
  • It is very important to let the soil dry out before watering however don’t let it stay dry for too long.
  • Make sure to keep the leaves dust free.

The Areca Palm


The Mother In-Law Tongue Plant

This plant has a catchy nick-name. Mother in-law tongue or some might know another variety of this one called the snake plant.

  • There is a slight difference between the two. The snake plant has green bands and is all green whereas the mother in-law tongue has a yellow border around it’s leaves.
  • Make sure to purchase the type of plant with the yellow border on the leaves. This plant is the bedroom plant because it filters air at night. So make sure to try and keep these plants in the rooms you sleep in.
  • These plants grow quite slowly. Keep them in bright light but not full sun although they can eventually be placed in full sun if need be.
  • Again as with other plants let the soil dry out between watering. You can even under water with this plant to be safe.
  • Make sure to put a few of these plants in your bedroom in varying sizes.