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Hotel Bedding for the Home

Hotel Bedding on First Blush

Admittedly, when I first heard about "hotel bedding" I thought the person telling me about the collection had lost her mind. After all, how many of us go shopping for bed linens thinking we will end up with a set of bedding that is designed after hotel styles?

Even worse, when I was first asked about hotel bedding, I thought the person was joking. "Have you considered buying hotel bedding?" she asked.

"Well, no!" All I could think was who in the world would want sheets from a hotel. Little did I know that the new style was taking the bedding industry by storm.  The clean crisp lines of the hotel collection bedding are regular and uniform in pattern.  It is the color combination that makes this collection so outstanding and such an obvious selection for those who appreciate sophistication and simplicity


The Style

The hotel collection bedding is about as modern and crisp as any bedding design has ever been. The lines are sleek. The color combinations are marvelous, whether looking for similar colors or opposites.

The straight linear pattern will fit comfortably in almost any room, complementing the minimalist decor or the most ornate.

An Easy Bedroom Decor

If there is one thing that is most appreciated when it comes to the hotel collection bedding, it is the ease with which the bedroom can be decorated around it. Needless to say, the straight lines appeal to men as well as women. Both feel that beginning with the basic bedding set leaves them ample opportunity to decorate to his or her taste.

Men generally prefer to continue the linear effect. For accent selections, the gentleman could select a round pillow in a solid color that either complements or matches one of the two colors in the comforter.

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Women, on the other hand, seem to enjoy breaking the linear effect with a floral print pillow in a similar color combination, or even an accent color. Even damask and toile look great in matching colors as pillow shams.

With such a simple design, it is no wonder that hotel bedding has attracted all eyes.

Hotel Bedding Collections

The Decision to Select Hotel Bedding

 Even a novice can successfully decorate the master suite with this elegant and luxurious style.

  1. Know the size of bedding needed.
  2. Select a favorite color.
  3. Select a bedding set that includes the favorite color with a similar shade or accent color.
  4. Add pillows around the room in the same colors or accent colors.
  5. A vase of flowers.

All that is left to do is climb between the sheets and think of the surrounding elegance equal to that of a 5 star hotel and a small percentage of the price of one night's stay.

Sweet dreams!


Mireille G from Kansas on June 27, 2010:

Hey Jenna, this hotel bedding selection is pretty nice, I would never have thought about buying hotel stuff for home, but it is worth checking into it. As always great hub

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