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DIY Homeowners Can Use 5StarTool’s GardenJoy Drill Kit and Impact Wrench Kit


Homeowners Can DIY

If there’s anything that the last year has shown to homeowners, it’s that DIY (do it yourself) techniques became the “standard” method. Millions of homeowners, many of whom never picked up a hammer or paint brush before, learned the important lesson that waiting on something to fix itself wouldn’t work. Nor was there a glut of people willing or able to come to a person’s home and fix their screens or repair a broken doorknob or install a security camera. So homeowners had to do without — or they could do with their own hands. Which is what so many did. And for sure there were baby steps to handling these issues — learning the differences between types of screws and which tool is good for doing what. So that’s why power tools are so popular now, and why they’ve become so prevalent.


Power Tools Make Jobs Easier

There’s two types of power tools that 5StarTool makes available that are useful for DIY’ers — the GardenJoy 21V Max Li-ion Cordless Drill Kit and the GardenJoy 21V Max Li-ion Brushless 1/2 in Impact Wrench Kit, so let’s start with the Impact Wrench because it’s a little less known by the average DIY homeowner.

The Impact Wrench is designed to take a screw and drive said screw into a surface quickly and efficiently — as opposed to a screwdriver-driven screw which will take a few seconds to accomplish its task and really is made for boring holes. So there it is held in the hand and “aimed” at the screw; being cordless and battery driven it allows for use in most any location. With two speeds, upon squeezing the trigger the end spins and rotational force is activated, a “wacking” sound results as the job is done with the high torque created in a burst. For many, using this type of power tool requires a bit of safety mindfulness; plastic goggles are provided for wearing over the eyes which is a nice addition. A good sized hard case is provided for holding the drill, as well as the battery, battery charger and usable accessories (such as impact sockets). Pretty much all that is needed. More details can be found at


DIY With A Cordless Drill Kit

The GardenJoy 21V Max Li-ion Cordless Drill Kit works in the manner that most people easily understand: a screwdriver’s endpoint is placed against a screw and then the screwdriver is rotated so as to force the screw into the surface it’s being placed against. In the case of an automated screwdriver — which is to say a cordless model that uses a battery to power the mechanism that rotates the screwdriver end — the user places the screwdriver end into the end of the screw and, upon triggering the mechanism, the motor rotates the screw without any human effort. So in this case you have the cordless unit with a bottom loaded battery that can be changed separately and detached from the unit. Then it’s just a matter of lining the battery up with the bottom, slide it on and into position until it locks in place. Of course the tab that changes the direction that the screw will be moved (either moving clockwise or counter-clockwise) should be kept in the middle position so as to disable the motor. The niceties of this model is that it has a keyless chuck (the forward section that opens up to accept the different sized screwdriver bits) so that you spin it open and then close it up by hand, along with the usual torque adjustment dial. But there’s also a built-in work light which makes it not just easier to see where one is working, but also keep it lit up when working in darkened areas. Besides coming in yellow, blue or orange, there is a hard case with accessories such as bits and sockets. This is designed to be used with both wood and metal. More details can be found at


DIY With Power tools

5StarTool’s GardenJoy 21V Max Li-ion Brushless 1/2 in Impact Wrench Kit and GardenJoy 21V Max Li-ion Cordless Drill Kit will provide the DIY homeowner with the basic power equipment that is needed for home work and maintenance. As always safety requires sensible precautions in using — keeping the power tools away from children, pets and any who are liable to be hurt by close proximity to the tools and wearing safety goggles and protective gloves — but the use of power tools speeds up the work they are designed to be used for. They also enable DIY use that otherwise must be relegated to someone else coming in to do the job.

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