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Homemade Backyard Greenhouses

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Homemade Backyard Greenhouse

If you are a seasoned gardener that enjoys starting your own seeds, growing all year round, or just enjoy the warm stress free environment of your own plants during the cooler months then you should check into building yourself a backyard greenhouse.

You see advertisements for backyard greenhouse kits and plans all the time. But the kits are rather expensive and the free plans want you to build a mini house pouring frost footings and all. This is typically not necessary!

The kits are great if you are going to use it for one season only. They are typically not constructed to withstand anything more than a season or two. Also you can not growing them during the late fall and winter weather. They will not hold in the heat needed for growing and maintaining great plants.

That is a lot of money to put out for a few months of use at best. If you are a home gardener like myself this is just too cost baring and unnecessary! I have found the best Backyard Greenhouses plans for the home gardener for really cheap too.

Check out the homemade backyard greenhouse plans here.


Basic Types Of Backyard Greenhouses

There are 4 different types of backyard greenhouses you can build with these plans.

  1. Victorian style
  2. Hoop Style
  3. Lean To
  4. Grow Rack Greenhouse

Tools Needed

Basic Knowledge Is The Only Requirement For Backyard Greenhouses

There are no special skills needed. If you can read a tape measure, use a saw, put together pvc pipes, and use a hammer then you can do this. I am a woman and I did this! I love the step by step easy to follow directions for this Backyard Greenhouses plan!

Tools Needed For Backyard Greenhouses

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For a basic greenhouse all you need is a basic carpentry set. You probably have all the tools you need at your house already. There are no special tools required.



Are Backyard Greenhouses Easy To Build?

The average gardener needs a backyard greenhouse that is that has enough room for a few seedlings that will be eventually moved into an outdoor garden and room for a few hobby plants. Even if you have a small yard you can fit on of these Backyard Greenhouses in your yard.

If you can nail or screw some boards together and wrap them in Polyethylene film you can do this. For an even easier and cheaper method use PVC piping. I personally like this one for ease of putting it together.

How easy it is to build and how long it takes will really depend on how extravagant you want to go. You can choose to build a nice and simple greenhouse wrapped in plastic or you can choose to have a greenhouse that is encased in glass windows.

If you know an experienced carpenter then you can have a nice size greenhouse up in a weekend or two depending on your coverings. If you have average knowledge of building then this project may take you a couple of weekends to put together.

Just to give you an idea - It took my husband, my brother, and my dad a month to construct my victorian style greenhouse. They worked on it on weekends only. But my greenhouse is 10' x 12' constructed on a concrete slab with a 2 foot block wall all around it. It is framed and covered with 6mm greenhouse panels and has stone on the outside block.


Helpful Greenhouse Gardening Tips

  • Helpful Greenhouse Gardening Tips
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