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Home Security, External Fence and Perimeter Thorn Bus and Plant Natural Defences


Natural defences for the home. Nature against man.

Home security and home security systems are an important and necessary fact of life.

A burglar alarm lets you know that you have been burgled, which is a bit to late, the damage has already been done.

Providing security for your home is not just about putting walls and fences around your home. These are usually easy to climb and to cut through.

It is a case of how you do it, which can make a difference in whether you are considered an easy target, or are just left alone. You can never stop a determined burglar or thief, but you can make most of them leave you alone and force them to go for a softer target.

Having a good burglar alarm is essential, it is one of the best deterrents. External cameras and lights are also excellent if fitted high enough and in the right place.

Some consider these to be the first line of defence against burglars, but they are mistaken.

Your land perimeter is the first line of defence. if a potential thief thinks that he may have trouble getting through your perimeter, then he, or she, will move off to an easier target. And you can also use nature to help hinder the burglar.

I know this because I have been speaking to an ex-con, who has now helped thousands of people properly secure their homes from the likes of him, who better to ask on home security, than a burglar? I call him "Mr X".



If you have a bit of land, the typical perimeter will have chain link fence around it. This is normal, but chain link fence is not a high security fencing, more of a land separation fencing.

It does deter casual burglars, but not someone who really wants to get in. This is where nature can help,

Mr X says that his worst natural defense he comes up against are the plants with thorns or spikes. No thief wants to wade through a thorn bush, or a plant with thick pointed leaves. There are many different types of spiky plants and shrubbery available.

Some will grow up to nearly 2 meters high, whereas some creep 30 cm off the ground but can easily shred clothes and skin from around the ankles.

Some of these plants are called anti-climb plants and are used by major corporations as well to protect their buildings. All of these plants have certain things in common, they are natural, they will cut and rip a potential thief apart, they can look very pretty, they blend in with their surroundings, and just in case, they collect the DNA of any would be thief.


Raspberry and blackberry bushes serve two purposes, one they add color to summer and give fruit for jam and pie making The second is that they are excellent deterrents against a thief.

These plants do take time to grow and will need pruning, but if they are placed around a fence, on the outside is better, then once they have grown, no-one will try to get through them.

Depending on the weather system where you live, you may not even need to water them, you could have one side of your perimeter with blackberry bushes, and the other side with raspberry bushes, it will look pretty, and you will feel more secure.



If you look at certain office or industrial buildings, you may note that by the ground floor windows, they have the big plants with the pointed leaves that are really sharp.

To a casual eye, they just look like some one has made the area look pretty, but no, they have been deliberately placed for one specific reason, to deter burglars.

These plants are very hardy, they live a long time, can take a battering from most weather conditions, and they hurt you like hell if you are unfortunate enough to get your skin pierced by one of the points.

Mr X, says that these plants saved a lot of places from being burgled as not many people will take the time to try and cut through these plants, it is just not worth the effort.

So cheap, it's ridiculous.

Rose Bushes

Rose bushes are also pretty effective, especially the black rose bushes.

I know of one person who dug a trench around his perimeter fence after he had been burgled for the second time. The trench was 2 meters wide and 1 meter deep, he planted black rose buses all the way along in the bottom of the trench.

It took a while for them to grow, but now he has a virtually impenetrable black rose shield around his house.

If you have a wall around your premises, you can plant creeping plants that have thorns on them. They do need a lot of pruning after they have grown to the desired height, but they look good and again can deter would be thieves.

When planning on planting a natural defence, always speak to a local garden centre as to the requirements of the plants you intend to use. They may not be suitable for your soil type, and the garden centre can guide you to which plants are more suitable.


Pre-grown bushes ready for transplanting. Easy to grow and produces succulent fruit in hardy weather conditions.


Security News from Riverside, CA. on November 07, 2010:

Our homes are the places where we can relax and be comfortable. That it why it is only natural that we protect our homes from any outside danger so that we can feel safe and secure while we rest.

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