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Home Improvement - Built In Bed


OK, I admit it - when my father suggested bunk beds I was simply repulsed. Yet, had I seen the decorating possibilities as I have now, I would have been fully on board. Yes, bunk beds can be very cool. We have hunted the world wide web, high and low and compiled some of the most invented designs. And they all work. Some are outrageously, some would require only intermediate carpentry skills - all designs are a true inspiration that most anyone would be honored to own.

Imagine, having company over, or in my case, my two young Great Grandchildren and having a special place for them to stay. For you see, the beauty of the bunk bed is beyond its design - it is truly a functional space that can work exceptionally well for guests.

Anything beats a couch to stay over on but a bunk bed or a set of bunk beds that incorporates an adventure, is every child's dream. Join us on this great adventure and explore the many possibilities.

Various Home Décor Built In Styles

Let us explore a home décor with built in beds ala bunk beds with your particular style in mind. Whether you are the coastal type and desire the cape code or nautical style or the a la natural and get back to the north woods flair (great for the woodys retreat/second home cabin) or the traditional, we have it all. Well not all, since the children's rooms have been saturated on this topic, we will avoid that genre. But without further ado, let's get on board and let the creative juices flow.

For your creative fun, consider these unique designs:

  • Victorian Elegance - The Nantucket Way
  • Green Traditional
  • Basic Brown Wood Tones with Cool Book Shelves that Circle the Room
  • Sea Blue Ocean Waves
  • Two Bunks with a Reading Nook Done in Nautical Style Complete with the Rope Cleat Stairway


Nautical But Classic

The bunk beds or two beds built-in complete with the nautical ladder as shown above are classic. This design could work in any home - it doesn't have to belong exclusively to the nantucket coastal class. Why does this work? The design is timeless because of its clean lines and extensive wood. For you see wood tones are evergreen - in more way than one. Wood tones never go out of style.The trends will move but the wood tone is here to stay.

Built In Reading Nook

My favorite item throughout all of these great designs is the built in area for reading. While the bed offers this space anyway, to add in another area makes this space even more special. Look at the nooks and crannies and how decorative and functional they can be.

Built In Beds


Built In Beds - Foursome


Use Cape Cod Roof Lines To Your Advantage - Attic Bed Rooms

Make the best use of cape cod roof lines with tucking bed under the slanted roof line - Attic Bed Rooms

Make the best use of cape cod roof lines with tucking bed under the slanted roof line - Attic Bed Rooms

Attic or Cape Cod Rooflines - Ideal for Built In Beds

As the design above showcases, your attic or you cape cod roofline is ideal for built in beds. Who needs head room for a bed! Brilliant use of space - charming and useful too!

Large Pillows Add Comfort to the Décor

Check out the large pillow on the floor - this adds not just to the décor but also to the function in this small space. These pillows can add support to the built in bed or be used as a prop to learn against the wall for more reading space.

90 Elite Bunk Bed Ideas Inspiration

Need More Design Ideas for Built In Bed

Here are 90 more ideas to get your creative juices flowing! Have fun!

Tiny Spaces and Great Bunk Bed Ideas

Making Tiny Spaces Your Home - Personalized Touches

This video is pure fun! The design ideas she offers especially the large canvas posters of her kids are simply genius!

Yes, we have looked at all the standard décor pieces but this video shows how to make a small space your own - a true place to call home.

Those large canvas photos are priceless!

Ladder with Sliding Rail for Bunk Beds Built In

Ladder with Sliding Rail for Bunk Beds Built In

Ladder with Sliding Rail for Bunk Beds Built In

Dreamy Built In Beds


Reading Light or Natural Light - A Must

The allure for me is the romance of curling up with a book. For this, we must plan either natural light or a reading light.

Trundle Bed - Bunk Bed or Built In Bed

The options for built in beds are many, from murphy bed (folds up against the wall) to trundle to bunk bed or simply a built in bed. Whatever form, often the purpose is to save space.

Murphy Bed

A murphy red, often also known as a wall bed is a bed that's hinged at one end so it can be folded up and stored vertically against a wall. Why the name Murphy you might ask? The bed is named for William Lawrence Murphy (1876–1959), who applied for his first patents around 1900.

Trundle Bed

A trundle bed is a a low bed on wheels that can be stored under a larger bed.

Bunk Bed

A bunk bed is a bed stacked on top of another

Built In Bed

A built in bed could be a murphy bed or simply a bed built in to conserve valuable floor space.

Technology and Trundle Beds

Marry your trundle bed or bunk bed or built in bed with technology. The best of both world would be to have a family USB charger either built in or ready access. Do plan on many outlets in addition to the built in lights. iPads need their power - plan ahead and your room will be fully functional for the 21st century and beyond.

To build up a library is to create a life. It’s never just a random collection of books.

— Carlos María Domínguez

Love of Built Ins for Books

OK, confession, I love books so much and built ins simply cry out for books and decorative décor. The love of books must be tempered by lack of clutter. If you will note, one of the reasons these many book shelves look so inviting is they are not stocked to the brim. Remove the clutter, yes, excess books can be stored in boxes or my personal favorite milk crates. Window seats offer the very best spot for the added blanket and spare books. Text books in my humble opinion should never be displayed - you wouldn't wear your apron to eat in your dining room and so too your text books are not appropriate for your home décor (unless of course you are Oscar Madison or Archie Bunker).

Love For Built In Beds

Have I forever changed your perception of the ugly bunk bed? I hope so. Yes, most bunk beds are simply sterile with no character, little color and many are almost military in look and feel (some are actually metal which to me looks like a jail cell!).

Architectural Elements

The key to the warm for me is the architectural element - the wood tones, the complex curves, the intricate built in stairs and shelves and storage. It takes allot of imagination to add the details.

Consider Adding These Architectural Elements to Your Design:

  • Built in storage seats
  • Built in drawers
  • Built in desk
  • Built in ladder
  • Built in shelving
  • Built in lighting
  • Textured paneling
  • Playing off the low ceiling

Color Choices Are Pivotal

Take your time in choosing your colors - this is a small space and any color will have a big impact. Pick a fantastic color theme and often the rest will fall in line.

Note, we did not see any primary colors. The bedroom is a time of rest and relaxation not stimulation. Stay away from red, yellow as the base colors. Use the primary colors only as small accent colors and this will serve to designate this room as a refuge, a time to reflect, relax, pick up a book (or iPad).

Endless Elements To Add To Your Design

We covered many different elements in all of these designs but one element is pivotal, I cannot stress this enough - the color theme is the key. The colors need to blend and serve to soothe the space. The added builts ins, the added décor items are all accessories, it is the color that determines the feel of the room. So when planning your built beds, do consider these design elements that we have explored:

  • Built in book shelves
  • Built in storage benches
  • Reading light - natural light or built in wall light
  • Big pillows for added comfort or reading space
  • Built in ladder to access upper bunk
  • Extra reading space built in
  • Built in bed under roof line
  • Built in desk

Bunk Bed Trundle Loft

© 2015 Ken Kline


Ken Kline (author) from Chicago, Illinois on April 21, 2015:

Hi CSmiravite-blogs,

I know exactly what you mean! These are storybook bunk beds - nothing but the best!

Fun and inspiring. Isn't is amazing what talented people can think up?!

Consolacion Miravite from Philippines on April 19, 2015:

Awesome! We used to have bunk beds when we were still kids. They don't compare though, to the ones that you have here. Great hub!

Ken Kline (author) from Chicago, Illinois on April 09, 2015:

Top Indian Cinema,

Thank you so much for stopping by. I enjoyed this hub and hopefully my enthusiasm has shown through in its writing.

@ Bollywood... from Ahmedabad on March 28, 2015:

Wonderful images and wonderful narration. Full with great knowledge. I didn't know there are these many kinds of beds.

Ken Kline (author) from Chicago, Illinois on March 26, 2015:


Yes, built in beds do save a great deal of space but they can now look cool too! I agree the last one is really superb!

peachy from Home Sweet Home on March 25, 2015:

biult in beds can save a lot of space and beautiful too, love the last pic

Ken Kline (author) from Chicago, Illinois on March 23, 2015:


Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing! An attic is an ideal spot because the space is so scarce - excellent choice!

Ken Kline (author) from Chicago, Illinois on March 20, 2015:

Flourish Anyway,

Wow! Thank you so much!

Ken Kline (author) from Chicago, Illinois on March 20, 2015:


Thank you so much for your words of prize and for sending Angels my way.

Your grandson is very lucky - to have you and a great hand built bunk bed!

Thank you much for stopping by and promoting this!

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on March 20, 2015:

What an amazing collection of choices and my son in law could construct them all. (He is a wood working artist!!). He made a bunk bed for my eldest grandson that was awesome.

Great hub...Pinned voted up AIB

Know that Angels are on the way this evening ps

FlourishAnyway from USA on March 20, 2015:

This is AWESOME! I am so doing this in my third floor walk-up attic space. Shared, voted up and more and pinning!

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