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Home Fragrance Reviews: ScentSationals Limited-Edition Honeysuckle Pineapple Scented Wax Cubes

Cynthia enjoys filling her home with wonderful fragrant aromas. She loves testing new candles, and wax melts and sharing her opinions.

Home fragrances are often seasonal with brands coming out with different fragrances depending on the season. Limited Edition fragrances are released usually at the start of each season. ScentSationals Limited Edition Honeysuckle Pineapple Scented Wax Cubes are the latest wax melts I decided to test for my home fragrance review series. Since it is officially Spring, despite the bath weather we are having in my area this was a perfect scent to start the season.

When it comes to the ‘Limited-Edition’ accolade I tend to expect more from a home fragrance or wax product. Stamping something with 'Limited-Edition' should not be done lightly in my personal opinion. Too often I feel that a fragrance is given the title of a limited edition only to have it be a major disappointment. Anything limited should be a stellar product, not just wax anything that is a limited run should have an amazing wow factor.

I started out with high hopes for this particular scent combination. Honeysuckle is a light floral fragrance that I know very well. It usually is the first flower we smell when spring is here. Pineapple fragrance has a way of making me think of the beach, or a tropical getaway and is among one of my favorite fruits. Do these Limited-Edition Honeysuckle Pineapple Scented Wax Cubes by ScentSationals pass my test for wax quality, scent throw, scent concentration and aesthetics? Will this be a Limited-Edition Fragrance that you should stock up on?


Initial Impressions

My first impressions of these Limited-Edition Honeysuckle Pineapple Scented Wax Cubes by ScentSationals was the packaging. The label was well put together with an emphasis on the limited edition. The wax is a nice creamy yellow, not too bright and the color was well mixed and even throughout the clam-shell. The wax clam-shell was sealed nicely, and I met the expected amount of resistance when I opened it. If it had been loose and extremely easy to open, then likely the fragrance inside would have dissipated over time on the shelves as it awaited me to purchase it.

The wax melt color was a perfect choice for this fragrance blend. Both honeysuckle and pineapple have yellow hues and I think they did well with out making it to bright of a yellow. If I rated solely on packaging I would give it 5 stars now, but there is always more to evaluate with a home fragrance.

I purchased this in store at a local big box retailer. I could smell the fragrance without even opening the clam-shell. Usually that is a great sign that a wax melt or cube has a high concentration of fragrance oils. The wax cubes were under $3 for a standard 6 cube clam-shell. This makes them a lower budget option for anyone who has a limited income but still likes to make their home smell as inviting as possible.


Wax Quality

Let’s talk for a minute about the wax quality for these honeysuckle pineapple wax cubes. This is a hard wax, I would assume some form of paraffin blend was used in making these wax melts. The entire clam-shell shattered as I tried to break a single cube off for testing. Usually you will find with softer wax blends that you can snap off a single cube leaving the rest intact as a block.

This is not a huge problem but depending on the stiffness of opening a clam-shell it can cause cubes to go flying when you open them. I have also found that soy is really an optimum wax when using melts and cubes in a warmer. It is just easier to clean and wipes out with a paper towel with ease. Harder waxes like paraffin and others tend to be harder to clean as they start to harden as soon as they start to cool down the slightest bit.

There was also a small amount of flaking where the wax melts cracked, something you find with a harder wax as it is less malleable than softer wax alternatives. This is something that would fall under personal preference. Any flaking can simply cause a mess when you open and close the clam-shell as it will hit the floor or counter, thankfully there was only a small amount of flaking with these melts.

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Fragrance Profile and Scent Throw

How did the scent throw and fragrance profile of Limited-Edition Honeysuckle Pineapple Scented Wax Cubes by ScentSationals stand up to my test? The overall fragrance profile was nicely blended. A lot of these blends you find that they do not blend well, or one scent is completely overpowered by the other. ScentSationals did a stellar job of blending the fragrance of these wax cubes. The soft floral notes of honeysuckle pair nicely with the tropical fragrance of the pineapple. I was thoroughly impressed with the overall fragrance notes. It is a perfect spring and summer home fragrance. A nod to a tropical getaway with the pineapple fragrance. Paired perfectly with honeysuckle to remind us of the first blooms of spring.

The scent throws on these limited-edition wax melts was equally as impressive as the overall fragrance. A single cube wafted its fragrance throughout our home. Having a two-story home, I am always impressed when a wax melt manages to waft all the way through the downstairs through the foyer up the stairs and up the stairs to fill the bedrooms with a pleasant aroma. That is no small feat for a wax melt with the layout of my floor plan along with the wax warmer I was using being in the furthest point away from my foyer that has the stair case.

Final Rating 5-Stars

Limited-Edition Honeysuckle Pineapple Scented Wax Cubes by ScentSationals get a full 5-star rating from this home fragrance enthusiast. The labeling was well done with pineapple and honeysuckle both on the forefront, and they did not disappoint with both being detectable in the wax.

The fragrance profile was well thought out and the ratio of honeysuckle to pineapple is shear perfection. All to often these blends and fragrance profiles are just tossed together and now well planned or tested. I personally think that ScentSationals went the extra mile on these wax cubes to ensure that the scents worked well together and to make sure that the ratio of oils blended well for peak performance. Both scents are detectable and meld seamlessly for a wonderful aroma with a scent throw that rivals some very expensive brands in the wax worlds.

While these wax cubes were a harder wax than I would have expected, they cleaned out of my wax warmer without an issue. The flaking from breaking apart was minimal. The overall appearance of the wax was smooth, evenly colored and no dibs. The pouring technique used on these wax melts is superb, whether it be machine done or hand poured it is exceptional. I do not often find a completely level clam-shell without any slight dips or variations, but this one was.

The low budget price of this limited-edition fragrance coupled with the range of scent throw makes it a great buy for those who are on a tighter budget but still enjoy filling their home with amazing fragrances. I highly recommend Limited-Edition Honeysuckle Pineapple Scented Wax Cubes for those who enjoy florals and tropical scents in their home.

This is one ‘Limited-Edition’ fragrance that I will make a point to purchase a few more clam-shells of. Though I am hopeful that ScentSationals will decide to keep this as a regular fragrance, I really think it is a wonderful scent for spring and summer.

© 2018 Cynthia Hoover


JAMES OATES on September 16, 2018:

I love scentSationals but this is definitely one scent Honeysuckle Pineapple that needs to be available all year long it’s that Scentsational and I mean that I do a lot of melting and Honeysuckle Pineapple is one if not THE ONE I like to melt the most one problem is I have 3 cubes left and can’t seem to come across any store that has any left hence the limited edition I would really like to see them as a regular scent anyway a job well done

Cynthia Hoover (author) from Newton, West Virginia on April 07, 2018:

Larry it was a very interesting combination so I could not pass up testing out such a unique fragrance. I was pleasantly surprised that two scents that were so different paired so well together.

Larry W Fish from Raleigh on April 07, 2018:

Honeysuckle and Pineapple an interesting combination. Interesting but refreshing. There are so many ways to make the house smell good. We always try different flavors and combinations.

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