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Cheap Home Security Systems, a thief's confession on window security

Want to know about home security? ASK A THIEF !!

Burglar alarms and intruder alarms are essential types of home security.

Intruders have been known to intimidate, beat, burn and scald occupiers of the home they are stealing from. Many innocent victims have been physically and emotionally abused, leaving little girls scarred for life through no fault of their own.

Every year thousands of families lives are destroyed after being innocent victims of a selfish and deprived thief. Which cheapest alarm system or type of home security system can actually prevent this from happening to you, your daughter, or even to your baby.

After talking intensely to a reformed intruder, who has spent several years behind bars for breaking and entering properties, we highlight the best types of cheap home security systems. Many, the homeowner may not of thought about.


Lock Yourself Out

Every sales person will tell you that their alarm system is best, but listen carefully to his words. Sales people use phrases such as 'this alarm system will help in deterring thieves' That is because

There is no home alarm system which will stop a thief.


Thanks for the easy access

If a determined thief wants to gain access to a home, they will. It is the responsibility of the home owner to deter, prevent or to make it very difficult for a person to break into the home.

You will not stop him, he will simply choose an easier target.

Before choosing a home security system, leave a person inside the house, and then lock yourself out. See how you would get inside. Find the blind spots around the perimeter of the home where a thief can take their time to break in.

Pull on the windows and see if there is any give on one side, this makes it easier for a thief to apply leverage to force the window open.

Sash Window Wedges

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Window Security

Forcing a window open, whether it has a burglar alarm attached or not, is an easy entry point for a thief. Fix simple and very cheap window locks to each window. These make it harder for any leverage to be gained. Fit one at each side so there is very little or no give when they are locked.

Cheap window locks can be very effective. For sash windows, use the brilliant yet simple window wedge. Cheap and effective, the window wedge is simply inserted at the top of the bottom half of a sash window.

If someone attempts to force the window, the wedge prevents it from opening. No wires, no fuss, and takes approximately 5 seconds to fit. There are different locks for all types of windows.

What price do you put on your children's lives? Home security is important for all concerned.

Glass Film

Home security is essential for every part of the home. Glass is easily broken although double or triple glazing is more difficult to break.

If your windows are normal glazing glass, then stick security window film on the inside of the window. It is easy to clean, transparent, black, or mirrored effect, and will prevent the thief from gaining entry. It will not stop the window from being broken, but will help slow down a thief or stop him altogether from getting in.


Plants as Window Security

Plants are excellent deterrents and really do work. Home security does not need to be intrusive and expensive. It can be cheap and beautiful.

Spiky plants and even blackberry and other fruit bushes with thorns on them can be an excellent to deter a would be thief. No thief wants to leave behind incriminating DNA.

This is a free link to our sister site for a large variety of such plants and ideas for using them. Natural Defences.

The choice of long lasting and potentially dangerous plants for a thief is phenomenal. Flowering plants offer beauty in the summer, fruit bushes give fruit, and each will help in keeping your family safe, unless a thief comes armed with a lawnmower, chainsaw and a very thick pair of gloves.

Dummy CCTV Cameras

CCTV scares burglars or intruders. CCTV cameras has reduced crime in many areas. No thief wants to be be recorded committing a crime, it is total evidence of their criminal activity.

Dummy CCTV cameras have been widely used to deter thieves, and have been very effective. Older styles are now obsolete and thieves can recognize these old ones easily.

New generation dummy CCTV or fake CCTV cameras are more likely to be misconstrued as real CCTV camera systems. These cheap CCTV cameras are very effective if placed in the right location.

Real CCTV Cameras

With hundreds of CCTV cameras which attach to computers or recording equipment to choose from, which is best to suit your needs?

Many are designed for close proximity, meaning that if the criminal is a bit away, the image may not be clear. Most can now be viewed through the internet or mobile phone. But remember, many images have been taken of the thief actually stealing the CCTV camera.

Location, location, location, does not just apply to a property. Residential security systems with CCTV cameras need to be positioned in the right place. For the camera to work as a deterrent, it needs to be highly visible so a possible thief can see the cameras and assume he is being recorded.

The camera needs to be high up, but not to high so as the image is distorted. It is also advisable to fix a steel cage or plastic transparent case around the camera to ensure nothing is thrown at it to damage the lens.

The cameras need to be position so they overlook the entire side of a home. Usually they are placed where there is a weak point in security such as overlooking windows or doors. For nighttime, ensure the camera is fitted with a led light which is also visible. This ensures the thief will see the light and camera and hopefully scarper.

It is not worth getting a CCTV camera which does not have night vision.

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firealarmsoxford from Oxford, United Kindom on September 22, 2011:

Great hub - although I work in the alarms industry, all be it fire protection, id never thought of using plans to deter burglars!

Michael on August 06, 2011:

The importance of a security system is to keep the thief out. The first five minutes of the act produces an adrenalin rush for the thief. Having an outside alarm on the front and rear of the home that is activated when the intruder breaks the contacts on windows or doors. It is also important to have glass breakage sound sensor to activate the alarm. This loud alarm will scare the intruder away for fear of being noticed.

Deborah-Diane from Orange County, California on August 04, 2011:

Very frightening. I have had a home security system most of my adult life, and it does make me more comfortable!

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