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High Pressure Water Jetting - Drainage Services

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This article will help you identify the symptoms of poor drainage in and around your home and the equipment used by service engineers to keep them flowing.


High Pressure Water Jetting?

To help us better understand how our drainage works and especially for when it fails. It can be useful to focus on a particular scenario and learn something from it. Such as the tools used to find it, fix it and get all things flowing again.

A common and very useful tool that is widely used in the drainage services industry, is (HPWJ) high pressure water jetting. Its uses are very effective in clearing blockages and stubborn obstructions by breaking down the debris into smaller parts, that usually wash away harmlessly into the sewer system.

Or if not harmless? Tree roots for example, then the drainage engineer will usually collect and bag the offending item and dispose of for you, as part of their service.

High pressure water jetting = Unblocked drains!

High pressure water jetting units and van packs which are commonly used by drainage services companies. Work with an immense high bar pressure of around 3000PSI (200 Bar), and can effectively deep clean the internals of your pipes and help to descale the build-up of grease, fats and oils.

It even helps to breakdown roots and other invasive natural elements, that can grow into your drainage pipes through small cracks or dislodged joints.

The benefits?

The benefits for using high pressure water jetting are valuable in maintaining the integrity and continuity of your drainage pipes, and to keep them flowing. It is a none intrusive method and usually means the work is completed from outside of a premise via a manhole.

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Some common timelines for the use of high-pressure water jetting are?

  • Bad Odour: A persistent foul smell which emanates from your drains and manholes.
  • Clogged drains/sewer pipes: Slow drainage from drains and gullies on your property, could be a sure sign that your drainage has a build-up of silt, mud, leaves and other heavier elements clogging-up within your sewer pipe network.
  • Or part of a planned maintenance schedule with a drainage services company.

When an emergency arises with our drainage, be it a blocked toilet or an over flowing drain on our property. High pressure water jetting will be the tool to unblock it!


It is important however at this point to take the opportunity to fully assess and investigate the possibilities for what has caused the blockage and consider a follow up action. To determine the true cause and not just the symptoms.

Having a CCTV drain survey of your drainage pipes from a reputable drainage company would be the better option, and would provide conclusive evidence for the total condition of your drainage pipes, connected joints and bends. Which are integral to your sewer network of your property.

The benefits of a CCTV drainage survey are spectacular in defining an accurate report with real time footage of your drainage system. It can map and record your total drainage system and precisely pinpoint each and every flaw, from cracks in your pipes, to intrusions from tree roots. Dislodged joints and bends, to collapsed drains and can help to identify what section is legally your responsibility, maybe a neighbour?

The CCTV Drain Survey is a valuable asset in ascertaining precise evidence of what is the problem, where the problem is exactly, and how to fix it. Inadvertently saving valuable time and reducing costs for very expensive excavations which can cause unnecessary disruption.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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