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Healing with Colour, Feng Shui and Colour Therapy in Interior Design

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Healing with colour

In this series of articles about colour we have been looking at the popular connotations associated with colour and how it is used in interior decorating and visual tricks with colour. This hub gives a brief overview of some of the healing and therapeutic properties of colour.

If you believe that colour has its own vibrational energy and this energy has the power to bring about change or even heal, the information in this hub could help you choose colours for your home based on that premise. Unknowns to yourself you may use colour in this way already by wearing bright colours to cheer yourself up or gentle colours to help you relax. This hub looks at two ancient schools of thought, Feng Shui and Colour therapy, that see colour as a way of healing and bringing about changes such as balancing mind and body even promoting wealth or fertility.

Colour therapy

Colour therapists believe that the energy in different organs within the body corresponds to the energy of certain colours. They believe these colours can be seen around individuals as an aura. An imbalance and the resulting illness will show in the aura. Colour therapy practitioners aim to alleviate physical or mental/emotional illness by using colour to correct that imbalance by reintroducing the correct vibrations. This can be done using coloured light, bathe in coloured water, wear certain crystals, eat certain foods, or visualise colour while meditating.

Red = kidneys

Orange= reproductive system

Green= heart and lungs

Yellow= spleen, gall bladder and pancreas.

Blue= throat and thyroid

Indigo= eyes ears, nose, pituitary gland.

Violet= brain and the nervous system.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which centres on placement. It is based on the premise that spiritual mental and physical health where the flow of energy (chi) is good. Feng Shui provides a way of arranging your living space in order to bring about this balance. Also Feng Shui states the more vibrant and energetic the colours you choose in your home the more energy will flow.

Feng Shui is based on the notion that life is built on the following five elements

Earth- yellow brown orange = wholeness and Unity

Metal- white gold silver = Children and leadership

Water- black blue purple = career, power, knowledge

Wood- Green = family, good health, life

Fire-red = passion, wealth and money, energy

Each of these elements is associated with certain qualities of our existence and with certain colours; enhancing that colour nurtures that element and brings those qualities to your life.

Red accents in a bedroom

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Feng Shui and Red

Associated in feng shui with the element of fire , red has the longest wavelength . using this colour can help energise the home by boosting the flow of chi. While this can help you feel more active it would be wise to opt for touches of red terracotta or pink rather than living with a large amount of unrelenting energy.

Colour therapy and red

Colour therapists use reds warm stimulating energy to soothe muscular aches and ease circulatory problems. In common with Feng shui colour therapy uses red to energise the body and also make you feel more secure. If you don't want too much in your living room or bedroom you can use red for your front door or plant some red flowers. These touches can promote energy and confidence as you leave and enter your home.

You may be attracted to red if you are already a lively and chatty person, you may not wish to energise yourself further, if so be wary of using too much strong reds in your home.

Colour therapist use red to


Head colds

Muscular aches

Low energy

Anaemia (low blood count)

Poor circulation

Red can aggravate

Bad temper






Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Green in a childs bedroom



Feng Shui and Green

At the centre of the colour spectrum green is balancing and harmonious. Linked to the wood element green is seen to symbolize health, growth and vitality. Using natural green elements such as plants matched with wood bamboo coir etc can really enhance the life giving properties of the colour.

Green is a good choice for bedrooms or living rooms where you would like to be soothed and nurtured. Green also encourages good fortune even wealth.

Colour therapy and Green

Not only because it is the centre colour of the spectrum, the fact that green surrounds us in nature contributes to its associations with healing and relaxation. It is seen to restore spiritual balance, reconnecting body and soul restoring tranquillity. Colour therapy also links it with the circulatory system including the heart, the lungs and thymus gland.

It is good in rooms where you wish to relax such as conservatories and bedrooms.

Colour therapist use green to



Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Circulatory problems



Green can aggravate

Low energy

Auto-immune problems




soft yellow



Feng Shui and Yellow

Light bright and vibrant yellow is full of fresh positive energy. In Feng shui yellow is associated with the earth element and brings with it a sense of unity and wholeness. It is advised that you use in it your home to boost your health and balance the mind. It is best to choose objects from a natural material such as pottery. It is a good choice for a kitchen or family room so as the general health and well being of the family will be boosted.

Colour therapy and yellow

In common with red yellow is seen to be able to boost energy levels and promote a feeling of well being. The colour of sunshine yellow is also said to have a beneficial effect on mental activity boosting concentration, memory and problem solving, and therefore can be a good choice for an office or study.

As it it said to aid digestive problems it is useful in the kitchen.

Colour therapist use yellow to




Low energy

Digestive complaints

Mental strain.

Yellow can aggravate

High energy



Aggression and jealousy

Gentle blue grape hyacinth


Blue in a dining room

Photography by Christian O Brien

Photography by Christian O Brien


Feng Shui and Blue

Blue is associated with the element of water. This element has the dual ability to be calm, still and restfull like a pond or free flowing powerful and liberated like a river or sea. In Feng Shui blue therefore represents your inner tranquillity and your path in life. If you feel stuck in life, introducing blue into your home can help free up that energy and get it moving again. If you feel restless blue can be very calming like a tranquil sea or lake. Introducing water into your home in the form of an indoor fountain or fish tank can assist both freeing up energy flow and settling restless energy. In feng shui blue also represents learning as the ocean represents the vast depth of knowledge and creativity available to us all. Bearing this in mind blue could be a good choice for an office or study.

Colour therapy and Blue

In colour therapy blue influences the neck area such as the throat and the thyroid gland. It therefore influences both the body's metabolism through the thyroid and speech and communication through the throat. Colour therapists also see blue as promoting relaxation and improved sleep patterns. In common with Feng shui it is seen as promoting learning and self empowerment. A good colour for an office or study.

Colour therapist use blue to



Nervous anxiety


Low self esteem/confidence

Blue can aggravate

Sadness/ depression



SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

see more on

regal drama with purple

regal drama with purple

Purple wall art from

Strong purple wall art against neutrals

Strong purple wall art against neutrals


Feng Shui and purple

The Feng Shui of purple depends largely on whether the shade you choose is dominated by blue or red. Blueish purples have a lot in common with blue itself ie linked with the water element and bring with them the power to calm and generate self discovery. Reddish shades such as violet are powerful and fiery and passionate. Pale shades of lavender and mauve are too gentle to influence a rooms energy to any significant degree but can enhance spirituality.

Colour therapy and Purple

Associated with the crown of the head, colour therapists see violet as a very powerful tool when treating the brain and the nervous system. It is seen to influence on a physical and psychological level. Psychologically it is linked with the higher self and the psyche. This colour can be used to promote creativity and inspiration, religious health and mental health. It is therefore a good choice for therapeutic rooms, such as a meditation room study or bedroom.

Colour therapist use purple to


Creative block

Decreased mental activity


Lack of motivation

Purple can aggravate

Emotional issues

Addictive problems

Shyness and alienation

Antisocial behaviour

pictures by christian o'brien,

black and white orchid photo

black and white orchid photo

Black + white in a bedroom, wave shapes soften effect


Black and white

Feng Shui and black and white

Black in feng shui is associated with the water element however it must be used sparingly to avoid being overpowering and oppressive. It can however be a great source of inspiration. It should be used in wavy forms to strengthen the association with the water element. Alternatively introduce water or glass. White is associated with the metal element and brings with it leadership and creativity. It also stands for purity and children. The energy level of pure white is low and other colours should be incorporated against the white to add energy.

Colour therapy and black and white

In Colour therapy black and white do not correspond to a particular body part but are considered to have a strong effect on our emotions.

In common with feng shui colour therapists advise caution when using black. It can be a very enveloping colour and promote feelings of security and protection; too much however can add to feelings of negativity.

As with feng shui white represents peace and purity and has a cleansing role on a physical and emotional level, helping you to think clearly. Too much can represent a coldness and isolation.

Colour therapist use white to


Stress and anxiety





White can aggravate


Poor circulation

Low energy

Colds and chills

Subtle neutrals divide a room



Feng Shui and Neutrals

Cream beige taupe and browns are associated with the earth element. They symbolise wholeness and unity and have this grounding effect on a room making it feel secure. All round neutrals promote balance in relationships, physical and mental health and nurture relationships. Using natural materials, wood, cotton, coir, bamboo, help energy to flow. Use neutrals where you feel you need balance restored. Be it in relationships or mental health, using neutrals can rebalance earth energy to bring about change.

Colour therapy and neutrals

Colour therapists also see neutrals as bringing about balance in the home. They are useful to rebalance an overanxious or over analytic person restoring peace of mind and self esteem. Caution is advised with darker browns as they can be oppressive and stagnate emotions. In common with feng shui colour therapists advise that neutrals can be used in any room in the house adding and changing accent colours as required.

Colour therapist use neutrals to


Low self esteem


Over analytic mind

Relation ship problems

Neutrals can aggravate

Buried emotions

Lack of will power

Sluggish thinking


Emotional stagnation.

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