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Hawaiian Quilts and Bedspreads

Hawaiian Quilts

Hawaiian Quilts

Handmade Hawaiian Quilts

The beautiful islands of Hawaii are home not only to pineapples, macadamia nuts, volcanoes, tropical forests and balmy breezes but also to a talented set of artisans who create Hawaiian quilts. These Hawaii inspired quilts are great Hawaiian gifts and souvenirs for tourists. They are highly collectible and beautiful to look at. They are beautiful wall displays of art. They give an admirer a sense of the beauty that surrounds you when visiting the islands. Hawaiian quilts are for sale all over the islands but that is not the only place that they can be bought. Ebay is a retailer of the quilts and they are found at other retailers online as well. See examples of Hawaiian quilts below.

In describing a Hawaiian quilt or bedspread it is common to see that only a couple of colors of material are used to make these famous quilts. The most commonly repeated pattern is the "snowflake pattern" and use of applique along with the Hawaiian theme. Hawaiian bedding can be found in many different styles and sizes. Baby quilts, queen size, king size bedding, twin quilt sets and standard quilts in the Hawaiian style are readily available. Besides quilts, the Hawaiian crafters also create wall hangings, quilted pillows, table runners, pot holders and lap quilts.

Queen Emma's Hawaiian Flag Quilt

Queen Emma's Hawaiian Flag Quilt

Antique and Vintage Hawaiian Quilts

The missionaries of Hawaii brought their quilting skills to the islands and taught them to the native Hawaiians who in turn made quilting a heritage of their own. Hawaiian quilting techniques are derivative of kapa moe, a bed covering textile that was made from the inner bark of native trees. The bark was felted and cut and dyed into geometric patterns that are also found in Hawaiian quilting.

Another style of quilt is the flag quilt. Antique Hawaiian flag quilts are very valuable. These flag quilts are commemorative to Hawaii as a sovereign state. After the monarchy was removed from Hawaii the Hawaiian flag was considered treason. Flag quilts were created in resistance to this. The flag quilt covering the koa bed of Queen Emma is estimated to be worth $40,000 to 60,000. The value is high because of its historical significance, rarity and use of three colors as opposed to the common choice of two colors in quilts.

Antique Hawaiian crazy quilts are sought after as well as the flag quilts. During her confinement on the islands after the monarchy was overthrown, Queen Liliuokalani made a crazy quilt and may be the most well known Hawaiian quilt to date.

Antique Hawaiian Quilt

Antique Hawaiian Quilt

Hawaiian Quilt Throw Pillow

Hawaiian Quilt Throw Pillow

Quilt Racks

Display Your Hawaiian Quilts

Displaying your cherished Hawaiian vintage quilts or antique quilts can be fun and a gorgeous addition to your home. Lay you Hawaiian quilts out over a comfy loveseat, armchair or sofa to be admired and snuggled under. Change quilts out if you have more than one to give your room a different look and feel.

If you have a collection of quilts, like the Hawaiian quilts featured here, you can fold them neatly to show off intricate parts of their patterns and stitching. Line shelves with the folded quilts, lay stacks of Hawaiian quilts in an open hutch or cupboard to be admired.

Quilts racks are inexpensive and easily bought. A quilt rack can be a wall mounted version or one that is a floor model. Floor style quilt racks give you easy access to your quilts. Quilts must be folded to be displayed on a floor model quilt rack. Wall mounted racks may have a shelf to display other items or can be individual clamps and brackets designed to mount a Hawaiian quilt or other style on the wall. A quilt that hangs from the wall can be viewed in its entirety.

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