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How to Grow Herbs in the Home Garden for Beginners?

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If you are growing fresh herbs at home, then you are doing a great job as fresh herbs will make the food taste better, and also you will get a fresh and natural herb at home. So, if you are new to gardening then you will always get a question about how to grow herbs in the home garden for beginners. This article will provide you a solution for all your questions.

If you are planning to grow herbs at home then this will be a great idea, and also an easy process, as herbs require little sunshine and little fertilizer. Also, the herbs don’t require a lot of space, so they can be easily maintained. But what if you are a beginner, and don’t know how to grow herbs then this article for you.


What you need if you want to grow herbs in the home garden?

  • Light

Most herbs will prefer the bright sunlight location, and if you want to make the herb grow in one direction then you need to rotate the pot followed by the direction of the sunlight.

If you are herbs are not getting enough light, then it can be found by looking at the herbs? Those kinds of herbs will have a long stem and a few leaves.

  • Water

Each herb requires a different amount of water and based on the type of herbs you need to water it. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to grow herbs, then you can choose the herbs that will require similar watering requirements.

Also, most herbs will get spoil if you over-water them, so make sure that you are watering the herbs in the right way. So, depending on the dryness of the soil, you can water the herbs.

If you provide more water to the herbs, then it will result in water accumulation which leads to root rot. The overwatering of the plant can be identified easily as the leaves will turn yellow.

  • Air Circulation

Even though there are herbs that can be grown at home, but still the herbs should have sufficient air circulation. As, if the herbs don’t get enough air, then the herbs will become weak, and also they will easily attract pests.

  • Pruning

You can do the pruning often, as it will encourage plant growth, and also the herbs will become fuller. So, make sure you are cutting the herbs often, but remember you should not cut the herbs more than the third off.

The improper pruning of the herb can be identified easily, as your herb plant will start to flowering. So, make sure you are pruning the herbs frequently so that your herb will have better growth.


How to grow herbs in 5 simple steps?

1. Plant the herbs

Each herb should be planted of about 1 to 4 diameters in soil, and the diameter of the herbs may differ based on their type. Here is the list of some herbs which will let you know the diameter while planting;

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  • For herbs like Rosemary, Sage, Mint, Oregano, and Marjoram then it should be planted from 3 to 4 feet
  • Herbs like Basils, Thyme, Tarragon, and Savory you need to place it off about 2 feet
  • Herbs like Cilantro, Chives, Dill, and Parsley can plant of about 1 foot

2. Prepare the soil

Next is to prepare the soil for your herbs, and this is the most important thing to consider. If you are placing the herbs outdoor, then you can dig the soil well as it will be compacted for many years. The digging will allow the water to drain properly, and also it will create a space for the plant so that its root can be spread widely in the soil.

If you are placing it in the pot, then choose the soil carefully as some soils will be caring the pests which will affect the herbs. Once you have prepared the soil, then you can add some compost on the top of the soil, as this will prevent drainage problems, and also act as a natural fertilizer to the plants.


3. Place the herbs in the vertical position

If you have limited space, then you can choose the container that can be placed vertically. So, choose a vertical wall container that will make your herb grow well.


4. Maintain the herbs

The next important step in how to grow herbs is that, watering the plants at the right time. If you want to make the herb strong and healthy then you need to water it before it gets dry. Always, check the soil as the changes in the temperature and humidity will cause dryness. Sometimes over-watering may also cause improper growth in the herbs.


5. Harvesting

Harvesting is the most important step if you want better growth in the herbs. So, when the plant reaches the taller size, then you need to cut it. There are certain herbs like parsley, which will grow new leaves from their center. In such cases, you need to cut the old leaves leaving the new leaves in the center.

If you are new to the concept of how to grow herbs at home, then the harvesting will be a little confusing in the initial stage. Once you know all the information about the herbs, then you can easily maintain the herbs. It will not only make your time beneficial but also make your food taste better.


Herbs will be the perfect option to grow at home for beginners, as it is not only an easier plant to grow, but also you can spend a duality time. Initially, you will be getting a question that how to grow herbs, but once you got all information related to it, then you will have a fun time growing the herbs in your home garden.

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