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Growing Potatoes in a Clothes Basket

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Potato Plants Growing in a Clothes basket


Visit Your Local Store

First, make a visit to your local store. Purchase a inexpensive clothes basket for the purpose of growing potatoes, you can use it year after year. Or you can purchase a decorative clothes basket to decorate your yard while you grow your potatoes. This year I got an inexpensive one, but next year I plant to get a more decorative one, to make my yard look a little bit nicer, as I grow my potatoes.

Line Your Clothes Basket With Newspaper or Straw

Take your clothes basket and line it with newspaper. This will keep the dirt in the basket. Fill the basket with about 2 inches of soil and compost. Then cut a seed potato in slices, which have two to three eyes each. Place these in the clothes basket and cover with the soil.

Potato need well drained loose soil.

Potato Plants Begin to Sprout

Once the potato plants sprout and come above the soil,you can add more soil to cover the new seedlings.

As the potato plant grows and keeps coming above the soil, keep adding potting soil. Keep your potato plants consistently watered.

New Potato Plants Sprouting in Your Clothes Basket


Your Potato Plant Continues to Grow In Your Clothes Basket

As your potato plant continues to keep protruding through the soil, keep adding soil until you have added at least four inches of potting soil (to keep it light).

If you have a big enough laundry basket, you can continue to water and add potting soil until the potato plants start to flower. Once it flowers give the plants consistent water and wait.

Your Potato Plants With White Flowers


It's Time To Look For Your Potatoes

When your potato plant begins to die off, then it is ready for you to harvest your crop of potatoes.

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Potato Plants Starting To Die Off


Harvest Time

Dump the dirt out and dig through the dirt to harvest the crop of potatoes you grew.

Digging For Your Potato Crop


The Wonder of Experiencing Nature

Growing your own potatoes or other vegetables, gives you the experience of nature and the beautiful planet God gave us to provide for ourselves.

There is a sort of miracle to see what you can produce even in a very small area. To know you help produce this food with your own two hands is something, that should always make people in awe. The wonder of providing for yourself, is something you will never get in a grocery store.

BON APPETIT!!!!!!!!!!!

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John Hansen from Gondwana Land on September 03, 2019:

I have always had trouble growing potatoes but never thought of using a plastic clothes basket. I will certainly give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

Susan (author) from Dover Delaware on August 30, 2019:

The roots come out of the eyes on the potatoes. Even if you took a potato you bought in the store. You will see little spots on them which is called the eye. From that a root will grow. A seed potato is just an old potato that you let rot, and a root will grow from the eye on it. You can make your own seed potatoes by taking a potato out of the bag you bought in the store, and put it in a dark place and let it start growing a root and leave from the eye. Your potatoes should grow find for you. Let me know how you make out.

Mary Wickison from USA on August 30, 2019:

This is interesting, I never thought of growing potatoes this way.

I do have a question for you. I had a neighbor give me a bag of what he said was potato plants. There were a few roots but they were mostly stalks and leaves. I planted them but, as you say in your article, you should start with a potato with eyes. Do you think anything will come of these plants or should I just pull them out?

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