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Grow up Without Growing out of Your Bedroom: 5 Steps for Creating a Timeless Design

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When I was 14 I remember “bohemian bedrooms” were a huge thing on the internet. I adored the style, made this checklist of things I wanted in my bedroom when I grew up and was obsessed with the idea for the longest time.

Now, years later, when I did get to choose my bedroom decor and style, I realised that now Scandinavian interior and decor were more of my taste.

If you’re new to the whole interior decor world, you’re probably not laughing along with me. Let me explain.

Scandinavian is a style that is all about minimalism, earthy textures, muted tones and clean edges. Something like above.

On the other hand, Bohemia is all about loud and clashing patterns, lack of borders, overlapping textures and colours and in a way forms a part of maximalism. Something like this:


In a few years, I actually ended up changing my preference to something very different.

Your Bedroom’s style and skeleton do not change as easily as your choices do- which is why it is all the more important to design and decorate your bedroom to stand the test of time.

You want to create something that can modify itself according to your current and future tastes and at the same time something that never really goes out of style.

You can follow these 5 simple decorating tips to create a timeless bedroom:

1. Start at the basics and keep it basic

A. Walls

The most important step in creating a timeless, evergreen space is choosing the right colour scheme.

While choosing bold and trendy colours and patterns can certainly be tempting and even look good, the same colours and patterns will be out of fashion before you finish the final touches on your bedroom (not really but you get the idea).

And hence it is imperative to choose colours that not only stand the test of time but can also handle the challenge of complementing all the different styles and textures that you are going to subject it to over the next few years.

And your perfect choice here is something light.


Light walls can make any room look bigger, brighter and better. They reflect the existing light in a space giving an illusion of the room being lighter and larger than it actually is.

More than that, if you want proof that light colours are indeed the right choice, I urge you to scroll up again and compare the photos I put up demonstrating Scandanavian and Bohemian Decor.

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While the content and style change a lot the skeleton of the room remains almost of the same colour- off white, my favourite member of the white family.


Another important part of any bedroom is the flooring. I LOVE the style where people paint their walls a neutral, light shade and put a bold twist on the flooring. But unfortunately, I am too scared to do it.

If you’re really looking for something timeless, I would advise you to refrain from doing something bold...permanently. Permanent translates to “too tedious and expensive to change” and we do not want that. You can still add the crazy but we will talk about that later.

For the flooring- plain marble or light- to medium-dark wood are the perfect choices. If you do however want to do something fun, you can play around and form different patterns using these 2 base materials.



try this:



I personally like tall ceilings paired with a huge natural light source like french or arched windows.

But since most of the time, the skeleton of the space/room is already built, this can be hard to implement unless you’re building from the ground up.


Colours come and go, but neutrals are never going anywhere. From hotel beds to real estate house staging, EVERYONE chooses a neutral theme when it comes to appealing to a wider audience.

Not only do neutral colours go really well with the above-mentioned wall colours and flooring, but it also sets the perfect backdrop for any colourful decor that you’ll end up adding over time.


Now, this might sound drab I know, but neutrals are not just the usual white, off-white and beige.

Any colour that you want, if you lighten it just enough can be considered neutral.

  • Where exactly do you use neutral colours?
  1. The bedding.

Always use neutral colours in the bedsheets and the duvets which will give you so much space to play with bold patterns and colours on the rugs, pillow covers and more. You can read an overview about it in this post and you can find out about playing with patterns later on in this blog post :).

 Note the use of neutral shades of lavender, cream, off white, grey and white!

Note the use of neutral shades of lavender, cream, off white, grey and white!

2. The curtains

Big chunky curtains can make a room look so much smaller than it actually is. Not only does it take up valuable space, but it also blocks a lot of light coming into the room.

All of this can be technically solved with the use of sheer curtains instead of the thick drapes, but as someone who frequently suffers from migraine and NEEDS to block out that sunlight, I know they are not the perfect solution.

If you, like me, need thick drapes or simply just like them-this is another place where you should opt for neutrals

If you, like me, need thick drapes or simply just like them-this is another place where you should opt for neutrals

3. The Upholstery

The sitting space of a bedroom, if you have one, looks so much more elegant and evergreen if you choose their upholstery to be light/neutral and of solid plain colour.



After talking about the light colours and neutral shades, it is time to complete the holy trio by adding wood to your furniture.

It is the most versatile element to work with. Within the same material, you get so many shades, textures and styles. There is truly something for everyone and for every room.


Oak and teak types of wood are very versatile and find some use in almost every type of design and decor.

Wood pieces add such depth to a space and lend a sort of timeless quality to a room. Even if you see something built 20 years ago and something built 20 days ago, both will have incorporated some form of wood in one way or the other.

Wood-finish console tables, side tables and chest of drawers are among my favourite decor pieces to add to any room.

Do not use extremely dark varieties of wood - something like mahogany- and do not overdo it. Only keep small decor pieces wood finished and use light laminates/paint on others.


4. Add personality but keep it changeable

The whole purpose of creating a timeless bedroom is to grow up without growing out of your bedroom. However, that doesn’t mean that you keep your bedroom free of any personality. We are creating your bedroom after all, not a hotel room.

Feel free to add colours, textures, posters and other such items of your choice. But do that in a way that is not permanent. For example:

  1. If you want to add shades of blue or green or pink, add them in the form of throws and pillow covers.

b. If you want to play around with bohemian textures, use rugs and macrame pillows and wall hangings.


c. If you love a particular movie or actor or singer (Mr Harry Styles in my case), use FRAMED posters- which makes them easier to change and replace if and when your tastes change.


d. Add plants, books, frames, your favourite candles and those beautiful glass trays to your side table or chest of drawers or even your study table.


Using colourful and playful rugs, pillowcases, framed art, decor pieces like trays, candles etc does not permanently alter our bedroom’s skeleton which means that if you want to shift from one style to another, you simply have to change the superficial decor.

This is the reason why I asked you to go for the light, wood and neutral tones. Whatever decor you choose now, whichever colour rugs and pillowcases, you know that your bedroom will complement them.

5. When in doubt, shelf it out!

When it comes to decorating the walls, apart from frames, shelves are also a pretty versatile choice.

Making them in wood would of course be a safe choice but painting them black, or using black metal like mentioned in this post does add a lot of depth and personality.


The reason I love shelves particularly as decorative pieces is because they allow for you to grow.

You can showcase your trophies, book collection, childhood photos when you’re in school.

You can put up pictures with your friends and little plants when you're in college.

You can put memorabilia of your travels when you grow up. Or simply be aesthetic with them.


And hence when in doubt, shelf it out because that space can always grow with you, something that is a must when designing a timeless space or something you can grow up in.

That’s it for today! I hope you found something of value and are excited to create that timeless space :) Hope to see you soon with some more decor tips.

All the love,


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