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The Best Cleaning and Organizing Blogs To Read

No Maid For Me Yet!

I Don't Have A Maid

Growing up, I told my mother I would have a maid. You see, I was more interested in big ideas than big cleaning projects and I avoided housework as much as I could. Silly girl that I was, I thought that I would have "people" to take care of those pesky details like laundry and cleaning out the stove. No wonder my Mom sometimes called me a princess!

Well, guess what? I don't have a maid. Not even a once-a-month cleaning service. And so I stumble through on my own, trying to get a hold of the house and all of its mysteries. Sometimes I suspect I may be a bit organizationally challenged, but it may just have been my late start at the housekeeping game. Whatever the causes, I am determined to live an orderly life, so I've had to get help.

Well, whenever I am unsure of anything, I always do research. This time, I looked online to research "how to get organized," and "how to declutter." I was surprised at how many resources were out there to help. So, in my quest to become Miss Merry Homemaker, I compiled a list of blogs, websites and even videos. These resources have been great in helping to complete the education my Mom so desperately tried to endow upon me. I will share with you the blogs I enjoy reading about cleaning, organizing and keeping up a house.

Here is the list. Out of all the resources out there, these are the best of the best. Informative, engaging and sure to inspire. I hope you enjoy them. And these blogs are not just for the organizationally challenged, like me. No, they are great for anyone who likes to read about about organization tips and ideas for the home. These are blogs that even Martha Stewart would enjoy!


Clean Mama

Clean Mama

This impressive website features printables and helpful advice. It also looks fantastic. The blog, reflective of the name, features a clean, crisp design. The blog has 1922 followers and it is easy to see why it is so popular. Some of the most interesting posts are re-do's of rooms, which are very inspiring. I can't say enough about how great this blog is. There are lots of eye candy pictures, perfect for pinning. Note: even though it's name is "Clean Mama," it really all about cleaning and organizing.


I'm An Organizing Junkie

I'm An Organizing Junkie

This blog has very practical advice and it is very colourful cheerful looking site. Every week has a different theme, based on organizing tips. It's topics include menu planning tips, deals, and organizational tips by room. I find this blog extremely motivating and encouraging. One of my recent favourite posts was called "Let Go of The Dream" It was about letting of of dreams that didn't pan out and that we still have the stuff for. I definitely recommend this site.


Clutter Busting with Brooks Palmer

Clutter Busting Brooks Palmer

This is a site created by a gentleman, Brooks Palmer, who used to work in the entertainment industry and then got into the decluttering business. I like his approach because he is very philosophical and creative in what he does. He is very meditative in his approach, which appeals to the right-brainers among us. I also appreciate his sense of compassion and the way he encourages us to accept ourselves, in order to generate change. Very inspiring!


I Heart Organizing

I Heart Organizing

This blog is adorable. It features many nice pictures. It is written by a mother who has re-done her whole house, a room at a time. She has printables that you can buy from Etsy, as well as some freebies. The blog consists of many of her organizing projects for all the rooms of the house. She is so, so organized! Another very cool feature is the reader spaces feature where readers send in their projects.

Very inspirational and another blog that just begs to be pinned!


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Clutter Clearing With Clare Baker


I first discovered Clutter Clearing with Clare Baker, through her videos. She has a decluttering business based in England but she also does coaching all over the world to help people trying to get a hold of their clutter. I really appreciate her compassionate approach and practical suggestions. Clare Baker says on her site that she was very unorganized until 2001, when she learned how to be organized. That gives hope to us all!


My Favourite Organizing Book



I love this girl! She is so sweet, funny and smart. I first heard her from her video channel, where she uploads videos on cleaning and organizing regularly. She also has a website

She is so cute and I did not know she had a website but it looks she's made a business out of this “hobby” of hers. She is wonderful, young and cute! She also offers consulting in her area.


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There is help

If you are looking for help getting organized and you feel overwhelmed, just know that there are resources out there that can really help. A couple years ago, I made an effort to declutter our home and get things more organized by researching and learning from those who were good at it. I have learned a lot and I wanted to share the resources that I found.



Amrit on July 27, 2017:

These blogs mentioned above are very wonderful and amazing . I loved it , they are really useful . It helped a lot so thanks for that !!!

Sharilee Swaity (author) from Canada on February 16, 2013:

Marie, the blogs I have mentioned are all experts in the area. Thanks for the comment!

Maria Clean on February 14, 2013:

It's very important to keep your home clean and well organized. I suppose that your blog will help lots of people to get organized. I found very interesting stuff here, thanks for sharing!

Sharilee Swaity (author) from Canada on April 21, 2012:

Alocsin, I am glad that it was something new for you. Thanks for the votes and commendations. Take care!

Aurelio Locsin from Orange County, CA on April 20, 2012:

Thank you for this wonderful resource. I was not familiar with any of your selections and am looking forward to reading them ll. Voting this Up and Useful.

Sharilee Swaity (author) from Canada on April 17, 2012:

Ha ha, iamaudra, thank you so much! As a natural born slob, I relate. These blogs are so awesome and have really helped to inspire me. Thanks very much for sharing!

iamaudraleigh on April 17, 2012:

I am excited about this hub!!! Well written and loaded with information I have never seen!!!

I have to share this with the many slobs I know...including me!!!


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