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8 Good Luck Foods to Eat for the New Year

I'm always reading about spiritual and alternative therapies and applying them at home to my family, pets, and friends. So far, so good!


Lucky Food Anyone?

I must say that this is a lucky post. I did not intend to write this but it was a conversation for the girls today when we finally caught up. We are a diverse bunch - a blend of German, Asian, Latino, Italian? Somehow we started talking about lucky food and realized all of us have different lucky food to eat!

Here are 8 good luck food from all around the world!


1 of 8 Good Luck Food: Greens

Greens symbolize wealth, prosperity and luck in most cultures. It is the most important color when it comes to good luck in the new year. By starting off the year with excellent health, try a simple green salad, or why not whip up your own recipes by mixing up some spinach or even broccoli to your dish? What's stopping you? You start your year by being healthier and lucky!


2 of 8 Good Luck Food: Pork

You can start off the new year by celebrating with a pork dinner! Why pork? German considered pork as lucky food as pigs root forward to find their food whereas feathered animals scratch backward, signifying moving backward. Hence, poultry is not eaten at the start of the new year.

Closest example of a chicken scratching

Closest example of a chicken scratching


3 of 8 Good Luck Food: Noodles

If you're looking to be lucky this year, try out recipes that call for noodles! Many Asian cultures celebrate the new year by cooking up health-focused foods such as noodles. For new year celebrations, long noodles are eaten in the belief that they will bring long life. If you're lucky the noodle doesn't break before it enters your mouth, then you will be rewarded a lengthy life!

For a quick win, grab a cup of instant noodles and add hot water! After all, it is still noodles.

4 of 8 Good Luck Food: Black-Eyed Peas

In the States, black-eyed peas are considered to bring good health and also wealth! When served with traditional southern food at new year celebrations, black-eyed peas will definitely invite prosperity, as well as fortune and happiness to all. With this quick fix, recipes can be elevated with the southern charm of black-eyed peas!

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5 of 8 Good Luck Food: Cabbage

Wanna feel lucky this new year? Well, cabbage is said to be associated with luck and wealth! In parts of Europe and the U.S., cabbage is eaten to promote good health and well-being. It is quite possibly a healthy alternative to incorporate into any recipes you may already have! With cabbage being a greens, this will lead you into a fortune-filled year.


6 of 8 Good Luck Food: Lentils

We should find it lucky that lentils are so easy to get because they are considered very lucky food to eat in the new year! In Italy, lentils are thought to look like coins, and so the people eat them in the new year to bring good wealth. Lentils are a great way to promote excellent health since they are filled with nutritious goodness! So if you want to be lucky this year, lentils are the way to go!


7 of 8 Good Luck Food: Pomegranate

The most popular food incorporated into recipes by foodies is pomegranates! Pomegranates are eaten on the new year in Turkey and other countries in the Mediterranean for good luck. This simple but awesome food filled with antioxidants is a sure way to provide you and your family a prosperous year. There's a reason why this super fruit is associated with abundance and fertility!


8 of 8 Good Luck Food: Fish

Nearly everywhere, fish is consumed to celebrate new years! It's a meat that can spice up any event, as well as recipes you can enhance and introduce to friends and family. By making sushi, grilled fish, or even crawfish to your new year party, you'll invite luck and good fortune!

In many countries, locals associate fish with moving on/forward into a new year, while others believe fish symbolizes prosperity and abundance since some swim in groups! It is not only the Chinese, parts of Scandinavian and Japanese consider fish as a lucky food. Whatever the story, fish is one of the most concurred lucky foods to have for a bountiful new year.



I had this question ever since I was a child. "So if all these foods are good luck food, I will be super lucky if I eat all of them?". As a mother of 3 now, my answer is it is up to you. If having all these foods as part of your January menu will make you feel lucky for the whole year, do so! If you identify with the good luck food from your culture, go for just that specific food. What matters is when you eat them, you understand the intent and feel blessed with the luck bestowed on the food.

As for me, time to get more greens and pomegranate to entice the young ones to eat more vegetable and fruits!

Share your good luck food in the comments? I am really curious to know!

© 2021 Muriel B Tewes

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