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The 3 Best Budget Nursery Glider and Ottoman Combos for 2018

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Having a glider or rocking chair for your baby's nursery is something you should definitely consider. Although you can do without it, it definitely makes things easier.

Babies are used to rocking in their mother's bellies as they move around and are soothed by the motion. Mothers find that when they nurse a rocking option allows them to stay comfortable for longer when compared to a sedentary option.

If you're in the market, here are a few options we feel give you good value for the price you pay.

Under $150


Stork Craft Bowback Glider and Ottoman Set

This very affordable Storkcraft Bowback Glider and Ottoman Set comes in four different colors for you to choose from; Espresso, Black, Cherry, and Cognac.

It's designed for comfort and includes a good sized seat with soft cushions on the back and padded armrests. For storage, it has a large pocket on each side. I like to use these for baby books, diapers, and wipes. The material is also spot cleanable meaning when there's a spill or stain, and there will be, you can easily clean it off.

At under $150, it's a great value and especially considering that the ottoman is included. It's also sturdy enough for my husband who's 6'4" and around 250 pounds.

Under $200

Stork Craft Tuscany Custom Glider and Ottoman


Here's another good option fromStork Craft, the Tuscany. It comes in five wood colors including white, black, grey, cherry and espresso that can be mixed with 28 different fabric colors!

It's a bit more expensive than the option above but has a little bit more room on the seat, as well as some additional padding. For just $50 more, it may well be worth the upgrade. In addition, this model includes a comfortable matching lumbar pillow.

Like the model above the Hoop Glider has deep pockets and is spot cleanable. Overall, it's a good buy at just around $200.

A Budget Glider Ottoman Combo

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Status Roma Glider and Nursing Ottoman


Status Roma Glider and Nursing Ottoman

If comfort is a priority for you I really like the Status Roma Glider. It has some of the thickest padding on a gliding chair that I've experienced and it's super comfortable.

There's also a slide out nursing stool that makes feeding your baby more convenient. For smooth gliding this model features ball bearings. The material is micro fiber so like the other models on this list it's easily cleanable.

The quality of the wood is also good, so it'll last you for many years, and possibly a couple babies, to come!

Overall, you can get a great glider and ottoman for a lot less money if you're willing to buy online. Other good expensive options include the Baby Relax Mikayla, and DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider. Have a glider that you love? Let us know in the comment section below.

Gliders vs Rocking Chairs

Honestly, the choice is up to you. We'll break down some of the differences here so you can decide which chair fits your needs best.

Motion is the biggest difference between the two. A rocking chair features curved legs that give you a much stronger slide forward and backward. If you prefer a more gentle rock, a glider could be what you're looking for. Gliders feature a swivel base which gives a more smooth and subtle movement.

Weight and Size

Between rocking chairs and gliders there's also a significant size difference. A classic rocking chair is usually more lightweight, and compact. They can also be easier to transport. On the other hand, gliders are a bit heavier because of the hardware underneath the chair. However they come in so many different styles that it can really be a focal point in your nursery.

Comfort also plays a factor. Gliders usually come very cushioned and include an ottoman to match so you can rest your feet. Rocking chairs have chair pads added to make them more comfortable, but many are sold without any cushioning at all. Rocking chairs don't typically come with ottomans and you need to buy them separately.

If your main goal is a rocking motion and comfort, some rocking chairs could fit the bill. However, gliders typically come in many different styles and color schemes while being the most comfortable for nursing moms.

Safety Concerns

There have been a few models of gliders that have been recalled in the last few years because of moving parts, or those that have a large enough gap between the chair and the base that can trap a child. Check this resource for safety recalls on gliders and rockers.

Rocking chairs have the legs exposed so tiny fingers can easily get squished as you rock back and forth. Make sure to supervise your child at all times near the rocking chair.

Always follow the recommended weight and age limits, if given, for a rocker or glider.

Because of suffocation and SIDS, it is recommended that if you want to sleep in your chair, that you insure your baby is face up. Having a baby space against soft surfaces like the covered part of the chair, blankets, or your shoulder, can put you at risk for this.

What to Know about Gliders and Rocking Chairs

  • Regardless if you buy a rocking chair or glider, I highly recommend spending the money to buy a very sturdy one. After many nights rocking your child back and forth the last thing you want is to develop an annoying squeak that keeps your baby awake. Though many times you can fix this with a little oil in the right place. Check all the spindles and parts to make sure they are screwed in tightly and glued securely.
  • Many gliders come with additional features such as a gliding ottoman, or pockets on the chair covers so you can store items like magazines, books, or remote TV controls to name a few.
  • Look for armrests that are nice and wide, as well as padded. This was something I didn't pay attention to when I bought my first glider. We were on a super tight budget and bought the cheapest one we could find. You will often want them to help support your arms as you hold your child so having them padded will be much more comfortable.
  • Babies are notorious for making messes especially in the early months. Consider purchasing a rocking chair or glider that has a removable and washable seat cover.
  • If you would like to use your rocker or glider after your child has outgrown it, find one that can be converted to a stationary chair. You usually have to buy separate feet for them, but you can find them on the market.
  • As my children got older, it was so fascinating for them to get into the glider and wreak havoc on it. I ended up buying one that had a built in lock to keep it from moving back and forth. This would deter my children from playing on it.
  • If you anticipate spending a lot of time in your glider, there are some that offer up to six different reclining positions for more comfortable sitting.
  • All rockers and gliders move forward and backward, but there are some that offer you a chance to swivel so you can face any direction you choose. If this entices you, consider a model that offers 360°swivel.

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