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Getting the Best Price For Your Home

My suggestions to declutter and prepare your home for sale might earn you a higher offer for your home.


Getting Your Home Ready for Sale

While preparing your home for sale can be a challenging and emotional time, once the decision is made to take that step, now is the time to prepare the house and gardens for the best possible price available.

1. Firstly, do some research within your local area. What are the medium house price homes are selling for? What is the comparison to your own home? The gardens and surroundings, are they like what you are wanting to sell? How does your home measure up against those currently on the market?

2. Another question to ponder is how long do you expect your home to be on the market? If it sells quickly what are your plans when you must move out, do you have a plan should the house sell, and do you need to be out of the house? Is it probable that you may have to apply to rent for a short period? These questions will need some clarification before signing any paperwork for the sale of your home. You do not want to end up with a truckload of furniture and nowhere to sleep.

3. With the decision made, now is the time to begin preparing your home, making it shine like a new pin. Consider looking at walls, do they need a fresh coat of paint, windows need to sparkle also – spend a day cleaning them inside and out. Cleaning the windows outside is easy using a soft broom, soapy water, and a hose to rinse. On a sunny day, there is no need to use a window scraper, the sun will dry them perfectly. Gardens should be mulched, free of weeds, and any dead plants removed and replaced.

Ensure a well-placed seat that captures the sun is included in the garden.

4. Soft furnishings such as curtains may need a freshen up along with the furniture you are going to display such as lounge suite, and dining suite, if they are going to be on display as part of the open home, they need to look the part.

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5. Decluttering is the key to making a home look sparse, roomy, and has lots of potential for a prospective new owner. Now is the time to pack into boxes any items that are precious, personal like photos hanging on the wall, knick-knacks, and memorabilia. These items are going to have to be packed when you move, do it now, make your home light and airy. Wardrobes should also be tidied up because the doors will be opened by prospective buyers during any open home days. Ensure there is nothing to show who you are or any small items that somebody might pick up.

6. When the decluttering is finished, stand back, and look. What is needed, colored painting on the wall, a small piece of furniture in a corner to make it look even better. This is called staging – staging your home to make it look the best it possibly can and make it appealing to anybody who may want to buy it. A buyer might see an item you have sitting in a particular spot and decide they will do likewise when they buy the property.

7. Bedrooms and bedspreads – this is an area that should always win a prize during an open day. People love to see a well-made bed that makes a statement – cozy, comfortable and inviting. A suggestion is to make all the bed coverlets stark white, add vibrant colors with throws, and many matching cushions. Ensure the coverlet is folded well back to make a welcoming scene.

Calling in the Real Estate Agents

8. Only then, after all the decluttering, cleaning inside and out and staging are you then ready to call in two or three reputable agents to offer their insight into the home, any improvements for earning the top price possible, and seeking their estimated valuation on the home’s worth. This is also the time to query with the agents their commission rates, marketing strategy, and advertising. A good question to ask is “What happens if my home doesn’t sell – do I still have to pay for advertising?” When you have made your decision and chosen your realtor, you can relax a little and wait for the fun to begin.

You have now signed a contract for the agent to sell your home on your behalf, your hard work is very much done, you only need to keep the home in the state it was when the agent saw it, and, fingers crossed an offer will be presented to you from the agent after your first open home.

Good Luck!

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2021 Jackee Ashwin

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