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Gas Pressure Washer

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Pressure Washer (Gas)

Gas Pressure Washer

Gas Pressure Washer

"The Beast" Pressure Washer

This is my pressure washer that we have dubbed "The Beast" which runs on gas. I would say it is one of my best investments. With a 212cc engine it pushes 3100 psi of water which gives me 2.5 gpm (gallons per minute). This is exactly what I need to take care of my home. And it cost less than $300! For a tool that does so much it was well worth the investment.

Own a Power Washer

It has recently come to my attention that every household does not own a pressure washer! How could this be? It could be understandable if you are renting a home and don't have to do yard and home maintenance, yet even if someone is renting a home they would still need a pressure washer if not to just wash their car with.

When I bought my home one of the very first things I purchased was a good power washer. They make everything so easy and so clean!

Your home needs tending to and there's no easier way to accomplish many of the tasks than with a power washer!

I have the 3100 that pours out 3.5 gallons a minute (gpm). This is plenty of power for all the jobs I've done with it. There are several nozzles that can be applied. A fan nozzle, a point nozzle and a soap nozzle are the few I use most.

What A Pressure Washer Can Do

I love my pressure washer. I couldn't imagine how I lived without one before. They are durable and work hard.

I use my pressure washer to:

  • Clean the sidewalks around my house.
  • Clear the gutters of leaves and debris.
  • Remove spots of mold on the roof.
  • Remove dirt and lose paint from the house when I was preparing to paint it.
  • Clear the garden area of leaves and twigs.
  • Wash the car.
  • Clean cushions and chairs.
  • Clean patio furniture.
  • Remove dirt from cement floor in the garage to make it look like new.
  • Clean lattice on the porch.
  • Blow pine needles and leaves off the grass.
  • Dig holes for new plants and trees.
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The list can go on and on. These are just some of the items I pressure washed over the past Summer.

A Good Example of What a Pressure Washer Can Do

One afternoon I had just returned from grocery shopping. I was lugging bags of groceries into the house when I dropped the milk. It was a hot day and the milk seeped into the cement and began to dry quickly. This was not going to be easy to clean up, I thought, but the pressure washer made it simple!

I had to put away the groceries, then I went out to deal with the milk spill. A fair amount of it had dried on the walkway. It made the walkway look bad. I brought out the pressure washer and ....well, watch the video below.

Milk Stain On The Walk

Milk Job

As the high pressure spray removed all of the milk from the cement, it cleaned the cement as well! I decided to go ahead and power wash the whole walk way after the milk was gone.

Clean Lattice

On my home I like the parts that are painted white to look white. The parts painted green I want to look green and not be splattered onto the white.

The lattice on my house has added a beautiful design to the fence and provides some privacy, until it built up dirt!

I rolled out my trusty pressure washer and cleaned the lattice to like new again. If you have lattice on your house you just have to try a pressure washer on it! You will be impressed with how clean the lattice will look. Check out the video below.

Pressure Wash Dirty Lattice

Lattice Job

The pressure washer won't break the lattice either. Look at how close I was able to put the nozzle on the lattice and the lattice showed no signs of stress, but the dirt sure did roll off!

Wash Your Car With a Pressure Washer

I use my pressure washer to wash my business truck, the trailer it pulls and my personal car. There is a basin on board the pressure washer just for soap. I put undiluted car wash wax in the basin and attach the soap attachment which allows the pressure washer to divert water to the soap basin. It dilutes the car wash wax as you spray the car. The water is not pressurized when using the soap attachment. It comes out like using a regular hose while you soap the vehicle. After soaping the vehicle apply the fan attachment and the pressure washer engages and rinses your car with 3.5 gpm of water to get the job done and the soap gone!

Your Pressure Washer

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