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Gardening Encourages Creativity



Creative Gardens

Do you believe that you are a creative person? Many don’t and the partial reason for that is that for many of us creativity gets tossed out in our early years in school when we first are taught how to conform to others’ perceptions of how things are.

Creativity is all too often seen as the realm of artists and the gifted; those who paint sculpt, write or otherwise turn a blank canvas into a work of art, but creativity is more than that.

Now it is true that creativity requires imagination and vision. It is also true that you need confidence in our self and your abilities. There is a way that you can develop the confidence that you need to engage your imagination and activate your vision.

That way lies through the garden.

If you are new to gardening, begin small. Start with a container garden, that you can place on deck, patio, and balcony, anywhere that you get 5-6 hours of sunlight per day. Now this is where the creative process begins with the container.

You can use anything you want as a container from a red clay pot to an old boot, to an interesting box you found at a yard sale or flea market. If you like it, then that is all that maters, that and the container needs to be big enough to hold the flowers you are planting.

Now it is time to pick the flowers; select plants that will blossom in the amount of sunlight you have vailable and are an appropriate size for the container that you have selected. Talk with the people at the plant nursery and tell them what you want.

When you get the seeds, seedlings home plant them per the directions that cam with them and look after them. They will reward your efforts.

Now if you want to move to a larger canvas, let’s take a look at a cut flower bed that you place in your front yard. This way you can have fresh cutflowers for your house and your neighbours can enjoy them as well.

Start small, do not build a garden that is bigger than you have the time to tend, if you do your adventure in creativity will take a bad turn as the garden flounders rather than flourishes.

You garden does not to be a square or a rectangle, in can be oval or circular in shape; I like the oval. It is easy to reach all the flowers from the garden’s edge that way and it is a pleasing shape.

If you decide to make an oval garden, use a garden hose or some string to outline the garden.

Now what to plant; well what do you lie; what are your favourite colours? Do you want only cutflowers or would you like some flowers for drying as well?

Combine herbs, just for the show, and add a fragrant dimension to your tableau.

When it comes to colours work with your favourites, there is a wide range of colour and hues available in today’s flower market; indulge yourself. You have blues, reds, yellows, oranges, whites and more to draw upon to create a vision that is uniquely you. This is what it is all about being you.

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Bob Ewing (author) from New Brunswick on June 04, 2008:

Thanks, yes gardening can become an obsession but a grand one.

Julie A. Johnson from Duluth, MN on June 04, 2008:

Hey Bob,

Nice hub. Gardening and creativity do indeed go together. Gardening is also addictive. I keep adding more gardens to my landscape every year!


Bob Ewing (author) from New Brunswick on April 10, 2008:

Thanks Andy, I'll be posting a hub on children and gardening soon.

Andy Xie from Toronto, Ontario, Canada on April 09, 2008:

Nice hub. Gardening is a great way to unleash creativity on a unique medium. You can work with color, heights, variety. And it presents challenges too. There's nothing like a good challenge! I'm also trying to get my daughter into gardening and she loves it. Again, great hub!

Bob Ewing (author) from New Brunswick on April 09, 2008:

Thanks both of you, letting children garden can free their creativity.

Zsuzsy Bee from Ontario/Canada on April 08, 2008:

Great hub Bob! A gardener just uses a different sketch pad.

regards Zsuzsy

solarshingles from london on April 08, 2008:

I like your thoughts about creativity and how the school system kills almost all of that, because teachers are just looking for our mistakes, instead of our good work and to encourage our own way of creativity.

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